Lin Holmquist has been organizing festivals at Ängsbacka since 2012. The 2018 edition of Ängsbacka Tantra Festival attracted about 800 people from all over and it is now considered the largest festival of its kind in the world. Find out how Lin got into Tantra and slowly created a life where pleasure has no limit!

“I used to live a very unhealthy life in my twenties. Too much stress, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and bad food made me sick and I was lucky to have a burnout in my early twenties. My burnout made me rethink the way I treated myself and my health. I started to study yoga and that gave me a really good connection to my body and had amazing effects on me. Not only did it make me stronger and more flexible, but the practice of yoga also detoxed my whole system and I started craving healthy food and a lot of rest. The more changes I made in my lifestyle, the more powerful and strong I felt, so it was encouraging and easy to start living a healthy life.

Recovering from the burnout, I also started to get in touch with my inner truth. At first, it was a very silent voice inside of me, a voice that was easy to neglect in favour of my old and familiar patterns. But the more I recognised and followed it, the stronger that inner voice became. I remember when I finally made the decision to fully follow my inner truth. That was a big step for me and it gave me a lot of trust in my self – trust that I didn’t have before.

I started practice tantra after a very strong sexual experience. I had a powerful meeting at Ängsbacka with a man who had practised tantra for half a year and that connection awakened my kundalini. The energy in me was so tremendous and it gave me so much pleasure and so many insights about myself. It gave the power to really let go of all fears and pretence – so that I could live aligned with my truth and nothing but the truth.

Ängsbacka has been a really important place for me in my life. I came the first time as a participant at the yoga festival and I fell in love with the vibe and the people. The next year I was a volunteer and the year after I started to give classes at the yoga festival. Ängsbacka has been a greenhouse for me and I have had the opportunity to try out many crazy workshop ideas at Ängsbacka. I was happy to take over the yoga festival from the previous organizer Jannicke Wiel from Norway and the same year that I was organizing my first yoga festival, the tantra festival was born from a strong longing in my heart. It was born from a big sadness I experienced in meeting scared and contracted people in the world – and I thought to myself that I would do anything that stands in my power to contribute to a world of peace and love. And so the tantra festival was born.

I want to live in a world of peace and love – and it starts in each and every one of us. World peace starts as an acceptance of our own darkness and a celebration of our own light. Only then will we stop fighting people around us. There are many things we can do to find that acceptance and celebration and to me, pleasure is the way. Not the kind of short-term pleasure we get from numbing out our “bad” emotions with candy, comfort food, alcohol and drugs, but the ecstatic pleasure we get when we love aligned with our own truth in the present moment. My whole life is about that pleasure!”

This autumn Lin, together with Eugene Hedlund, returns to Ängsbacka to offer  “Awaken to Ecstacy”:

Also, check out the complete calendar for the coming months:

Interview by Marc Domingos


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