Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Midsummer Sensual Fox

Embracing in slow dancing, flowing with the music, being present in the moment and listening to the moves and soul of your partner.

This workshop is about dancing, but most important about holding and being with your partner in the music.

"When a dancer is in meditation, they have a heightened awareness around them. They are part of something bigger than themselves."
J. Masterson

Haakan is a dancer, musician and singer-songwriter with roots in the deep forests of Värmland, Sweden.

He is also teacher of literature, has worked as a yoga instructor and a healing massage therapist.

Since 1999, he has come back Ängsbacka again and again to support and take part of the Ängsbacka atmosphere and spirit.

Haakan will sing and play and be one of the musicians of the Midsummer celebrations.

He will also instruct in Midsummer Sensual Fox, a popular Swedish dance variation influenced by tango and other dances..