This year Ängsbacka have been hosting so many exciting courses and workshops and one of them is definitely a blessing-to-be for those who are either professionally or personally interested and deepen themselves in bodywork!

10 Days Intensive

During 10 Days Intensive Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training, over 25 years experienced practitioner and teacher Antar Rasal is going to lead us into the heart of conscious touching and skilful massage. This special technique originates from Osho Rebalancing, which was developed by bodywork practitioners during 80’s and combined with Osho Active Meditations to counteract chronic holding patterns that contribute to pain and illness. Beyond its physical aspect, the technique’s essence is a loving, empathic touch and total awareness. As a result, the session turns into a deeply meditative and transformative process.


As its successor, Bio Dynamic Rebalancing combines Rebalancing technique with psychotherapeutic Biodynamic massage. It consists of gentle, precise massage strokes, deep tissue strokes, joint mobilization techniques, and assisted Yoga stretches to restore an ideal balance/alignment of body, mind and psyche. In this sense, Bio Dynamic Rebalancing is concerned with the integration of all aspects of an individual: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Eventually, we come back into a natural balance by Myo Fascial (connective tissue) release, to enjoy again our essential mind-body-spirit unity and experience the totality.

This form of psychotherapeutic and meditative massage is a great experience both for its giver—the practitioner, and for receiver—the client. While the therapist/practitioner deepens into the art of giving, body-reading, intuitiveness, and conscious touch, the client becomes able to relate to his or her own inner biodynamic for self-healing; discovers deeper and fuller breath and taps into the art of receiving. It is a great tool for both parts to explore form and presence, to widen the awareness and the consciousness by connecting with body’s own wisdom.


We can easily say that the magic of Bio Dynamic Rebalancing also extends to interrelated and deeply layered physical and psychological realms. We can be mentally very aware of an issue, but as long as it is not cleared out of the body’s system, it will most certainly continue to give us trouble. A certain amount of stress and conflict is normal to the human body and the body is able to heal and regulate itself from this limited amount. However, once the limit is stepped over self-regulation stops working and a blockage starts to take over. This kind of massage technique works through layers of self-blockage and armouring in a person’s body, in respect of the person’s pace and in a gentle allowing way to release chronic holding patterns.

With the course leader Antar Rasal’s own words, Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training offers participants simple and efficient techniques to transform people’s bodies, raise their energy to a higher frequency, widen their consciousness, and free them from energy blocks. If you are interested in transformative bodywork—whether to become a practitioner or not, and in making massage and bodywork a part of your profession, you’re most welcome to be part of this amazing 10-day journey!

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