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TaKeTiNa - The path of Rhythm

TaKeTiNa - a circle of people is moving and singing to the steady beat of a drum, thus experiencing the harmonizing, healing effects of rhythm. TaKeTiNa expands your awareness and activates your creative, intuitive ressources in a joyful, gentle way.

"Rhythm is stillness and dynamism. Activating your rhythmical nature means activating your potential to be fully present, trusting the flow of life."

Since almost 30 years, Esther and Joachim are offering TaKeTiNa workshops. Esther has a degree as a classical musician and music teacher, Joachim is a longtime physical therapist and cranio-sacral therapist. They were trained in TaKeTiNa by the founder of the method, Reinhard Flatischler, and in Rhythm Therapy by Wolf Buentig.
Esther and Joachim were in the Diamond Approach teacher training for many years. In their workshops, they integrate their knowledge of music, therapy, healing, meditation and spiritual wisdom to offer a supporting, inspiring field for essential unfoldment.