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10-12 March 2017

Munay Ki
To Give From Your Heart

~ Inca Shaman Initiations ~

with Victor Forselius

Munay-ki are nine initiations that comes from the shamans who live in the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. These initiations/rites are nine steps to heal the wounds from our past, our childhood and the genetic heritage that we are born with in this lifetime.


Rites & Ceremony

The rites that is passed on via Munay-ki has through traditions from the natives in Peru been given as legacy from mentor to apprentice in thousands of years. Now we have the possibility to receive these ancient initiations and transmit them further through ceremony.

When we are ‘downloading’ and receiving this new energy with new information it allows our bodies and DNA to change. This develops new bodies that affect how we are healed, how we live and how we step into a new evolution of higher consciousness.


The Inca Shamans

The Inca shamans tells of their prophecies that speaks of a revolutionary time that we live in today. They are speaking of great changes on earth, in the universe and within ourselves as we now step into a new frequency and energy. In this new time we are offered amazing possibilities of spiritual growth, prosperity and peace.

They are speaking of a new step in the human evolution, that a new spiritual human being emerges within each and every one of us. How we now leave Homo Sapiens Sapiens behind and instead becoming Homo Luminous: the enlightened. Around every person there is an energy field that surrounds and informs our physical body and our DNA. Munay-ki and it’s initiations helps us to open our essence and allows us to download a new energy, an energy of our future selves that is not informed by our past, what happened when we were little or before we were born. We become a result of the future and can start to shape our own destiny.

This is how Munay-ki changes us and how we can take charge of our lives and steer our destiny in a whole new direction.


“If an egg breaks by an external force, life ends.
If an egg breaks by an inner force, life is created.

Amazing things happen from within!”


The change of Munay-Ki within us:

By saying yes to this course you will be able to say yes to an amazing journey in your lives. A journey where you will see and perceive the world through new eyes, look with a new perspective and go through adversity with a new and deeper strength. When you step out of the course three days later you carry the information to walk as a new human being if you want, being able to walk from a path where you dream a new dream of a life of success both physically as well as spiritually. When we break free from limiting thoughts and patterns through ceremony we leave room for new life to be created around us. To carry the strength and possibility to direct your own destiny and walk around with joy, friendship and harmony.


The nine rites of Munay-Ki

The first rite: “Healers Rite”  awakens our healing abilities in our hands and throws us into our personal healing journey. Through this rite an immense spiritual help is also opened and available to us. These Light beings works with an through us during meditation and when we sleep to heal our wounds from the past and the legacy that we inherited from our ancestors.

The second rite: “Bands of Power” is the strongest protection we can have against negative energies that is directed towards us and that we meet in our daily lives. We are weaving five energy bands that represents earth, water, fire, wind and pure light. After these bands has been installed in our energy field they filter all negative energy that comes our way to some go the five elements. These in turn transforms the dense energies into nutriments instead of poisoning us or making us sick.

The third rite: “Harmony Rites” is seven archetypical energies that is installed in our seven chars. These archetypical energies is transmitted in the form of seeds that with our own responsibility will through fire and ceremony grow into the full potential of powerful energies. The archetypes starts to heal our charkas from the heavy and toxic energies that has been built up within them so that the chakras starts to glow of it’s original light, which in turn let us develop a rainbow body.

  • The first chakra: You receive the energy of the snake that helps us shed our past like the snake shed their skin.
  • The second chakra: The energy of the jaguar that gives us power to go beyond our fears in life and is there for us in the form of protection and healing.
  • The third chakra: The hummingbird helps us to take the journey our into the unknown, to say yes to life and to be able to drink from the nectar to life and to chose to take energy from the most beautiful flowers.
  • The fourth chakra: You receive the energy of the eagle and the condor that helps us to dream the world into becoming the paradise that it is. Here we step beyond the problems of the world and our lives to heal from a higher perspective.
  • The fifth chakra: “Huascar Inca” who is a powerful energy and guardian of the underworld and the subconscious. He/She helps us to heal and harmonize our shadows that we carry with us energetically.
  • The sixth chakra: “Atahualpa” is an ancient myth and important Inca that is the guardian of the middle world, our physical and conscious world. This energy harmonizes and balances the world we live in.
  • The seventh chakra: “Pachacuti Inca” is the guardian of the upper world and the time that will come.

The Forth rite: “Seers rite” we are weaving threads of light that connects our visual cortex on the back of the head with the third eye and with the heart chakra. This rite awakens our ability to see and perceive the invincible world. Many of my students discover that a couple of months after receiving the Seers Rite they have the ability to perceive energies.

The fifth rite: “Daykeepers’ Rite” this rite commits us with the old stone altars that is found on holy places around the world, from Stonehenge and Machu Picchu to the Pyramids in Egypt. The daykeeper has the ability to call the force of these ancient places to heal and bring balance to the world.

This rite commit us to a lineage of medicine men and women through times that assist us through life.

Daykeepers helps us to heal the feminine within us and their main task is to help the people to be in harmony and balance with nature and Mother Earth. This initiation helps you to go beyond fear and to practice peace.

The sixth rite: “Wisdomkeeper” is medicine men and women from the past that has conquered death and stepped outside of time. The legends say that the ancient wisdom lives within the high mountains. The snowcapped mountains was venerated as power places, just as other mountains in the world, from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Fiji, to Mt.Olympus have all been honored as places where the human has met the Divine. This rite helps you to heal your inner masculine, to step beyond time and taste infinity.

The seventh rite: “Earthkeeper” is the guardian and servant for everything living. This rite commits us to a lineage of archangels which are patrons of galaxies.This forces calls and uses earth keepers to bring healing and balance into any situation. Earthkeeper’s Rite helps us to walk the patch as “the one who sees” and to dream the world into reality.

The eight rite: “Starkeepers Rite” This rite anchors you safely in a new time of higher consciousness, a transformations that was started last year. Prophecies says that your physical and energetic body will start to develop into Homo Luminous when you receive this rite. The aging process starts to slow down, your DNA changes and you get a greater resistance against diseases. When you receive this rite you take on becoming a steward of time that will come and for all future generations.

The ninth rite: “Creator Rite” awakens the light and energy of creating within you and you become a steward of the whole creation, everything from the smallest grain of sand to the biggest assemblage of galaxies in the universe. This rite has never before been available on earth. Even if there has been individuals that has attained this level and awakened their Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness, it has never been possible to transmit this from human to human until now.



More information

  • The course will be in English / Swedish depending on the participants.
  • Limited number of participants.
  • For questions about and signing up for Munay Ki, contact Renee Eriksson
    Phone: +46 702 38 83 61
  • Contact us for information about food and lodging:
  • Also look at Victors other events Stora Medicinhjulet and Meet the Q’ero Shamans from Peru


Welcome to Munay Ki in March at Ängsbacka!

Victor Forselius

Born in the house of Leo, Victor has followed the calling of soul since childhood. His cause to find meaning, purpose and the path of this physical experience as human being led him to explore the spiritual world next to us. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around.

After discovering a book by Alberto Villoldo in high school and reading half of it, he quit his studies to set off on an amazing self healing journey together with Alberto and the Inca Q’ero shamans. Today he walks as a Paqo (healer, medicine man, keeper) of the ancient teachings from these long forgotten people in the Andes. For more than seven years, he has shared the Inca shamanic path, guiding people into a journey of self discovery using ancient tools of healing and ceremony. He ignates in them a flame of remembrance of their own path of dreams, and their path of heart.

Victor feels called to be in service by helping, healing and sharing, and to touch the modern world of intellect and mind with the warmth of heart and soul.


Behind every problem there is a spiritual solution!



Practical Information

Munay Ki – To Give from the Heart with Victor Forselius
10-12 March 2017

Arrival & Departure

Thursday 9 March

Check in: 18.00-18.30

Dinner is served 18.30-19.30

Friday 10 March

Check in for late arrivals: 08.30 – 09.00

The course starts 09.00 Friday morning

Sunday 12 March

The course ends 21.00 (The food and accommodation price includes staying on until Monday morning.)


Working meditation

As a part of Ängsbacka’s community ethos, participants are expected to help out with approximately 30 minutes of working meditation (dishwashing, cleaning etc) per day. The working meditation takes place after the meals and does not interfere with the course schedule.


Ängsbacka offers simple accommodation in a home-like style. Please look under the tab Price & booking to see what accommodation is being offered during this course.

  • All of our accommodation alternatives have shared bathrooms.
  • The dorms consists of 12 – 20 bunk beds.
  • Please bring your own towel, bed sheets, pillow cover and duvet cover.
  • You can rent a set of sheets & a towel from us for 150 SEK per course.



The Food

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are all included. We serve vegetarian food, mostly organic, locally produced and made with love. In connection with your reservation, you can order a vegan diet (this is also the alternative if you’re lactose intolerant), a Gluten-free diet and notify us about nut allergies. If possible, the chef will make adjustments for other allergies, please make the request when you book. Unfortunately, we can not, for practical reasons, accommodate any other food philosophies or diets.


Angsbacka lunch


Working Meditation

A beautiful way to integrate the course is to do working meditation with us on Ängsbacka. This is a praxis that is included on almost all our courses. As participant we invite you to join us in the community for 30 minutes per day and helping out with easy tasks such as cleaning or dishwashing. You will get an introduction to your task and then you do it the same time every day. Our volunteers are very grateful for your contribution and will also help you out. We do the working meditation together!



General Information

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with workshop leaders from around the world. Please be aware that the main language of the courses therefore can be different, e.g. in English, Swedish or Norwegian.

It is good to bring good shoes for walking in the forest surrounding Ängsbacka and an extra towel for a visit to our sauna. You can also rent a special “Sauna” or “Sweat lodge” towel from us for 50 SEK per occasion.


Other information

In the nearby Molkom society, about 1,5 km away, there is an ATM where you can withdraw cash.

Our Café is a nice and cosy meeting place that is always open on Saturdays. Have a coffee or herbal tea along with new meetings and interesting conversations. You can also buy organic pastries, sandwiches and healthy drinks.


Ängsbacka cafe cakes


In the Ängsbacka Shop we sell a variety of health products and organic bodycare, relaxing music, books, clothes, organic incense, unique jewelry, yoga accessories and more.


No Alcohol or Drugs

Please note that Ängsbacka is a Alcohol and Drug Free place. We dont serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under influence of alcohol or other subtstances when you are at Ängsbacka.


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Price & Booking

Munay Ki – To Give from the Heart with Victor Forselius
10-12 March 2017