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Shamanic Tantrika Arts

Shamanic Tantrika Arts is a platform of temple arts that merges elemental shamanic practices, with the essence of tantric alchemy in life. Natural sexuality, taoist vitality practices and the orgasmic sensuality between Spirit, Earth, body and heart.


Anna Maria Magdalena dances through life in deep dedication & passion for evolution. Trained in the Shamanic & Tantric paths for over a decade, she weaves the worlds of spirit and ecstatic embodiment as one.

After living in the jungle in Central America with indigenous grandmothers for many years, she is deeply engaged in the Red Road, Moon- Sundance path. Alongside ancestral earth wisdom, she studied therapeutic Tantric Alchemy and Taoist Vitality practices with Master healers and teachers in various Temple Arts traditions. Walking between these worlds she birthed the school of "Shamanic Tantrika Arts" an "Earth Priestess Facilitator’s Tranings", and shares her retreats and trainings worldwide, for women and men who are ready to evolve into their fullest ecstatic potential