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Sexsibility Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Erotic smorgasbord, Playful fighting

David started out as quite the outsider, feeling that his sexuality was something filthy. Reaching a place where he can bloom in beauty, and inspire others, has been quite a journey. In 2005 Ängsbacka was the first place he could feel like a beautiful part of a gathering, that his mere existence was something to be celebrated.

Ängsbacka thus holds a very special place in his heart. The person he has transformed, and healed the most, is his beloved wife Lisa, who he met on Ängsbacka in 2007. They are here together holding life affirming, playful workshops. They want to help those who long to love themselves no matter what.

As workshop leaders they integrate the vivacious and the calm, the goofy and the deep. They believe in a balance between digging deep and just affirming life, here and now. A core ambition is to create a safe space, where participants dare to just let go. A space with no demands whatsoever.

Love yourself, no matter what!