Status för denna avändare är Godkänd


Yoik is the traditional way of the indigenous Sámi people to express life and what you are touched and inspired by. To yoik is a way to remember and honour the living and our relations in all forms here and now.

"I believe in the voices of the Earth, the wind, mountains, animals, in the dance of the northern lights, our ancestors and in children's laughter..."

Elin Teilus is a singer, yoiker and artist with roots in Udtjá, Sápmi.
She is like a force of nature with a magic voice of the sweetest well and the raw power of soil.

As a tone of the Earth, she yoiks the unseen and unspoken that is alive in all connection.

Hearing her sing is like sitting by the fire watching stories by the ancient ones come alive in the light of the future in a weaving with everyone present.

Elin invites you to remember the untouched, sacred connection with life that dwells in every human.The inherent bond with nature, Life and spirit.