Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Dance meditation

In Dance meditation we focus on finding the inner movement that wants to be expressed in the now, through guided practices, meditation and dance.
The dance can be wild, free, static, slow or hardly visible.This is Your Dance. No experience necessary

"There are many ways of finding God, Dance is one of them"

Eva has been working with supporting people on their journey for many years. The dance has been one of her major arena for personal development, as well as joy and spiritual path. Through the dance she has guided people to find themselves, to heal and to grow.
She has been studied dance and movement with different international teachers.
Eva is a trained psychologist, mindfulnessteacher, meditation teacher, body -movement therapist, working with people of all ages, couples, families and groups.

”When you find your authentic movement, you find your true Self”.