European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Come live and learn in Scandinavia, and make a difference to the world!

Three EVS spots available – starting Feb/April 2018.
Last application dates: 5 Jan or 5 Feb!

About Ängsbacka

Ängsbacka is a well-known meeting place and course-centre in Sweden for people who want to live a more conscious life and care for our planet. We are about twenty people who live here, with another fifty who live in the nearby village Molkom. We are located halfway between Stockholm and Oslo in a beautiful countryside area, where both summer and winter can delight you. We host courses and festivals all year round and have about 6000 visitors per year. The community has a dynamic international atmosphere as we host between 20 and 150 volunteers depending on the seasons. We are an alcohol and drug-free community. You can read more about Ängsbacka here: http://en.angsbacka.se/about-angsbacka/

The EVS programme

Since 2017 Ängsbacka is hosting an EVS program (European Voluntary Service).
The first 15 volunteers from 7 different countries started their service with us in spring 2017. The EVS program covers the food, accommodation and travel costs of volunteers.  Moreover, there is a small pocket money for the volunteers in this program.

As an EVS volunteer, you will live in simple rooms with one other volunteer, sometimes more. The community kitchen serves delicious vegetarian food, almost all of it organic, often locally produced and always made with love. Our volunteer programme includes regular movie-nights, yoga and dance sessions, celebrations and sharing circles.

More on the EVS programme:http://europeanvoluntaryservice.org/

EVS-spots – starting Feb or April 2018

We are looking for one more person to start the 11-month long EVS program in February 2018, and two more persons for the 6-months program starting in April 2018. If you are 18-30 years old and from either the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia or Norway we invite you to apply. If you are a truly excellent candidate but from another EU country, apply too. This is an opportunity for you to help create a world with more harmony, more well-being and more sustainability!  Your travel and living costs will be entirely covered, and you will receive pocket money.

What will you do in Ängsbacka?

We will have two important keywords for the programs starting 2018 – event management and sustainability around food. We intend to develop our festivals and courses to a new professional level. Our strong wish is to sustain and come up with new, more sustainable ways to hold our public events. That would mean better and more earth-caring solutions for catering, hosting, garden, waste and energy management etc. Moreover, you can be involved in many different areas and choose to work in several of them: event management, product development, graphic design, marketing and IT, carpentry and renovation, vegan and raw food cooking

An experience of community

The dynamic volunteer team at Ängsbacka is a place where you can dive into a communal international experience rich in learning, rich in training, rich in personal development. These 11 or 6 months of your life will probably be valuable on your CV, and will certainly give you friends for life!

Questions and how to apply

For any question please contact Liina Järviste at evs@angsbacka.se. Please do not wait to contact us because our application period is short. Send us a short CV and a short motivation letter (one page is a maximum) ASAP but definitely by 5th of January (for 11 months) or 5th of February  (for 6 months) to evs@angsbacka.se. We will start having Skype interviews with successful candidates ASAP.

‘Leaders of Transition’

We received a group of 15 people from 8 European countries to volunteer with us in 2017 from 6 to 12 months in the project called “Leaders of Transition”.

The summary of the project is the following:

The goal of Ängsbacka is that young people from Europe participate in the development of sustainable living in its various aspects and become leaders of transition. We see that in the world of continuos degradation of ecosystems, declining biodiversity, changing climate, peak of natural resources (especially oil), increase of population and instability of economical systems, there is a need for transition to stable, just and sustainable society. This can be achieved through focusing on four aspects of sustainability – social, environmental, ecological and cultural on community level.   Ängsbacka sees the project as one example of sustainable development for all of Europe. A part of the vision of Ängsbacka is to “demonstrate paths to sustainable development, wellbeing, and harmony”.

Together with 16 volunteers from 8 different countries from all over Europe, we intend to develop community-scale practical examples of sustainability in 2017 and early 2018. We aim to design and develop the tiny house ecovillage Forest Dream, conduct environmental and energy assessment of Ängsbacka community, host a large international conference of community change-makers (GEN-Europe annual conference), enhance our sustainable food production and preparation systems and develop marketing tools to disseminate good practices through our Internet platform.

All in all – our aim is to provide young people opportunity to develop different practical skills related to sustainable living. Environmental and social responsibility is becoming more and more important at mainstream entrepreneurship and civil society. Thus, we foresee that our volunteers will develop skills with us that will later enhance their job opportunities in their respective home countries.  Plus the volunteers take the knowledge from this learning experience to their home countries and can act as multipliers of the accumulated skills and practical, political as well as social understanding.