All Tantra events at Ängsbacka

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Tantric Dating Masterclass
Lin Holmquist & Aaron Kleinerman

2 maj - 5 maj

Explore conscious dating - connecting through emotions, intellect and sensuality.

Sexual Intelligence
Talib & Shubhaa

8 maj - 12 maj

Explore yourself through a profound personal process, taking the time and space to explore the collective split between sexuality and the heart.

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival 2019

15 maj - 19 maj

Standing together in sisterhood. Workshops, rituals and circles to empower and nurture the Feminine.

Sexsibility Festival

25 jun - 30 jun

An intimate festival focused on sensuality, intimacy, sexuality, body & soul.

Tantra Festival

30 jul - 4 aug

How can you open up for the flowing life energy and pleasure - inside yourself, and in your interaction with the world around you?

ISTA SSSEx Level 1

5 aug - 11 aug

A life-changing training in stepping into your full power as a sexual and conscious being.

Tantra Heart – Free to Love

5 aug - 9 aug

Free yourself from any limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self.

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom
Åsa Kullberg

7 Nov - 10 Nov

Returning to an innocent, natural and sacred sexuality.

Tantra – Pleasure & Healing
Lorenzo Stiernquist

28 Nov - 1 Dec

Heal shame and guilt, dare to enjoy being close and intimate.

Deep Union – Couples Tantra
Smrati Skog

5 Dec - 8 Dec

Relax into intimacy and deepen the bonds in your relationship together.