Laddar Evenemang
9-13 May 2018

Women’s Festival
-Sacred Womb-

~ A festival for all that is us ~


~ A day may look like this  ~

Workshop Leaders 2018

Will be more presented in shortly! Some of the booked amazings are:

  • Astrid Brinck – Creativity & Female Leadership
  • Silja Rehfeldt
  • Sanna Sanita – Body-dearmouring & Energy Work
  • Nalini Blossom – Concert & Sound healing
  • Hajni & Alva – Female Archetypes
  • Alva – Womb Awakening Healing
  • Aum Bubu – Herb Magic & Dance
  • Maria Shacay – Amazonian Craft & Wisdom
  • Gaja – Nutrition & Wellbeing


No profiles have been added yet, please check back again later.


Practical Information 2018

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival
9-13 May 2018


Arrival & Departure

Thursday 25 May

•    Check-in: From 16.00 to latest 18:30
•    Dinner: 18.30-19.30
•    Welcome Ceremony: 20.00 (make sure you are there for this!)

Sunday 28 May

  • The festival ends around 16.00

Price & Booking 2018

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival
9-13 May 2018



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Communication policy

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