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GEN-Europe conference 2017: Workshop leader, Presenter

Restoring Peace - how Ecovillages can help to avoid a war?

"Now that we have learned to fly the air like birds, swim under water like fish, we lack one thing ? to learn to live on earth as human beings" George Bernard Shaw

About the event

Intercultural friendship and dialogue vs stereotypes and dichotomy. This session is an explorative journey together through the reality of conflicts currently escalating in the society and finding the ways to build peace. While one part of the global society raises its consciousness about the planetary and human health, the governments are on the blink of a new war, environmental and social destruction. Growing insecurity in the tomorrow makes people to incline to radical solutions and rely on armed forces. What is the potential of ecovillages to secure the peace? What is the ecovillages role in that society? Now, in the 21st century we as the civilisation are on the blink of ecological, social, ethical and economic crises, and we cannot allow ourselves to risk with a new war instead of building cooperation for collectively solving global challenges.

About the presenter Alisa is the coordinator of No More War Festival, council member of Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage, and board member of NGO Relearn, which works closely with GEN and ECOLISE. Ethnically Russian, raised in Kazakhstan and living currently in Sweden, Alisa shifted her attention from ecological and social work to the issue of conflict and reconciliation when her ecovillage on the island of Gotland got new neighbours: the military forces hosting a big NATO military training in September 2017. It forced Suderbyn ecovillage to learn more about the geopolitical situation in the region and to stand actively for peace and international dialogue, while being located 200 m from a shooting range. That was a beginning of an international initiative No More War Festival taking place in August 2017 [] Alisa received her Master in Sustainable Development in Sweden after the first technical degree in Russia and has been a GEN activist for the last couple of years and the coordinator of a number of European international projects bridging ecovillages knowledge and the mainstream society through cooperation with civil society, academia and educational projects.