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Meditation into Stillness


♥ Maximum 250 characters

This guided meditation is for you who wish to start your new day from the space of Stillness, where an effortless and authentic way of living your daily life can arise from.


Please share a quote, a motto, something you believe in. Something to catch the eye.   ♥ Maximum 150 characters.

"The present moment is as it is. Always. Can you let it be?"


Write you Biography adapted to what you will offer at this festival.
Please write about yourself in THIRD person.
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Andreas, with his origins from Sweden, started his spiritual path about 12 years ago through teachings of yoga, buddhism, osho meditations and tantra. He also found valuable learnings of life in teachings by E.Tolle, Mooji and also teachings of zencoaching which are now a big part of his teachings to others.
His longing to find peace within himself and deeper connection to life has been the fuel in his search for more joyful and peaceful way of living his life.
His intention in life is to live from more spontanious way of being, with presence and authenticy, having love as a compass guiding him through the life and supporting others living their life with their full potential.

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