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Women Rising: Pleasure and Devotion

Women Rising: Pleasure & Devotion is a workshop format based on a 1-year program. This work aims to support the continued rise of the feminine by providing tantric practices, or "tantric keys", to empower women to cultivate their dreams.

"Together we rise"

Anna has facilitated women’s circles & workshops for 10 years. In parallell Anna defended a thesis in tumour biology and worked as a cancer researcher. After her research career came to an end, she pursued her dream in science communication and became Sweden’s most popular science blogger. Now she is working as an academic teacher for women’s empowerment and coordinator for creative education centers for the European community.

Anna facilitates deeply rooted in the mystery and provides experience based transformative spaces. The fuel for her women’s work is to be part of the change she wants to see in the world. Working with circles in sisterhood love enhances forces like change, healing and transformation. She welcomes women to her cirlces to dream forth a new world together.