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Sexsibility Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Bi Space workshop & festival assisting cat

Denice is a Sexsibilitycoach and massage therapist with love for playfulness, deepening vulnerability and honest human connection.

Working with the body and the present moment as tools to help herself and others become more comfortable and accepting, is her great gift and passion.

She loves to create safe allowing spaces for people to meet, share and explore themselves together with others. She believes in the holistic tantric path that curiously explore and embrace everything - all experiences and parts of yourself; your desire, longing, shame, confusion, and your inner Yes and No. From that radical acceptance, true love and freedom is reborn.

Denice have been part in arranging the first Sexsibility festivals at Ängsbacka, and will this year support the festival on site in more lightly cat-like ways.

In addition to workshops, Denice gives coaching about sexuality, intimacy and the Wheel of consent, as well as mindfulness and massage in her own venue in Stockholm.

Share yourself! You are a gift. <3