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Santhi Yoga

SANTHI AND YOGA are two Sanskrit words. Santhi means peace and yoga means union. In the Indian spiritual frame yoga is a spiritual knowledge on how to reach the highest union by different yoga and meditation practices.

"Yoga Asanas is not about forcefully trying to reach a posture but getting the benefit of a position which works in subtle layers of your existence"

Govind is born and raised in India, and his spiritual development was sparked under the guidance of various spiritual masters from Himalaya to Trivandrum.
He communicates the traditional Indian Yoga philosophy that reaches beyond the physical asanas. Govind teaches yoga with the aim of strengthening the mind and increasing the life quality for his students, and he helps them tailor their yoga practice according to their body-mind constitution as per ayurvedic principles.
Govind is known for mixing his life wisdom with humour and for bridging the cultural differences between east and west.