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Davide Swarup is often said to be a « soul player ». As a hang musician, a very unique one, he inspires and blows the mind away from thoughts or mental mechanisms.
Listening to his melodies is a way of meditating.

Silence alone is not very beautiful, sound alone is not very beautiful, but the meeting of sound and silence is very, very beautiful -- that is music.

Davide Swarup it is considered one of the pioneer of the Hand Pan since 2005.

During the years he has enchanted with his music people all over the world with his melodies and approach of live music as meditation and improvisation process.

Started as street artist he had performed on stages and traveled between Russia, Europe and India, as solo artist, with different projects and musicians and with his music meditations

An Osho lover since the year 2000 he has developed his own music meditation workshop where he combine live music and his other passion that is dancing.