Status för denna avändare är Godkänd
Easter Festival 2017: Musician

A journey to outer and inner space trough electronic music and mantras. A dance with the spirits, and an exploration of love.

They are back! The cosmic duo you previously knew as Goloka, have reappeared, in new shapes and forms and with a new name. The sounds are new, but they love you as much!

The music of Barsana is a mix of ambient, folk music, mantras, electro, trance, opera and unlimited world music, performed in a very magical, mystical, ecstatic way. Taking you to realms beyond joy, celebration, devotion and divine LOVE!

They are using both electronic and acoustic instruments and are here to awaken the spirit and world peace in all beings and to integrate heaven on earth! This has to be experienced live! It's just to surrender into the flow of life and join this golden ocean of love! Welcome sisters and brothers!

Ready steady GO!