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Detta evenemang har redan ägt rum.
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Women are rising all over the world, to claim their power and to bring balance and healing to the planet and to her waters. Sacred Womb Festival is a part of this movement and we wish that it becomes a strong platform, for women to gather in sacredness.

In ancient times, women often came together and supported each other through transitions and challenges in life, standing together in sisterhood.

Our wish is to create a space where this power can be re-awakened.


 What we wish to honour

  • VALIDATION: that we are ok, we are good, we are enough, we are worthy with all our colours, emotions, movements.
  • TRUST: that we are allowed to be vulnerable, transparent and honest with each other and will not be judged but held and accepted by the sisterhood.
  • BELONGING: that we are all part of a greater movement, that there is meaning to all of it, and we are NOT ALONE
  • DESIRE: that our pleasure and the fulfilling our desires, small or big, is what fuels our life and our joy, and it is OK to want to put our pleasure first.
  • SELF-LOVE: that our bodies are beautiful, and sacred, and the source of so much strength and pleasure and we CAN love our bodies no matter what.

-Hajni & Alva, Initiators of Sacred Womb

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Workshop Leaders 2019

Marthe Alva

Program Coordinator - Ceremonial Alchemist

"Women united are an unstoppable force!
Together we bring beauty and balance into our lives and into this world"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Alva had her first awakening moment at age 21 when she traveled back to the Womb of Source. This was the shifting point. The Re-Birth. From that moment on she dedicated her life to study Shamanism and to heal. She lived in the Amazon Jungle, became a mother.
She have been an apprentice on the shamanic path Twisted Hairs, since 2007. Walking the Path of the Rainbow Warrior.

Educated in Biodanza Heart In Motion, Womb Awakening and Medicinal Aromatherapy. Currently holding various workshops and retreats in Norway, Sweden & Ibiza.

Alva a a visionary, a wild & warm woman with a fierce dedication to healing and authentic presence. She is a Dharma Dream Pilot with a driving force to birth a new world in harmony were we touch self, life and others with beauty and make our life a living prayer.

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Hajnalka Eastern Wind

Program Coordinator - Ceremonial Alchemist

"The World Will be Saved by the Western Woman"
HH the Dalai Lama

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Hajnalka was born in Hungary with a deep longing to explore and travel the world both within and without. She lived in London before finding the community of Ängsbacka and moving there in 2012, contributing to their events as an organiser and space holder ever since.

She has a fierce dedication to truth and authenticity. She is dancer, inspirator, comedian, listener to the silence of the human soul unspoken behind words. She walks the path of Sweet Medicine SunDance shamanic tradition and has studied various healing modalities of body heart mind and soul.

Her gift is her presence of acceptance and the deep wisdom of her heart. Her driving force is to contribute to the balance and healing between the masculine and feminine in the world. She currently works as an Integrated Sexuality Coach.


Primal Ritual - Birthing our Primal Sexual Self

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Lin Holmquist


" Being is blissful and simple when you let go of desires and aversions and surrender to the magic of life."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Lin started her spiritual path with the ancient shamanism of the Swedish forests. Coming from the world beyond worlds, she studied the wisdom of the body and mind and worked many years as a yogatherapist and a yoga teacher - until tantra came in to her life. Tantra unites the world beyond with the world of forms and shapes.

Lin is a world traveling tantrica, dedicated to awaken her self and others to the magic of life. She works with individuals as a sexual healer, with groups and big events like trainings and festivals and she combines it with a passionate family life. Many people wonder how she manages all of this - the truth is - Lin follows ease and bliss in life. She see her self as a tool of the ultimate visdom and practices surrender and trust to the divine in everything she does.

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Astrid Brinck

Inner Freedom, Feminine Leadership and Awakening Music

"Whatever an empowered woman achieves, is an achievement for everyone''

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

coming soon


Feminine Leadership
The Art of Entering the World with Grace

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Mira Dakini

Shakti Yoga

"Your body adores you and only wishes to be adored and cared for by you. How can you love your body right now, sensing how you are intimately One?"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Mira´s life is a deeply intuitive, creative and explorative journey of the embodiment and union of Spirit and Body. Since 1993, she have been traveling around the world, living in alternative healing communities, studying in the fields of touch and movement.

Tantra is the passion of her life. Having been on a yogic tantric path since 1995 she now humbly facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world.

Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga. Her own unique style of yoga, SHAKTI TEMPLE YOGA, has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awakening of Shakti; the Life Force energy within.


Shakti Temple Yoga is a sensual feminine movement practice where we allow the body to move intuitively from our deepest core energy. We use breath, sounds, asanas, free organic movement, energetic alignment, meditation to anchor into our yoni & wombs

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Ana Olivegren

Firewalk, Sweat Lodge and Drum Journey

"If we don't create our future, our past will do it for us"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ana Olivegren is a modern medicine woman, working as an international teacher and therapist with over 30 years experience focusing on mental and emotional health using Ceremonies, Counselling and Breathwork as her main tools.

She is a corporate workshop leader, utilizing firewalking as a driving force into action and results. She has been initiated into leading sweatlodges by Native American tribal teachers and is certified in other therapies such as Reiki, Urban Tantra and Classic Massage.

Ana has known and worked with Peggy Dylan since 1998, is a Certified Sundoor Master & Teacher, thereby certified to train others to lead firewalks. She uses both ancient rites and modern techniques, while teaching how to create a safe environment to explore the dimensions of inner growth.


Firewalking - an exciting and challenging experience that brings empowerment and new energy into your life.
Sweatlodge - a powerful ceremony of purification and prayers.
Drum Journey - come meet your totem animal.

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Claudia Sawicka

Sensual Nourishment, Nutrition Alchemist

"Treat your seed with love"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Claudia is a deeply passionated nutrition alchemist and sensual contact/nourishment coach

She started her journey in educating herself in wellbeing 2012, first as a certified nutrition and training consultant. 2015, she found love for ayurveda, reiki and sound healing. The two last years she has dived deeper into shamanism, sacred medicines and ceremonies. Her current fascination is tea and rituals around nutrition

She is founder of Madhima, there she does coaching, workshops and ceremonies within holistic health and healing. She loves to inspire others how they can treat their temple with more love


Sensual Nourishment is a concept based on how we can nourish and nurture ourselves in a more truthful and meaningful way.

Reconnecting deeply with our senses, sensually relate to life and each other to be able to experience true contact and union with divine


Intentional Creativity

""Intentional creativity is a path to accessing the within – the language of the heart."
~ Shiloh Sophia, founder of Intentional Creativity

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Tekla is an artist, a intentionalcreativity teacher in training, an inspirational guide, a mother, a friend of trees and elemental beings, a believer in magic and bringer of rainbowcoloured heart-art to the world.
Tekla comes from a small village in the northern part of Sweden and now lives in Järna, with her daughter.

Colors. Ritual. Transformation. Fun. Mindful art making with intention, where we see the canvas as a portal that connects us to our inner wisdom. Painting from inside and out.
No experience is necessary.


Imagine that the canvas is a portal to another realm, when we open this gate we open up to our inner sacred self, to our love, our source of inner knowing and magic landscapes. Painting becomes ritual, an act of awareness, a tool to journey deep within

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Cristina StarDreamer

The change catalyst

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become!"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Connecting the deep wisdom of the old spiritual traditions with the knowledge of science, Cristina has found herself, as one, that bridges the worlds and catalyses change - for the evolution of humanity.

She walks a shamanic path for her continuous learning and she is certified as bioresonans therapist supporting people to awaken to their inner power of transformation and healing and create health in their life.

She is in service for the empowerment of woman - as life birther and change bringer, facilitating women groups and programs dedicated to support transformation and rebirth.

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Brenda Miquiztli

Sacred Menstrual Blood, Sacred Elements Ceremony, Womb Blessing

Life is Sacred.
Reconnecting with all the Sacredness of life - Awakening Our Inner Wisdom

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

She started to work with traditional natural medicines and energy about 20years ago and with shamanic practices 15 years ago. During her path many medicine women and men, had guiding her and initiating her in the red and rainbow path.

She is a Pre-hispanic traditional Mexican Dancer (13 years), a Fire keeper in the Mexican Ancient Tradition (11 years), a Keeper of Sacred Pipe, Guardian of Sweat Lodge, Traditional Moon Dancer, Holistic Doula and Moon Mother.

Her Work and Vision Is fully to inspire others to reconnect with the sacred powers of life, focussing in the sacred feminine energy.


Sacred Menstrual Blood
A ritual of passage to honor our menstrual phase. We will dive deep into the meaning of our menstrual blood, understanding the communication between our physical, emotional and energetical body in communion with the life.

Candra Karlholm

Rising in Love - Family Constellations
The Work
Guided Meditation

“Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being…" Osho

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Candra's work is about supporting people to grow in love, awareness and creativity. Trained by Svagito, she uses systemic constellation work to help identify hidden dynamics in our family systems that influence our lives and relationships. With awareness of this, we can take steps to complete things, mature and move more fully into life.

Candra also shares The Work by Byron Katie, a powerful inquiry that can help you find peace and clarity no matter the circumstances. True liberation and empowerment from within yourself!
Candra guides meditations, offers workshops and individual sessions.


Family constellations can help us identify hidden dynamics in our family systems. Out of this awareness we can take steps to grow in love.

Through painting and unpretentious, colorful expression we can enter the moment and ourselves deeply, yet playfully.

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"I believe in the voices of the Earth, the wind, mountains, animals, in the dance of the northern lights, our ancestors and in children's laughter..."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Elin Teilus is a singer, yoiker and artist with roots in Udtjá, Sápmi.
She is like a force of nature with a magic voice of the sweetest well and the raw power of soil.

As a tone of the Earth, she yoiks the unseen and unspoken that is alive in all connection.

Hearing her sing is like sitting by the fire watching stories by the ancient ones come alive in the light of the future in a weaving with everyone present.

Elin invites you to remember the untouched, sacred connection with life that dwells in every human.The inherent bond with nature, Life and spirit.


Yoik is the traditional way of the indigenous Sámi people to express life and what you are touched and inspired by. To yoik is a way to remember and honour the living and our relations in all forms here and now.

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Erena Rangimarie RereOmaki Rhöse

Mother Earth Sacred Tree of Life.
Wombcalling the life force.

I am the river Whanganui -Whanganui river is me. I am Mother Earth- Mother Earth is me.
I am as you are - you are as me.

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Erena (Balanced) Rangimarie (Peace) Rere-0-maki (Flying Star).
Daughter to the Whanganui River, the first river in the world to be given her Human Rights. It was her great-great-grandmother Rere-O-maki that signed the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand 1840 with Queen Victoria of England, for the tribes of Whanganui region and river.

Erena grew up her mother who practiced traditional Maori shamanism. She was sort after spirit caller for many officials. welcomes to NZ. She's learned sacred spiritual ways from cultures worldwide. She works for the Rights of Mother Earth in the United Nations.


Within all forest are 2 parent trees Mother Earth, Father Universe, they are the breath and hold all
sacred knowledge ever thought or spoken.
Wombcalling of life force and the spirits of all nature. Wombcalling beyond death out to the Universe.

Eva Carter

Dance meditation

"There are many ways of finding God, Dance is one of them"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Eva has been working with supporting people on their journey for many years. The dance has been one of her major arena for personal development, as well as joy and spiritual path. Through the dance she has guided people to find themselves, to heal and to grow.
She has been studied dance and movement with different international teachers.
Eva is a trained psychologist, mindfulnessteacher, meditation teacher, body -movement therapist, working with people of all ages, couples, families and groups.

”When you find your authentic movement, you find your true Self”.


In Dance meditation we focus on finding the inner movement that wants to be expressed in the now, through guided practices, meditation and dance.
The dance can be wild, free, static, slow or hardly visible.This is Your Dance. No experience necessary



""To listen to and surrender to my inner voice and the way that life unfolds itself, has become a blessing that guides me through my life."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Pernillas first meeting with the unique gong vibrations was a deep spiritual experience. Her feeling after the relaxation was that "everything was different", a feeling of being new in this world. A deep experience of peace, calmness and relaxation. Another place to act from. At that moment she decided to learn how to play that fantastic instrument. It was the start of a transformational process that came to change her entire life and her way of living it.


The gong is an amazing and powerful instrument. Affect the body, mind and soul on a deep cellular level. Let the Gong take you beyond the thinking state deeper into a feeling of relaxation, union and oneness

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Ximena Quiroga Flor

Moon Mother, Chromotherapist, women circles holder, Massage Heale

"when I heal... you heal, when you heal all of us heal"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ximena discovered the beautiful and ancestral wisdom of weaving that was used to create protection symbols in colorful mandalas. A new world appeared in front of her eyes when the colors started to express deep feelings and secrets, ways of being or new paths to discover.
Then she started to share these colors and knowledge with her tribe and the joy expanded.

Massage healer, Moon Mother, women circles holder, menstrual guide, singer, traveler, she discovered in the colors not only a way to protect herself but a path to read what her soul and her sister's souls needed.


Chromotherapy is a therapy where through choosing colors and creating mandalas, women will explore deep feelings that are difficult to express, discover ways of seeing life and ways to be in the world.
No experience is necessary.


Practical Information 2019

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival
15-19 May 2019


Arrival & Departure (preliminary times)

Wednesday 15 May

•    Check-in: From 15.00-18.30
•    Dinner: 18.30-19.30
•    Welcome Ceremony: 20.00 (make sure you are there for this!)

Sunday 19 May

  • The festival ends around 16.00

Price & Booking 2019

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival
15-19 May 2018



It is possible to cancel your ticket and receive a refund, see details below. For all cancellations we keep a fee of minimum 400 SEK per adult and 200 SEK per participant 0-17 years of age. You contact booking @ for all issues related to cancellation and refunds.

• Until 30 days prior the event: contact booking @ to cancel your ticket and receive information about how to claim your refund. We keep a cancellation fee of 400 SEK per adult ticket and 200 SEK per child/youth ticket.
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• When cancelling your ticket less than 14 days before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required to receive a refund. We keep a cancellation fee of 15% of the total booking value per ticket – minimum fee 400 SEK and maximum fee 900 SEK. Half fee for child/youth tickets.
• Refunds will not be made if you cancel after the event has started.
• If Ängsbacka would cancel the event, all payments will be refunded (including the cancellation fee).
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