Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Earth Warriors, Wise and Wild Love, Design-Live-Guide Paradise Earth

We are a create-design-build species on Paradise Earth. What have we created?
We are a stewardship species that has an entire planetary system in our care.Yes, a deep, wild and wise love empowers us and unites us all with life. We can do this!

"Its true. The entire circle of life circulates within each of us and all around us."

As a young child Derk committed himself to Ecology, before his school teachers even knew what that was. Even earlier as a very young child he committed and was guided in the Deep Peace. During travels in the Middle East, India, in Native America and Mexico he met some of the masters of the Circles, and the Guides who had earler trained him. Derks' humor, wisdom,science and compassion will touch and awaken you to fully alive wonder. At home in nature or boardroom, the wisdom tradition he carries reveals the extraordinary resources we have to care for the Paradise within us and on this Earth.