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Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Intimacy, Tantric Astrology

"There is a great mystery in the source within, connected to all living organisms like shiny jewels on a cosmic net. Exciting and enchanting magic."

Amber Ra is a curious explorer, fascinated by life and the wonders of creation, the forces of the elements, mystery of the cosmos and the great power of the mind.

She carries passionately the medicine of the heart and the spirit of cacao from ancient wisdoms into our modern lives.

Amber is a practitioner of awareness, healing and consciousness as tools of self-empowerment, using tools as body work, energy and movement as well as astrology sessions, aiming to connect people to their own power of creation and clarity of purpose through the activation of life force.

Facilitates and serves sacred spaces, deep spiritual journeys, Initiations, rituals and workshops worldwide. Academic scholar, ISTA faculty apprentice, co-founder of the Cosmic Lovers seminar.