Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Sacred Menstrual Blood, Sacred Elements Ceremony, Womb Blessing

Sacred Menstrual Blood
A ritual of passage to honor our menstrual phase. We will dive deep into the meaning of our menstrual blood, understanding the communication between our physical, emotional and energetical body in communion with the life.

Life is Sacred.
Reconnecting with all the Sacredness of life - Awakening Our Inner Wisdom

She started to work with traditional natural medicines and energy about 20years ago and with shamanic practices 15 years ago. During her path many medicine women and men, had guiding her and initiating her in the red and rainbow path.

She is a Pre-hispanic traditional Mexican Dancer (13 years), a Fire keeper in the Mexican Ancient Tradition (11 years), a Keeper of Sacred Pipe, Guardian of Sweat Lodge, Traditional Moon Dancer, Holistic Doula and Moon Mother.

Her Work and Vision Is fully to inspire others to reconnect with the sacred powers of life, focussing in the sacred feminine energy.