“I’ve never experienced another place where that many people can have such a strong sense of togetherness, connection, and unity. I can connect with anyone. The fear goes away. There is just acceptance.” says the co-coordinator Magnus Vikström, when we ask him about No Mind Festival and its spirit.

No Mind, without a shadow of a doubt Angsbacka’s most famous and Scandinavia’s biggest alternative festival where over 1,000 amazing beings gather to open their hearts, experience the freedom and aliveness in their bodies, and relax into a wisdom beyond the mind.

This year, between 1st and 8th of July, we are gathering again, for the 21st time, around the theme of “Into Unity” to celebrate our uniqueness and individuality through which we will tap into unity, into oneness with all our innocence and joy.

We interviewed Magnus on 20 years of journey, unity, and the beauties that await us this year. Take a cup of tea, lean back, and get ready to sink in No Mind’s spirit with the words of Magnus!

“I thank Magnus for transmitting us to the heart of No Mind Festival with his words and stories! Our time during the realization of this interview turned into a deeply meditative sharing from my perspective. Feeling his soul connection to No Mind and to what he does have been such an inspiration. The magic around No Mind is definitely no surprise, it all starts from the creation process.” Sera Keskin – Interviewer 

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