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When Contact Meets Tantra (WCMT), Slide and Glide (SG)

WCMT is a clothing optional dance that uses the principles of Contact Improvisation to increase the awareness and bliss of each moment.
SG is a gentle and sensual dance that involves touching others with the medium of natural oil and possibly cacao.

"Touch people more. We have become very touchy about touch.
Tantra can be understood only when your body is alive and your senses feel."

David Llorca, PhD, is a Tribal Tantra facilitator and a professional dancer from France living in the US. To him, Tantra develops awareness through the senses and is best felt through dance, especially Contact Improvisation dance. After over 20 years of practice of this form of dance that involves touch and sensuality like no other, David started to explore its edges with Tantra and sacred sexuality.

His approach combines authentic communication, sensory experiments and instantaneous composition.