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Midsummer 2017: Workshopleader

Ceremonies, Meditations, Ritual Singing and Circle of Unity.

Astrid Brinck is a contemporary teacher and integrative therapist from Chile. Her work blends the traditional and non-traditional perspectives for human awakening and self mastery.
Astrid has done extensive research for more than twenty years about the wisdom behind the cycles in nature and its relation with the process of maturity of the human heart. Based on this research and experience, Astrid has developed "The Circle", a unique process for inner freedom.
She is currently the main teacher of the Conscious Leadership Training for Women in Germany, Switzerland and soon in Sweden.
Her passion and relationship with horses guided her to "discover" a unique way to Bond with them. Once or twice a year she guides Horse Journeys in the Andes Mountains. Soon she will also be offering Bonding with Horses in Scandinavia.
She is also a song writer, singer and writer. Her music is a reflexion of her journey within and holding space for hundreds of people over the years.

Your hearts is the size of your life. You have been made to experience life exactly as it is. Accept it, love it, honor it, let it IN!