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Sexsibility Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Exploration of Emboided Flow

Anna has pursued a career as a life science researher, but has in parallel during 20 years practiced mediation techniques, tantra, various therapeutic methods, dancing, mysticism , led women’s circles and assisted world leading teachers in their workshops. The common theme of these paths is exploration. Exploration as a dialouge with life, that wich is and where we end and something else takes over. Life becomes a process of deepening and exploring the embodyment of different states of being.

Due to her varied background, Anna’s work is a heartcentered space resting on scientific, yogic and tantric buildingblocks. The purpose is to invite participants to a journey into a deep sense of receptivity and vunerablitiy; a place where we can crack open to other ways of being.

Quote from participant, spring 2017: ”Som att färdas på en motorväg utan genvägar rakt in i hjärtat[...]För mig har intimitet och sårbarhet alltid varit förenat med en viss rädsla och utsatthet men för första gången upplevde jag detta och blev STARK istället för svag.”

If it is in the way, it is the way- sweet talk the shit out if it.