Laddar Evenemang

24-31 March 2019

The Ineffable Stream

~ Flowing with the Stream ~

with Susannah Grover

Welcome to a heart-centered community – exploring meditation practices and the art of self-inquiry. The teaching integrates spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom with the aim of supporting awakening into Self-realization.


– A retreat for returning Home in connection with our Essence

The goal of the spiritual journey is only to evermore arrive in a place called ‘Here’, in the Heart of an ever expanding ’Now’, and to increasingly discover the profound significance of what this means.

In the first Ineffable Stream retreat we learned how to find the Heart of Now – also called the ’Doorway of Light’ – and how to enter into it with some simple and reliable navigational tools which make the journey easier. In the second retreat in May we continued making the turn toward Home, deepening in the Doorway of Light. We entered into an exploration of the spectrum of human consciousness in order to understand the relationship between ego and Essence.

The third Ineffable Stream retreat ’Flowing with the Stream’ will take place 23-28 October 2018, at Ängsbacka Kursgård, Sweden. In this third retreat we will continue exploring the next stages of development, connecting it with our Essence, as well as learning about what is involved in returning ourselves to emotional and relational resiliency, both of which can bring tremendous benefit to our everyday life experiences.


Supporting self-realization & self-actualization

The Ineffable Stream retreats focus on integrating spiritual, psychological, and somatic wisdom within a relational context, with the aim of supporting awakening into the two sides of human fulfillment – Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. This unfolding happens both individually and in connection with one another as a group, where each one’s work becomes a source of nourishment and support for everyone’s work and streaming towards Home.

During the retreats the group explores different practices including Alchemical breath practice, meditation and TaKeTiNa (, as well as learning to deepen their own work via practicing the art of self-inquiry. Susannah has also invited the assisting teachers and others to enhance the teaching via yoga, movement, bodywork, music and creative expression in order to make the offering more complete. The offering of teachings happens in a way that is both relational and responsive in nature, guided from what is organically emerging from within the interactive field.

Interview with Susannah Grover

HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – EXPLORING THE WHOLE SPECTRUMThe second Ineffable Stream retreat 'Deepening in the Doorway of Light' with Susannah Grover and colleagues will take place 25-30 May, at Ängsbacka Kursgård in Sweden. In this retreat we will explore the full spectrum of our consciousness – from the most unfree aspect of our conditioning to the most absolutely free aspect of ourselves. This will involve a teaching on the Superego, also called the Inner Critic, an aspect that can make us feel trapped, unworthy and ashamed. By reversing the power dynamic with the Superego we can free ourselves – turning it into our ally instead of our nemesis.Like in the first retreat we will continue exploring meditation practices and the art of self-inquiry. The Ineffable Stream teaching integrates spiritual, psychological, relational and somatic wisdom with the aim of supporting awakening into Self-Realization and Self-Actualization.

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What is the focus of The Ineffable Stream group?

Integrating spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom currents allows for the optimization of each unique person’s realization, maturity and life-flow unfolding so that each may come to realize the Reality of Seamless Unity. Exploring meditation practices we have been taught from various traditions as well as developing the art of self-inquiry will be the primary supports for our process.

The Ineffable Stream is another way of naming The Tao. The word ‘Ineffable’ means ‘indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words’, yet, mysteriously, the Ineffable Stream expresses itself everywhere, including in us, ultimately as us. Though this group will not specifically be a Taoist group, the logos or teaching stream of the group is in harmony with the heart or essence of all traditions, including Taoist teachings. We enter the Ineffable Stream to be brought ever more in harmony with the totality of existence.

From ‘The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin’, a Taoist master, he points to the luminous intelligence which is activated by entering and deepening in the Stream when he writes:

At the spoken level, they are sounds.
At the subtle level, they are thoughts.
At the silent level, they are gone.
It is in this silence, from this Silence, that All arises”

The structure of the group

There will be a large group experiential teaching format, as well as small groups and individual sessions offered. Susannah will also invite guest teachers to enhance the offering via movement, music, and creative expression.


Experienced team of teachers

The Ineffable Stream group is led by the appreciated teacher Susannah Grover and her experienced colleagues. Though Susannah Grover was initiated as a teacher by her Indian lineage Sufi teacher in the 1970s, and also given guidance to teach by the Oracle of Tibet in the 1990s, she has mostly been known as a teacher of the Diamond Approach, in which she has taught in groups in USA, Australia and Europe for 22 years, or since 1996. Susannah resigned from the organization in 2017, and she has since been invited to Ängsbacka to lead a new group – combining the different wisdom currents from her rich experiences from 50 years of deep inner work and training.

During the upcoming October retreat Susannah will be accompanied by her husband Paul Grover (aka Prashantananda of the Bihar School of Yoga), Lynne Tarrab-Snooks (psychotherapist and Ineffable Stream teacher), Esther Diethelm (certified teacher of TaKeTiNa and Ineffable Stream teacher) and Joachim Münster (certified teacher of TaKeTiNa and Ineffable Stream teacher).

“Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine-mountains and the maker of canyons and mountains! All seven oceans are inside, and hundreds of millions of stars. The acid that tests gold is there, and the one who judges jewels. And the music from the strings no one touches, and the Source of all water…”


Who is this for?

Whether one’s orientation is theistic or non-theistic in nature, we anticipate this to be an invocation of an exceptional experience for all as Susannah attunes from the jeweled teachings she has been privileged to receive through the years. She feels this will be a flowering of her life’s trajectory of service, with respect and gratitude for her lineages, teachers and communities, ultimately honoring the benevolent Ineffable Stream, itself.

The invitation is particularly meant for souls who are ready to gently engage the processes of awakening into the two aspects of a fulfilled human life, being Self-realization and Self-actualization. This is what Susannah has been taught in many beautiful ways from all of her teachers, and this is what she now hopes to impart.

By our entering the Ineffable Stream together, may we experience an ever-deepening recognition of this simple Truth: that our very nature and the Joy of Luminous Awareness are One and the same.

It is Susannah’s heart wish that this new endeavor becomes a genuinely beneficial offering to the human collective consciousness field.


The group is open – apply now!

The group is currently open to any sincere beings who might resonate with the opportunity to get to know themselves in a subtler and deeper way than what usually happens in our ordinary daily life. The October retreat will be the last of the three preliminary, foundational retreats prior to the official group forming in March of 2019. What this means is that people are free to attend without needing to have attended the two previous retreats, also without making a commitment to continue in the group. Feel free to join and see if the offerings resonates with you. The group will stay open for new participants for some time before closing, and meet two retreats per year starting in 2019.

More information

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  • The retreat will be taught in English.
  • Limited to about 64 people, maximum.
  • For questions and signup, please contact Lovisa, admin:
  • For information about food and lodging, contact Ängsbacka:

Welcome to Ängsbacka in March.
May Love and Auspiciousness find each of you,
Susannah Grover & Friends!

Susannah Grover


Susannah became a student of Zen in 1969, and later was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism via His Holiness Karmapa XVI in 1977. Her Sufi teacher initiated her as a teacher in the Indian Chishti lineage in 1974.

Susannah was a lay midwife doing home births and at the same time was sitting with the dying as a hospice worker (1974-82). She was appointed to be the California State Psychiatric Patients’ Rights’ Advocate-Ombudsman, where her job was to defend the rights of both psychiatric patients and the elderly in locked facilities (1977-78). She later became a Doctor of Chiropractic, Craniopathy and Homeopathy in 1983 and ran her own alternative healing clinic near San Francisco (1984-2005).

Upon meeting the Oracle of Tibet in 1994, he requested that Susannah start teaching spiritual work. One of her teachers, Moriah St. Clair, who was the founder of Beyond Words and Pathways United, made Susannah her successor (2008).

Susannah was a student in the Diamond Approach (1986-2017), where she also trained as a teacher, and she taught groups in the U.S., Australia and Europe for 21 years, from 1996-2017. She resigned from the organization in 2017.

Susannah loves being at Ängsbacka, where she has also taught (2008-2017) and most recently she presented at the No Mind Festival there (2017). She has also been extensively mentored by a Bodynamics™ psychotherapist, and is currently a faculty member of ZIST Psychotherapy Academy, Germany.

Most of all, perhaps, Susannah experiences herself to be a witness to the Miraculous. ♥ This what she wishes for every participant in the group, as well.

Susannah is accompanied by her husband, Paul, who is also a teacher in his own right, as well as an artist, writer and cook, adding his full support to the operation and holding of the group field.


Practical Information

The Ineffable Stream with Susannah Grover
24-31 March 2019

Arrival & Departure

Arrival day: Sunday 24 March

  • Arrival / check-in: 16.30-18.00
  • Dinner is served 18.15 – 19.15
  • The retreat starts 19.30 Doors open at 19.15, please be on time

Departure day: Sunday 31 March

  • The retreat ends after lunch – approximately 13.30



Price & Booking

is payed directly to organizer, register by contacting the group admin:


More booking info will come!