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Heart of Yoga

Heart of Yoga is a gentle practice of intimacy with body, breath and movement. It’s embodied awareness of each moment, acceptance of what is. Yoga, as participation in this reality. Breath as your Guru. Come as you are. There is nothing to achieve.

"When I do my practice, I breathe above and below. When I am with you, you are my Yoga. There is no more need for spiritual intervention."

Gonçalo is a heart centered spiritual finder, space holder and energy worker.

He was born in Portugal in 1972, and worked as a filmmaker for 22 years. In 2010 he followed a call for spiritual awakening, sold most of his belongings, and travelled for seven years. In his journey, he found Yoga, Tantra, and his Ikigai. Diving into direct intimacy with himself, his body, his relationships and present reality, became his sadhana.

He lives and works in South-East Asia, deepening his knowledge and practice of Yoga and Tantra, from the jungles of Thailand, to the monasteries of the Indian Himalayas.