Interview: Anna Maria Hernmarck, tantric breath therapist



For many people, tantra and sex go close together. The theme for many workshops at the yearly Tantra festival at Ängsbacka is to acknowledge the sexual energy. However, that’s just one of the pieces in what is called tantra, which primarily is about expanding as a human being, to raise the lifeforce energy and embody unconditional love, for yourself and others.

Imagine having a truly expanded energy level in all situations of life, to be able to  sustain this energy flowing freely and loving yourself unconditionally, no matter what happens around you. This is what the tantric practice can give you access to, says Anna Mara Hernmarck, workshop leader in tantric breathwork therapy both at the Ängsbacka Yoga and Tantra festival this summer.

Anna Maria is “walking the talk”: she feels light and genuinely happy, with a relaxed body that seems to enjoy every moment.
–  The key is to open up blockages so that the energy can flow freely through the body. 


 – Through breathwork, movement and sound, we learn how to unleash this ecstatic energy. It’s a natural state that every human has access to when practicing.

In one of Anna Maria´s workshops the participants were guided to breathe with open mouth and work with the pelvis muscles, integrating the pace to the rhythm of a specific body part. The lifeforce energy or the “kundalini” was awakened for many of the participants, which expressed through shaking, waving feelings in the body or through hysterical laughter. These feelings were expressed as the participants held hands in a circle to feel the connection with each other, and later through looking each other in the eyes.


In the tantric practice we remember how to see the divine, the essence, in everyone: to see beyond all layers of preconceived ideas, judgments and separations from each other.

Anna Maria is from Stockholm but has her base in Bali, a part of the world where many people go to yoga, meditate, practice tantra and dedicate themselves to personal development. Anna Maria went from being the overambitious “good girl” with straight A’s and a rich social party life, to dive deep into yoga, Osho’s teachings and Native American shamanism. In the world of tantra, she found key explanations to things she had experienced, but couldn’t explain.

The essential part of tantra is the understanding of feminine and masculine energies – how to unlock, balance and embody these. When this is harmonized within yourself, you will see it reflect in your relationships with others. 

When saying yes to dive into the tantric practices, it is crucial to be ready to peel away all layers of mental, emotional and energetic blockages that are stuck in the body, preventing the energy to flow.

We all have the kundalini snake dormant, ready to be awakened in the pace that is most beneficial for your unique journey, Anna Maria says.

How are tantra and sex linked together?

– The sexual energy is the same as the creative lifeforce energy. It’s just a specific way to channel it. Having the sensual energy flowing freely in your body is just a bonus. Tantric lovemaking is not only about deep multiorgasms and ecstatic pleasure on a physical level. For me, it is primarily about healing and charging the entire body, every particle, to its fullest lifeforce potential, which you then can channel into every moment of daily life. 


This post was originally published in 2014.


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