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Sensual Nourishment, Nutrition Alchemist

Sensual Nourishment is a concept based on how we can nourish and nurture ourselves in a more truthful and meaningful way.

Reconnecting deeply with our senses, sensually relate to life and each other to be able to experience true contact and union with divine

"Treat your seed with love"

Claudia is a deeply passionated nutrition alchemist and sensual contact/nourishment coach

She started her journey in educating herself in wellbeing 2012, first as a certified nutrition and training consultant. 2015, she found love for ayurveda, reiki and sound healing. The two last years she has dived deeper into shamanism, sacred medicines and ceremonies. Her current fascination is tea and rituals around nutrition

She is founder of Madhima, there she does coaching, workshops and ceremonies within holistic health and healing. She loves to inspire others how they can treat their temple with more love