Laddar Evenemang
Detta evenemang har redan ägt rum.

28 Nov – 1 Dec 2019


~ Pleasure & Healing ~

with Lorenzo Stiernquist

During this weekend you can choose to focus on what you need to practice regarding sex and intimacy. We work with consent as our fundament which means that we do a lot of exercises to really feel into our yes’es and our no’s. This creates a very safe space to explore ourselves and others.


Working with pleasure

During this workshop we will devote ourselves to pleasure – purely because it is pleasurable – and also because pleasure will support our healing and deepening our connection to expand and open up for even more joy and pleasure in life. Pleasure is a fantastic way to support healing. When we feel pleasure, we open up, we let go, we’re saying “yes” and we are present – here and now. In that state, anything can surface: lust, joy, vulnerability, as well as feelings of shame.


This is a workshop for you who want to:

  • feel more alive and become more present
  • heal feelings of shame, guilt and sexual wounds
  • increase your ability to be close to other people
  • explore new sides of yourself
  • unite sexuality and spirituality
  • feel more love for yourself and your body
  • feel more love for other people and life itself


Pleasure & healing

In tantric sexuality, touch and pleasure are powerful tools that support you in unfolding your loving heart and finding harmony in your body and soul. We use these tools to either enjoy the moment, or to increase awareness of what is preventing us from experiencing our natural state of love and pleasure. Also by practicing conscious breathing, the flow of sexual energy naturally arises and through respectful and loving touch we have the opportunity to heal and transform those obstacles.

It’s in the state of pleasure and through embracing what is that healing can take place. It’s when we face, accept and love those parts of ourselves (which we previously tried to escape, repress or control) that these frozen parts can melt and flow, in the same way as ice becomes water.

What we will do

During the weekend you can choose to focus on what you need to practice regarding sex and intimacy. It’s usually a lot of physical touch and many exercises to feel safe, confident, relaxed with your self and others and be supported to transform obstacles and feel more pleasure.

Tantra is about being with what is right now and therefore we will adjust the content of the workshop to what happens in the group. This means that all workshops are different. Here are examples of what we might do:

  • practicing intimacy and being close to others
  • practice conscious and empathetic touch, giving and receiving massage
  • exercises to feel and communicate what we want and need
  • express feelings and truths, without taking responsibility for other people’s reactions
  • get better at saying YES and fully indulge ourselves
  • practice saying NO and setting healthy boundaries
  • breathing exercises that gives more energy, presence and deepens the experience
  • exercises that can increase the energy flow in the body and facilitate ecstatic experiences and energy orgasms
  • peaceful and/or dynamic Tantric meditations
  • explore intimate contact with other people using all senses
  • training to follow impulses, dare to take initiative, lead and express our power
  • an opportunity to be held and let go
  • dancing to celebrate life, experience a free flow in the body and increase the presence
  • sharing our inner experiences with each other

A workshop for everyone

To this space we welcome everyone who longs to feeling more of yourself. We welcome you regardless of sexual orientation, preference or experience, whether you are single or have one or more partners. Welcome to a space where you can be who you are and become who you want to be.


More information

  • The course will be in English / Swedish depending on the participants.
  • Participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • For questions about the course, contact Lorenzo:
    Mobile: +46 722 81 11 78
  • Contact us for information about food and lodging:

Warmly welcome to Tantra – Pleasure & Healing at Ängsbacka 2018!



28 nov – 1 dec 2019


~ Njutning & Healing ~

med Lorenzo Stiernquist

En tantrisk workshop för dig som vill känna dig mer levande, öva på att vara nära, hela skam och skuld, och förena sexualitet och andlighet.


Njutning – en väg till närvaro

När vi njuter så öppnar vi upp. Vi släpper taget, vi säger “ja” och vi är närvarande här och nu. I det tillståndet kan allt komma upp – såväl lust och glädje som sårbarhet och skam. Under denna workshop kommer vi att kunna uppleva njutning som en hjälp att hela, fördjupa kontakten med oss själva , samt expandera och öppna upp för mer glädje och bejakande av livet.

I tantra ser man sexualitet, beröring och njutning som kraftfulla verktyg för att öppna sitt hjärta och finna harmoni i kropp och själ. Vi använder oss av dessa verktyg för att antingen njuta i stunden eller för att öka medvetenheten om vad som hindrar oss från att uppleva vårt naturliga tillstånd av kärlek och njutning. Och genom andning, flödet av sexuell energi, respektfull och kärleksfull beröring har vi möjlighet att hela och transformera dessa hinder.

När vi är i ett tillstånd av njutning och omfamnar det som är, kan ett helande ske. Det är när vi möter, accepterar och älskar de delar av oss själva (som vi tidigare försökt fly, förtränga eller kontrollera) som dessa frusna delar kan smälta och flöda, på samma sätt som is blir vatten.

Detta är en workshop för dig som vill:

  • känna dig mer levande och bli mer närvarande
  • hela skam, skuld och sexuella sår
  • kunna vara närmare andra människor
  • utforska nya sidor av dig själv
  • förena sexualitet och andlighet
  • känna mer kärlek till dig själv och din kropp
  • känna mer kärlek till andra människor och till livet.

Vad gör vi på workshopen?

Helgen handlar mycket om att träna på det man behöver träna på kring sex och närhet. Det blir många övningar kring att hitta trygghet, tillit, avslappning i sig själv och med varandra och få stöd med att kunna släppa på rädslor och blockeringar. Beröring är en viktig del när vi tränar.
Eftersom tantra handlar om att vara med det som är just nu så kommer vi att anpassa innehållet efter det som sker i gruppen. Det gör att alla workshops blir olika. Här är exempel på vad vi kan komma att göra:

  • träna på medveten och inkännande beröring och ge och få massage
  • övningar för att bli bättre på att känna in och kommunicera vad vi vill och behöver
  • uttrycka känslor och sanningar, utan att ta ansvar för andras reaktioner
  • träna på att säga JA för att ge oss hän
  • träna på att säga nej och sätta sunda gränser
  • andningsövningar som ger mer energi, närvaro och kan fördjupa våra upplevelser
  • stillsamma och/eller dynamiska tantriska meditationer
  • utforska nära möten genom alla sinnen
  • öva oss på att följa våra impulser, våga ta initiativ och hitta kraften
  • öva på bli hållen och släppa taget
  • dansa för att fira livet, uppleva fritt flöde i kroppen
  • dela med oss av våra inre upplevelser till varandra i sharings


En kurs för alla

Vi välkomnar alla som har en längtan att känna mer av sig själva. Vi välkomnar dig oavsett sexuell läggning, preferenser eller erfarenhet, oberoende om du är singel eller har en eller flera partners. Välkommen till ett rum där du kan få vara den du är och bli den du vill vara.


Mer information

  • Kursen kommer att vara på svenska / engelska beroende på kursdeltagarna.
  • Deltagare måste ha fyllt 18 år.
  • För frågor om meditationsretreaten, kontakta Lorenzo:
    Mobil: +46 722 81 11 78
  • Kontakta oss för mer information om mat och boende:

Välkommen till Tantra – Njutning & Healing på Ängsbacka 2018



Lorenzo Stiernquist 

Lorenzo is a Tantra teacher, Sexsibility Coach and the founder of the Sexsibility Coach training and Sexsibility Festival. In his work he focuses on sex, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure and sexual healing. Perhaps his most important message is to be present with what is. Something he is still practicing and has practiced during his long journey to be able to be present and intimate at the same time, to feel more alive and to experience sex, intimacy and life on a deeper level.




Answers to common questions about the workshop

Here you can find answers to questions about practical things and the workshop’s structure, security, Tantra, and more. Click on the question below to get directly to the answer.


Can I feel safe?
Are you naked during the workshop?
Is this a sex workshop?
Who is the workshop for?
What is Tantra?
Is Tantra a religion?
What do you mean with Spirituality?
Is the workshop in English?

Answers to more questions will be added continuously as new questions come up.


Can I feel safe?
Yes, that is our intention. Everything is done on your own terms. All exercises are voluntarily to participate in and can be customized to suit you. We alternate between different exercises that sometimes create more security and sometimes will challenge you a bit. But you are always free to say no and will be supported to feel what you really want and need. Development is about – like a flower – unfolding at your own pace and become more of who you already are. We will not push, demand or expect anything from you. You are perfect just the way you are. But if you want to be supported to go deeper, come closer, open up more and expand, we will be there for you.

Are you naked during the workshop?
Both yes and no, because it’s about what you want and need. There is no goal to be naked in this workshop. But for many can, for example shame over their body, prevent them from feeling pleasure. Then it can be incredibly liberating and freeing to in a safe space and be allowed to be naked, interact and express yourself. We might suggest exercises where you can be naked if you want. But we always suggest different ways to do an exercise, which means that in some exercises, some people will be fully clothed, while others will be partially or completely naked. You don’t have do something you don’t want to do, but there will be many opportunities to explore new sides of yourself if you are ready for it.

Is this a sex workshop?
No, the focus is not on having sex with each other, learn different sexual positions or orgasm techniques. It’s about to become more present, enjoy your body and let go of shame and fears so you really can enjoy sex with your self and your partner. We sometimes use exercises that can contain a lot of sexual energy or nudity to feel more pleasure in the moment or to raise awareness of what is preventing us from experiencing pleasure and love. And by allowing the flow of sexual energy, we can transform these obstacles. So even if this Tantra workshop sometimes can be perceived as sexual, it is really about spirituality and love.

Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is suitable for both those who have never done anything like this before, and for those of you who have been with us before. We welcome you regardless of sexual orientation, sexual preference, sexual experience, if you come by yourself or with one or more partners. So whether you see yourself as gay, straight, bi, swinger, single, poly, prude, nudist, tantrika, ordinary, man, woman or other. Anyone over 18 years old is welcome. It usually is a mixed group with open-minded and friendly people, of different ages and backgrounds which creates a lovely group and atmosphere.

What is Tantra?
Tantra is a tradition that says a big yes to life, love and sexuality. Tantra is so much more than just sex, but unlike many other traditions a tantrika see sexuality as a tool to feel connected with yourself and your partner. And to be able to enjoy more, feel more alive and be able to have spiritual experiences through a deeper connection with your inner essence. A path to self-love and acceptance of being who you are. To enjoy your body, sex, your partner and life in general. Tantra is also an opportunity to embrace and transform the shame, guilt, taboos, inhibitions and obstacles that prevent the experience of fully enjoy life and feel love here and now.

Is Tantra a religion?
Tantra is a several thousand year old tradition that has been developed and adapted to today’s more modern society and way of living. Tantra is not a religion, but a way of living and relating to life. Where acceptance and presence are keywords and you see the body as a “temple” that should be dealt with love, respect and care. To practice self-love and to meet others with acceptance, respect and love is a natural part of Tantra. When self-love is strengthened, it also becomes easier to love others and practicing unconditional love where the need to own, control or manipulate your partner or others no longer exists.

What do you mean with Spirituality?
The spirituality we represent is an experience-based spirituality. With the help of Tantra we are reminded of our true nature, and when we can allow the sexual life energy to flow freely, without guilt, shame, fear, or judgments, we can be totally present in the moment. Many people will then have an experience of merging and becoming one with themselves, with their partner and with life. An experience that is beyond time and space and who are not bound to your personality or your body. A deep contact with your inner essence and that is what can be called a spiritual experience. Which theoretical philosophies you have about this is not so important. The important thing is that you can open your heart and feel love.

Is the workshop in English?
Yes, if not all who participates understand Swedish. If you have difficulty understanding English, you can have all important things translated into Swedish, so language will probably not be an obstacle for you to be able to participate. The workshop has more focus on the experiences and less on talking and you can also choose to do the exercises with those who speak Swedish. Most people in Sweden speak English and it is not usually a problem for those who are English speakers to speak English with the other participants during the exercises.

More info about Sexsibility and Tantra
Information about Sexsibility, Sexsibilitycoaching, Tantra, Tantra workshops and the upcoming Sexsibilitycoach training can be found at:


Practical Information

Tantra – Pleasure & Healing with Lorenzo Stiernquist
28 Nov – 1 Dec 2019


Thursday 28 November

  • Arrival & check-in: 17.30 – 18.30
  • Dinner: 18.30 – 19.30
  • Course begins after dinner.

Sunday 1 December

  • Course ends with lunch together at 14.00


Following information is general for events at Ängsbacka and some details might differ for your stay.
Connect to the organizers if you have questions regarding this!

General Information

In the center of Molkom (1,5 km away) there is an local grocery shop Coop Konsum. In the same building you can do post services and find an ATM where you can withdraw cash.

Ängsbacka Café is a nice and cozy meeting place that is always open on Saturdays afternoons. Enjoy a coffee or herbal tea along with new meetings and interesting conversations. The menu includes organic snacks, homemade raw cakes and healthy drinks. Credit cards and Swish is accepted. Welcome!

In the shop of Ängsbacka, Karma Store, we sell a variety of health products and organic body care, relaxing music, books, clothes, organic incense, unique jewellery, yoga accessories and more. Credit cards, Swish an cash is accepted.

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center situated in Molkom, a society that we are part of, that we love and have a good relation to. We are depending on that all our guests and participants are cooperating with us to keep it this way when / if going outside of the premises of Ängsbacka during their stay at Ängsbacka. We ask you kindly to respect the local areas around Ängsbacka and practice common sense.



Ängsbacka offers accommodation in a homelike style. Please look under the tab Price & booking to see what accommodation is being offered during this event.

– All of our accommodation alternatives have shared bathrooms.
– The dorms consist of 12 – 20 bunk beds.
– Please bring your own towel, bed sheets, pillow cover and duvet cover.
– You can rent a set of sheets & a towel from us for 150 SEK per event.

What to bring

– Shoes that easily comes on and off when walking between the buildings / workshop spaces
– An extra towel for a visit to our sauna, when it is open and/or is rented for your event.
You can also rent a sauna or sweat lodge- towel from us for 50 SEK per occasion.
– Your own water bottle or thermo cup with lid, we do not allow cups or glasses in the workshop spaces
– Comfortable clothes suitable for the activities of your event
– If you like, walking shoes for recreation in the forest surrounding of Ängsbacka
– Earplugs can be good if you are sharing room with other people.


The Food

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are all included. We serve vegetarian food, mostly organic, locally produced and made with love. In connection with your reservation, you can order a vegan diet (this is also the alternative if you’re lactose intolerant), a Gluten-free diet and notify us about nut allergies. If possible, the chef will make adjustments for other allergies, please make the request when you book. Unfortunately, we can not, for practical reasons, accommodate any other food philosophies or diets.


Drug & Alcohol Policy – Zero Tolerance

All operations on Ängsbacka are based on a drug and alcohol free environment. The aim is to create a safe atmosphere that favors authentic meetings, personal development and spiritual practice. This means that guests and residents must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the whole area of Ängsbacka.
A person on the area of Ängsbacka under the obvious influence of alcohol or drugs can be asked to leave immediately.


Working Meditation

We have a praxis that is included in almost all our events, but not in all – depending on the contract between the organizers and Ängsbacka. A beautiful way to integrate your experience is to do working meditation with us on Ängsbacka. As a participant, we ask you to join us in the community for 30 minutes per day and helping out with easy tasks such as cleaning or dishwashing. You will get an introduction to your task and then you do it the same time every day. Our volunteers are very grateful for your contribution and will also help you out. We do the working meditation together!

Find your way here

It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by train and bus, or by car. Read more about how to find your way here.


To find and offer rides, join our Facebook group Carpooling to & from Ängsbacka.

Price & Booking

Tantra – Pleasure & Healing with Lorenzo Stiernquist
28 Nov – 1 Dec 2019