Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Mother Earth Sacred Tree of Life.
Wombcalling the life force.

Within all forest are 2 parent trees Mother Earth, Father Universe, they are the breath and hold all
sacred knowledge ever thought or spoken.
Wombcalling of life force and the spirits of all nature. Wombcalling beyond death out to the Universe.

I am the river Whanganui -Whanganui river is me. I am Mother Earth- Mother Earth is me.
I am as you are - you are as me.

Erena (Balanced) Rangimarie (Peace) Rere-0-maki (Flying Star).
Daughter to the Whanganui River, the first river in the world to be given her Human Rights. It was her great-great-grandmother Rere-O-maki that signed the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand 1840 with Queen Victoria of England, for the tribes of Whanganui region and river.

Erena grew up her mother who practiced traditional Maori shamanism. She was sort after spirit caller for many officials. welcomes to NZ. She's learned sacred spiritual ways from cultures worldwide. She works for the Rights of Mother Earth in the United Nations.