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25-30 June, 2019

Sexsibility Festival


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Say YES to your self!

Say YES to life!

Warmly welcome!

For questions regarding the festival, please write to us at: sexsibility (at)


Jennie Rehbinder

Art of Devotion


BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jennie Rehbinder – a Sexual Empowerment Coach, who teaches about sex, love and relationships since 2004. Jennie does couples workshops together with her husband Calle Rehbinder, and sexuality empowerment workshops for women. She has studied and practiced various techniques in tantra, shamanism, communication as well as academic studies in sexolog, gender theory and social work.
Jennie is a highly appreciated sex and relationship teacher, most of all for her generosity and natural ability to share her own experiences in complete openness, as well as for her skill to create a space filled with beauty, comfort and safety. She is also a Tactile Touch Therapist and a Photographer.

Carl Johan Rehbinder

Kundalini Spanking /Art of Devotion/Creative Body Expression

"Playfulness is the most efficient tool to get really serious, really deep, very fast."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Carl Johan Rehbinder is an actor, director, storyteller, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, author – as well as a teacher of many a subject – from theater improvisation and shamanistic techniques to web design, graphic design and art, into love, relationship, sexuality and tantra. In other words – an expert in communication.
Since 2004, the most important part of Calle’s work has become the teaching – about Love, Relationship, Sex & Tantra, how to live, breathe, play, touch and exist, in total presence.
Calle is a very appreciated teacher, which ever subject he gets into teaching.

Johan Ekenberg

Sex a Higway to God

"do you live the life you are longing for?"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Johan have lead courses in over 30 years in the field of personal growth and sexual development. He has participated in national television and radio programmes, written books on the subjects personal growth and sexual maturity.

Tantra and Taoism is an integrated part of the life he inspires people into by own example and workshops at the venue Humlebäck that he's comitted to lead and develop.

Johan's relaxed and presence in the moment makes him a great facilitator of workshops that allows all emotions to emerge.

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Buster Rådvik

Embodied Intimacy

"Freeing Love and Eros from Fear, Lies and Violence to promote peace on Earth"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look.

His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to their humanity, embodied in an ecstatic atmosphere of vulnerability and presence.

He gently guides participants into the wisdom of the body and its innate drive to heal, develop new capacities and adapt.

Buster is a licensed psychotherapist with almost 10 years of experience. He is a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist ( ) in private practice specializing in trauma and attachment related issues.

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Rachel Rickards

Embodied Intimacy: Oxytocin Fueled Connection

"Intimacy is the gateway to discover simple ways to connect and create a world where we feel more alive, self-aware, and free to love."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Rachel Rickards is an adventurous spirit in the realms of love, sex and relationship. Her natural exuberance gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory. Her never ending enthusiasm and energy for the work of transformation and the ease of play at the same time is a huge gift adding depth coupled with perspective to everything she does.

With Rachel, comes a passion for relating and loving in alternative ways and helping people find their truth in the way they want to love and be loved. With personal and professional training in psychology, sex therapy and alternative/open relationship counseling, she is committed to helping others find their full creative expression in life and love.


Belly2Belly is a deceptively simple process designed to dissolve the experience of separate self into rhythmic waves of sensation shared with a partner in real time. This workshop will focus on generating intimacy, openness, & physical bonding.

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Pia Struck

Solo Sex & Orgasm Ceremony

"Everbody deserves better orgasms!"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Pia Struck is a sex therapist, orgasm trainer, adult educator and lecturer. She guides you to get in touch with your creative sexuality where you can feel a sense of abundant energy in your life. In a safe environment, you get an opportunity to build sexual confidence and reach your full sexual potential.

Matt Schwenteck

Liberated Love

"Once the skin got how consent works, sex is a piece of cake"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Matt Schwenteck is co-founder of the School of Consent and is a trained facilitator in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. He has been on the path of Tantra and self-development for nearly 20 years with different healing modalities of meditation, counseling, bodywork, shamanism, trauma research and neurophysiology from around the world. He has been a student of the Wheel of Consent since 2011 and a practitioner and facilitator of the Wheel since 2013. Matt’s main teachings are a somatic blend of the Polyvagal Theory and the Wheel of Consent for therapeutic touch, healing and pleasure. For more information,


Relationship agreements based on the Wheel of Consent

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Robyn Dalzen

Liberated Love: Inspiring love, connection and healthy sexuality

"The more connected we are to ourselves, the more connected we are to the world around us and the more compassionate we become toward others."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Robyn is a transformational leadership and empowerment coach and facilitator. She works with individuals and couples to find back to their authentic truth by connecting back to the body and integrating sensuality and sexuality to live more wholly. Her passion and desire is for individuals to feel empowered in all areas of life and love – to be able to identify, value and ask for what they want from the bedroom to the boardroom. She is a student and facilitator of the Wheel of Consent and co-founder of the School of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin and her beloved Matthias Schwenteck.

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Andy Buru

Bound Bodywork

"In the stillness between moments, life happens. Pause, witness."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

People often ask why one would like to be tied or to tie another person. The answer is always vulnerability - in the polarity between surrender and holding power. When done in a consensual and loving way, it empowers intimacy, healing, and growth.

Andy teaches rope bondage from an artistic and therapeutic perspective, since 2008. His main inspirations are japanese tradition (Yukinaga Max) and modern dance (Felix Ruckert). His latest project, rawmotions, is a poetic, performative, and photographic interpretation of the emotions found before, during, and after being bound.

Andy is a theater student, medical massage therapist, and conscious kinkster, with a corporate background in team coaching. He brings his nerdy passion for the place were psychology, anatomy, and mysticism meet.


Bound Bodywork is a therapeutic rope bondage practice I developed in 2016, built on a decade of experience. It springs from the Japanese rope art of Kinbaku infused with modern modalities that work with trauma therapy, consent, and sexuality.

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Blake Steele

1. Pink Tantra: Being Seen; 2.Death & Bliss; 3. Healing Breasts

"To be fully alive is to be fully aware; to be fully aware is to live in Love."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Blake is an author of 14 books, a recording artist, spiritual teacher and workshop leader. He has worked with the fusion of sex and spirit for almost 20 years. He developed Pink Tantra for the West in 2012 to lift Tantra to its higher potential of beauty, freedom and Union with the Infinite Light and Love. He teaches through on-line classes, festivals and workshops in Europe and Asia.


1. Pink Tantra Being Seen in Love & wonder to heal body image issues.
2. Death and Bliss Ritual: a passage beyond the fear of death and intensification of the male/female energies to bless & bliss each other.
3. Healing Breasts: innocence & ecstasy

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Lorenzo Stiernquist

Tantra teacher and Sexsibility coach

"Love yourself as you are and allow yourself to become who you want to be. Say YES to life!”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

In his work Lorenzo focuses on sex, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure and sexual healing. He teaches at trainings, workshops and also have private sessions. He wants to support others to experience sex and intimacy on a deeper level, to feel alive and enjoy our lives even more.

He teaches how you can feel more pleasure, but also how to transform shame, guilt, pain, inhibitions, and blockages that prevent the experience of pleasure. He also coaches and teaches about communication, boundaries, and consent (The Wheel of Consent). Perhaps his most important message is to embrace and be present with what is, so that we can experience what is really going on here and now, which is love.

The purpose of his work is, in other words, to support people to experience more love.


Lorenzo is also the founder and has the main responsibility for the Sexsibility coach training and the Sexsibility festival.

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Paula Nygren

Tantra for Couples, Women Rising

How much more Lust in your Life is possible?

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Paula is a tantrica, a passionate sexsibilitycoach, tantric masseur and tantrateacher. She loves to inspire people to invite more lust and love into there lives and does that in her own business Lust in Life. She is much appreciated for her joyful way to create a very loving, safe and open space to relax and grow in both if you come for a session or attend a workshop.
She want to inspire you to be more in contact with your heart and body, to increase your lust, communicate more lovingly and feel more energy. To become more of that beautiful God and Godess that you are! Most workshops she has otherwise are in Gothenburg. She lives with her husband and lover Henrik Bengtsson and their three Children in the contryside outside Varberg.

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Ingrid Frideborgsdotter

VivaVagina!, Heart Qigong, Sensual Taomassage

"Love is always the answer"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ingrid Frideborgsdotter is a journalist, writer, VivaVagina! therapist, sexsibility coach and Tao masseur. She has her own Center Heart & Hand - Isis Goddess temple in Stockholm. Her gift to life is to help women to love their bodys and to feel more pleasure and lust in their sexual life - and in the hole life.
Ingrid healed herself from burn out with qigong and she loves to share her own Heart Qigong which she will offer every morning. Qigong is a lovely way to land and wake up the body. To connect with your own heart and also with your body and soul.
Ingrid offers VivaVagina! sessions that is acupressure and massage in the hole pelvic floor area of women to dissolve tensions for more passion and happiness.
Ingrid also have a Tao workshop with Lars Maria. See him for more info.


VivaVagina! workshop is a safe and close workshop for women where we practise with jade egg in the Vagina. And its also a session with acupressure and massage.
Heart Qigong is a easy and lovely way to land in your heart and in selflove and peace.

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Lamitha Jacobsson

Trauma Healing

"Become the Star you already are"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity and appealing humor as she guides participants to transform old patterns and blockages in the Body and Soul. Achieve their true potential. A soulful Midwife..


Lamitha is the creator of the workshop "Become the star you already are", a success at Ängsbackas various festivals

Lasse Hedlin

Wishing Circle

"The real question is not whether life exists after death.The real question is whether you are alive before death!"
- Osho

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Lasse Hedlin has since 2004 found a great interest in personal development and growth.

Lasses journey started 2004 participating in a Qoudouschka course which awakened a big curiosity which has evolved via various other Courses in the field of sexuality focusing on presence, closeness and pleasure. Lasse participated on the very first Sexsibilitycoach education 2008-9 and then also again 2013-14 and is a certified Sexsibility Coach and since 2015 also certified Sexsibility Whole Body masseur.

Lasse runs the LevMera company , with the focus to offer Sexsibility Coaching, Sexsibility Whole Body Massage and "Hug Service".

Lasse is a person with a lot of warmth combined with beeing calm, but with a lof of playfulness and mischievousness.

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Sacred Earth Meditation

"Flirting and exploring possibilities is my way of living"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Sarasai is a warm and heartful workshop leader and body worker who is creating a safe space for you to explore your body, emotions and soul. She Is a certified Humaniversity therapist, Sexsibility coach, Tantra teacher and has also several massage- and healing techniques in her tool box.She is passionate about dancing, hugging and living life as a Celebration.

Lisa Josefsson

Skaka Loss, Dance and Domination

"Being yourself can be limiting, who else could you be?"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

The feeling of being alive, the mysterious sensation of ecstatic flow; this is what comes through Lisa when she dances. After 10 years of exploring different dance forms, Lisa came in contact with Tantra and her reaction was: Oh, what I feel when I dance, that is what tantric people feel in their intimate relationships? From this moment Lisa has dived into the exploration of tantric practice as well as domination and pain as pathways to owning her own sexuality. All pleasure starts with coming in contact with your own body, to discover what sensations, vibrations and emotions we have hidden on the inside. Lisa is here to support you on this journey!


Feel the vibrations of the drum, dive deep inside yourself, shake it loose, and find your own expression of sexuality, self love – and maybe your inner dominatrix...?

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Henrik Bengtsson


"make peace with the dragon ho guards your treasure

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Henrik wants to share, be a friend of your fears, shame longing and vurnability to find more of your joy of life and freedom behind your shadows.

Spiritual growth has been a part of his life for many years.
He walks the shamanic path and have shamanic events.
He gives shamanic healing and tantric massage.
He lives with his wife Paula Nygren and kids outside Varberg.
Together they have tantric courses in Göteborg

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