Status för denna avändare är Godkänd
Midsummer 2017: Workshopleader

Poi and Flow Arts Instructor, Fire Dance Initiator

When I was a child, Circus Charlie was pitching their giant tent right outside the child-care I was in. I stood glued to the fence when one of the tent workers called me over with a wave of his hand. So I jumped the fence and ran over to the circus. Though I didn't run away with them, I did still learn to juggle that day.
Since then circus arts has always been a hobby in my life, and doing the last 5 years it has become somewhat professional, both as performer and teacher.
My preferred arts is Poi (Maori word for "ball on string") and generally those of flow arts, which include staffs and hoop as well.
The fire dancing is naturally a big part of this practise, and if one is grounded enough I find it a formidable way to connect to source. It is typically much less intimidating than people suspect. I shall be honored to teach poi classes and initiate new Fire Dancers at this year's Midsummer Festival.

You may dance with fire.
Fire dances with itself.