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Biyun Peace Power and Women's Qigong

The practice contains of beautiful and powerful movements, together with a concentration that focus on different aspects of nature. It gives inner and outer peace and harmony. Beautiful music accompanies the practice.

Chinese Qi Gong at it’s best!

”Every day we look to the outside, why not to the inside? Some people may have a very modest exterior, but shine like diamonds within, we can all do”

Already as a child Fan Xiulan learned the secrets of Qi Gong from her grandmother. For over 40 years she has practiced and teached Qi Gong and she has created “the Biyun method” and is its grandmaster.

Fan Xiulan is a qualified doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. She has been a certified Qi Gong grandmaster for many years.
Since 1992 Biyun method is developed in Sweden by Fan Xiulan and 1995 the Biyun Academy started, the school's headquarters is in Västra Skogen in Stockholm. She has educated over 2000 teachers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA, Brasil, China, Japan and more.