Status för denna avändare är Godkänd


Elin Gabriella has her background as a theatre pedagogue, is the founder of LALL Play Gym in Stockholm and is an event organizer and party planner for Wordless Playful Parties.

She trusts the fact that you yourself possess all the wisdom you need. That You yourself actually already know what to do. When, How, With Whom, For How Long, and In What Pace.

Right now she prefers to just play and interact in places where there are no Workshopleaders, Teachers or Gurus. Where we learn simply because learning is the unavoidable result of doing and growing is the inevitable bi-product of living.

At this festival she is joyfully collaborating with DJ Daniel Mueller Gonzalez, and together with YOU all they will experiment with music, body, mind and soul in a free LALL-space where anything can happen and nothing needs to be done.

Myself, centered right here, naked and free - that's the way to be.