Status för denna avändare är Godkänd

Sexsibilitycoach, Tantra and massagetherapist

"Love is my religion"

Anders started his journey 2011 with going sexsibilitycoach education, which changed his life on most planes. There and than, interest in Tantra, massage, touch and coaching began in a professional perspective. Today, Anders works full time with this, in his own company Lust och Njutning AB, and with a special focus and interest in women and their enjoyment.
He also hosts workshops and courses in both massage, intimacy and touch training, primarily in Stockholm. Some time Anders also spends on Humlebäck and assists courses with Johan Ekenberg and Mia Lehndal.

Anders is, among other things, educated
Cert. Sexsibilitycoach
Dipl. Medical Massage Therapist
Dipl. Coach
Cert. Therapeutic Pregnant Massager
Cert. Mamatummy coach