Vacant volunteer positions / Lediga volontärsroller

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Special Volunteer Positions

In addition to our basic volunteer program where you normally help out wherever it is needed, we also have a number of SVP (Special Volunteer Positions). These are roles with more responsibility and therefore more possibilities to learn and grow. Often people having set employments at Ängsbacka started as volunteers, and then took on an SVP and learned more about Ängsbacka.

In most departments / working circles there is a skilled work-leader who is employed and holds continuity. Helping this person there is normally one or two coordinators (SVP). But SVP can also be related to special skills (handy, IT, marketing etc) or project related.

If you have not been to Ängsbacka before, we normally ask everyone to do some weeks of basic volunteering before we assign someone to an SVP.

How to apply

Click below to read more about the roles/positions. For all roles – please write a few words about yourself in Swedish or English and send to, with a copy to (if nothing else is specified). We look forward to hearing from you!

Ängsbacka – a unique kind of place to share your gift.

Ängsbacka is in many ways a unique place to share your gift – at the same time creative, chaotic, fun, challenging and supportive. Here everyone is encouraged to be and show themselves as individuals, while at the same time we are striving to work professionally and purposefully. We offer a meaningful environment to contribute to, with a warm community spirit and daily opportunities to grow as a human being.

(Do also see our JOB VACANCIES.)

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