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Tantra Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Japanese Rope Art, Bound Bodywork, Medical Massage Therapy

"We are free to be bound and bound to be free."

People often ask why one would like to be tied or tie another person. The answer is always vulnerability ? in the polarity between surrender and holding power. When done in consensual and loving way it empowers intimacy, healing and growth.

Andy is teaching the Japanese rope art of Kinbaku/Shibari and has developed it into his own therapeutic bodywork practice. For years he has traveled the world to experience, teach and be inspired by both Japanese and European rope culture, where he had the honor to learn from masters like Osada Steve, Yukinaga Max and Felix Ruckert.

He is a medical massage therapist and conscious kinkster with a background in international team and organizational coaching, and a deep passion for the place where psychology, anatomy and mysticism meet. Like everyone else he likes movement by yoga, contact improvisation and ecstatic (and non-ecstatic) dance.