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Levande Verkstad is artistic pedagogics based on a playful creative experiment in safe space. Working with surprise and storytelling focus is on the process that unfolds in steps with an aim to open creative capacity and flow without judgment or worry.

"Someday many people will participate in many kinds of creative work. They will realize it is not a privilege of a few but a necessity for all."

Alicia Olivas Del pozo, together with her colleague Johanna works with Levande Verkstad pedagogy with kids and adults to open them to their own creativity. Through playfulness, storytelling, and unfolding surprise they will guide you step-by-step to access your own creative capacity.
As the final result is not disclosed there is no need for expectations or worry what allows relaxation and trust. The steps are to develop courage and remove the fear of failure. The method is free from the judgment of what you do. The focus is on the process and invites the ineffable creative flow.

Creative Workshops will be connected to the live action role play for adults and kids taking place during the Midsummer.