Laddar Evenemang

20-22 September 2019

The Ineffable Stream

~ Mini-retreat ~

with Susannah Grover

Welcome to a heart-centered community – exploring meditation practices and the art of self-inquiry. The Ineffable Stream teaching integrates spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom with the aim of supporting awakening into Self-realization.


This is a new Ineffable Stream mini-retreat offered in September at Ängsbacka Kursgård. The mini-retreat is for anyone wishing to get a ’taste’ of the Ineffable Stream teachings and group before coming to a main week-long retreat.


Supporting self-realization & self-actualization

The Ineffable Stream retreats focus on integrating spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom within a relational context, with the aim of supporting awakening into the two sides of human fulfillment, being Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. This unfolding happens both individually and in connection with everyone in the group, where each one’s work becomes a source of nourishment, inspiration and support for everyone’s transformative streaming towards Home.

Main teacher – Susannah Grover

The Ineffable Stream group is led by the appreciated teacher Susannah Grover and her experienced colleagues. Susannah was initiated and invited to teach by her Indian lineage Sufi teacher in the 1970s, and also requested to teach by the Oracle of Tibet in the 1990s. Susannah was previously a teacher of the Diamond Approach, in which she has taught in groups in USA, Australia and Europe for 22 years. Susannah resigned from the organization in 2017, and she has since been invited to Ängsbacka to lead this new group – combining the different wisdom currents from her rich experiences from 50 years of deep inner work and trainings in the fields of spirituality (traditional and indigenous), psychology and numerous healing modalities.


About the mini-retreat

During the retreats the group explores different practices and the participants at the mini-retreat will get an intro to Sensory Awareness Meditation, Deepening into Silent Stillness, Self-inquiry, large group teachings and TaKeTiNa movement practice. TaKeTiNa is a movement, rhythm and singing practice (, which supports the neural circuitry of the body to become more flexible and supple, also supporting the flow of Essence to replace ego structuring and tension patterns. These practices also support the overall psycho-spiritual work of the retreats to land and gradually become integrated. The teachings are guided from what is organically emerging from the interactive field of the group participants. 
The mini-retreat will be at a reduced cost of 220 Euro, in a simplified format of large group teachings and some TaKeTiNa sessions, but no small group teachings nor individual sessions. After the mini-retreat you can choose to join the group for the longer retreat, if you feel a resonance. If you choose to stay on to attend the main retreat, you only need to pay the remaining difference of the tuition. The cost of food and accommodation is to be paid to Ängsbacka Kursgård and is in addition to the tuition.



 More information

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  • The retreat will be taught in English.
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Welcome to Ängsbacka in September.
May Love and Auspiciousness find each of you,
Susannah Grover & Friends!

Susannah Grover


Susannah became a student of Zen in 1969, and later was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism via His Holiness Karmapa XVI in 1977. Her Sufi teacher initiated her as a teacher in the Indian Chishti lineage in 1974.

Susannah was a lay midwife doing home births and at the same time was sitting with the dying as a hospice worker (1974-82). She was appointed to be the California State Psychiatric Patients’ Rights’ Advocate-Ombudsman, where her job was to defend the rights of both psychiatric patients and the elderly in locked facilities (1977-78). She later became a Doctor of Chiropractic, Craniopathy and Homeopathy in 1983 and ran her own alternative healing clinic near San Francisco (1984-2005).

Upon meeting the Oracle of Tibet in 1994, he requested that Susannah start teaching spiritual work. One of her teachers, Moriah St. Clair, who was the founder of Beyond Words and Pathways United, made Susannah her successor (2008).

Susannah was a student in the Diamond Approach (1986-2017), where she also trained as a teacher, and she taught groups in the U.S., Australia and Europe for 21 years, from 1996-2017. She resigned from the organization in 2017.

Susannah loves being at Ängsbacka, where she has also taught (2008-2017) and most recently she presented at the No Mind Festival there (2017). She has also been extensively mentored by a Bodynamics™ psychotherapist, and is currently a faculty member of ZIST Psychotherapy Academy, Germany.

Most of all, perhaps, Susannah experiences herself to be a witness to the Miraculous. ♥ This what she wishes for every participant in the group, as well.

Susannah is accompanied by her husband, Paul, who is also a teacher in his own right, as well as an artist, writer and cook, adding his full support to the operation and holding of the group field.


Practical Information

Mini-retreat: The Ineffable Stream with Susannah Grover
20-22 September 2019

Arrival & Departure

Arrival day: Friday 20 September

Check-in at reception 17:00-18:30
Dinner is served at 18:30

Mini-retreat begins in Upper barn 20:00
Early arrival is possible if you book and pay for this in advance, please follow instructions in the online registration form.


Departure day: Sunday 22 September

You are responsible for leaving your room empty and clean in the morning latest by 09:30. There is a cleaning check-list available in your room.

After the last session the mini retreat ends with lunch served at 12:30.

If you decide to stay on for the main retreat check-in opens at 16:30. Due to parallell events you will need to change accommodation if you decide to stay for the main retreat. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and wish that you would still experience a smooth transition into the main retreat. Please note that unless you are attending the main retreat we are not able to offer you the option to stay an additional night, thank you for understanding.



Price & Booking


Note that the retreat requires two payments to different receivers: one payment to the organizer of the retreat (tuition) and one payment to Ängsbacka Kursgård (food, lodging and admin fee).

To participate in this retreat take these steps:
1. Confirm your interest and sign up by contacting the group admin:
2. You will receive information regarding the registration process and payment details for the actual retreat from group admin. 
3. Upon confirmation from the group admin that you have a spot in the retreat, fill in the form below to book and pay for your food and accommodation. First come – first served applies for the available options for accommodation, secure your wished alternative by booking early. It is very helpful for us that we have your request and payment a minimum of 2 weeks before the retreat starts, the sooner the better.
Observe! The payment and refund policy for the the two payments may differ, see information below regarding the food and lodging part (your payment to Ängsbacka).

Book your ticket


It is possible to cancel your ticket and receive a refund, see details below. For all cancellations we keep a fee of minimum 400 SEK per adult and 200 SEK per participant 0-17 years of age. You contact booking @ for all issues related to cancellation and refunds.

• Until 30 days prior the event: contact booking @ to cancel your ticket and receive information about how to claim your refund. We keep a cancellation fee of 400 SEK per adult ticket and 200 SEK per child/youth ticket.
• Until 14 days prior the event: contact booking @ to cancel your ticket and receive information about how to claim your refund. We keep a cancellation fee of 15% of the total booking value per ticket – minimum fee 400 SEK and maximum fee 900 SEK. Half fee for child/youth tickets.
• When cancelling your ticket less than 14 days before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required to receive a refund. We keep a cancellation fee of 15% of the total booking value per ticket – minimum fee 400 SEK and maximum fee 900 SEK. Half fee for child/youth tickets.
• Refunds will not be made if you cancel after the event has started.
• If Ängsbacka would cancel the event, all payments will be refunded (including the cancellation fee).
PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to one month before you have the refunded amount on your account.



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A person on the area of Ängsbacka under the obvious influence of alcohol or drugs can be asked to leave immediately.



If you have questions regarding the booking, payment, cancellation, our policies etc, please contact us:
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