“I feel touched by this place and what you share here.”

After experiencing the heat of Louisiana and Saudi Arabia’s summers as being too difficult for her and her family, she googled around to look for houses in a country with a more moderate temperature in the summer. A few weeks later she ended up in Molkom and Ängsbacka!

17 years in the desert

  – I want my children to be able to connect with nature, to explore and live more freely without the stress of the outside world, so to say.

Nancy Thompson is from Louisiana in the USA, but moved 17 years ago to Saudi Arabia. Her daughters are 13 and 11 and “they have spent most of their time in the desert”.

– We live actually a very good life, but the heat is really affecting us and we are interested in moving during summers to a house in a country where global warming isn’t a big factor.

Quick decision to come here

Nancy searched for a house to buy in Sweden and by coincidence (?) layed her eyes on one in Tidafors, 5 kilometres north of Molkom.

– I also googled to see what more was to be found in the area – and found Ängsbacka!


The Mooji on-line retreat just happened to be taking place and she booked a flight ticket after her husband had encouraged her to go. Nancy has spent five days here and made a strong sharing in the morning meeting today.

– I have shared my very personal stuff with people, so many beautiful people here. I am touched by the vibe here.

“Really nice even in November”  

Nancy has friends from Scandinavia and they all warned her about coming here at this time of the year. Sweden in November is famous to be cold and grey and rather horrible, actually, they said.

– But I think it’s very, very beautiful… So it must be something extra on other days, I can’t even imagine. Walking in the forest here, it’s amazing, she says.

The day after we talked Nancy was to return back home to Saudi Arabia through Stockholm, but soon to be returing as a house owner in Tidafors.

– I know nothing about what´s gonna happen, that´s how my life is right now. But this was definitely a very special trip for me. Thank you from all of my heart.

* * *

Two days later – I am already missing Ängsbacka

(Facebook message from Nancy two days later: “I want to let everyone know that I’m already missing Angsbacka. My family and I had our first “share” love circle last night, and everyone is really soaking up my experience at Angsbacka. I can’t wait to return and for everyone to see this beautiful, healing place in the middle of Sweden”. )

TEXT & PHOTO / Anna Geiden

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