Text: Malina Arp

The first time I came here I was eight years old. It was at the No Mind festival, and it was mind blowing. Maybe you already heard from many people that the first time at Ängsbacka is special, but what we often forget is that Ängsbacka is a very important place even for children!

Video Childrens Festival 2012, Children walking through a medow

Perhaps you recognize the kids from last year’s No Mind  Children’s Festival?

Even though I had very open parents most people I had around me in my daily life did not really see me and  I discovered that when I came here, for the first time in my life I experienced that I could be myself. Suddenly I had children around me that were like me. I had found a free space were I could be fully and share that with friends. The children’s festival was a big part of giving me the space to open up. Conscious adults who truly saw me were my leaders and guides here. What they did with me or actually what they allowed me to be was life changing.

Nowadays I am a Ängsbacka mother myself. I have a son who is two years old, made in Ängsbacka, born in Ängsbacka and until now has been growing up in Ängsbacka. And two tweenies who are really having an exciting time right now. I see every day how this place is contributing to their life and development, each of them in a different way.

Often we so called adults are so busy with our journey here that we don’t see what is happening within the children. And probably we don’t have to see it, its happening anyway. All we can do is being there for them when they need us.

Family on blanket in the Ängsbacka garden, No Mind Festival 2013

Relaxing and playing with soap bubbles in the garden of Ängsbacka, No Mind festival 2013

And a key spot for that are the blankets! The blankets that are laying spread all over the whole festival are really being key spots here, probably more important than the big barn and heart tent together.

When I was one of the running around kids my mothers blanket was our meeting space. A space to reconnect, talk about all the exciting things we did and maybe even cried a little. It was and still is a point of connection for families. And with families I mean not only mother, father and children but also friends and lovers.

Malina Avalon and Sascha on the blanket of the No Mind Festival

Malina, Sascha and Avalon – the third generation at No Mind Festival!

This year I am the mother on a blanket. Watching my little and big ones and being there for them in case they need me. Time will go and maybe, maybe one day my kids will be parents sitting on a blanket in the middle of No Mind watching their little ones.

How old were you when you came to Ängsbacka for the first time?
What does your beloved kids tell you about their experiences at Ängsbacka?
(Feel free to answer in Swedish as well.)

Malina is a guest blogger here. If you want to learn more about her life at Ängsbacka you can check out her blog at www.hippiechic.blogg.se

Ängsbacka Yogafestival which begins soon, is also one of the festivals that are usually enjoyed by the families.

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