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Theater, Meditation and Energywork

Theater, Meditation and Energywork - combines theater exercises with meditation and meditation with Inner man Inner woman Energywork. Its physical and playful and connects you with your creativity, inner self and with others. No experience necessary.

"Life is an open secret. Everything is available, nothing is hidden. All that you need is just eyes to see."

Shana is a professional actress since 25 years working on stage, in TV and film with acting, writing, directing and teaching theater. A work she loves. She started meditating 15 years ago which led her to Osho Risk center in Denmark where she finished a life changing Meditation and theraphy training 2012. It became her second love.

Which took her to "Working with People"- training becoming a Holistic councelor 2015 and an "Inner man / Inner woman training" 2017. She gives sessions in both.

In her workshops she combines playfullness and creativity with meditation and awareness.