Status för denna avändare är Godkänd
Easter Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Massage workshop

"Fully dedicated to embody the fullness of being."

Cristina is fully dedicated to embody the fullness of being, following her own path of heart and liberation of the soul. She sees every moment of life as an opportunity of growth and expansion of the soul. She feels the strong call to inspire, guide and co-empower others to expand into their true being and learn to enjoy life exactly as it is. In giving we rise, in recieving we expand!

Cristina is apprentice on the shamanic path Sweet Medicine Sun Dance, a spiritual and esoteric wisdom path, leading the spiritual warrior into beauty, knowledge, freedom and enlightenment. She is also exploring the tantric path, which for her means to allow life to fully touch our heart and rise into a natural authentic response that is for the benefit of all.

Her own unique way of being in service is to support people to realise the fullness of being by conscious touch, healing and workshops. She is also guiding healing journeys to John of God in Brazil and next journey will be in April 2017.