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No Mind Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Experiencing your true nature as oneness, through meditation and walking in nature

Edmund is the founder of West Lexham Retreat Centre in England. West Lexham was born out of a 20 year investigation into spiritual practices from all over the world, and a desire to make a home for such a diversity of practices. Edmund teaches on and hosts many varied retreats, collaborating with various teachers who honour the fact that different processes work for different people. There are many paths, but ultimately nowhere to go - Edmund has trained in many practices including Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong & Vipassana to find that out!

For the last 6 year Edmund has focused on Vortex Healing, which is an energy healing art that works with divinity for physical and emotional healing, and as an awakening path out of the illusion of separation. Edmund is currently writing a book on meditations with Christ consciousness, as a pure aspect of divinity, for healing and spiritual growth. This relationship with divinity and techniques from Vortex Healing will form the basis of his workshops.

"Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift...
that is why they call it the present."
Master Oogway - Kung Fu Panda