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15-19 May 2019
We thank all women who gathered this year and hope to see you next year. New info, theme and texts will come.

Women are rising all over the world, to claim their power and to bring balance and healing to the planet and to her waters. Sacred Womb Festival is a part of this movement and we wish that it becomes a strong platform, for women to gather in sacredness.

In ancient times, women often came together and supported each other through transitions and challenges in life, standing together in sisterhood.

Our wish is to create a space where this power can be re-awakened.


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Workshop Leaders 2018

Astrid Brinck

Inner Freedom, Feminine Leadership and Awakening Music

"Whatever an empowered woman achieves, is an achievement for everyone''

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coming soon


Feminine Leadership
The Art of Entering the World with Grace

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Clare Dubois

TreeSisters: Women Seeding Change

"It's time to unleash the wild river of feminine consciousness
needed to rebalance our world"

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Clare Dubois is the founder of TreeSisters.org, a global women’s movement supporting humanity’s evolution into a restorer species.

She is an Earth-loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, known for her direct, catalytic energy; her whole systems approach to behaviour change and her unending loyalty and love for the natural world.

In her own life, her aim is to reclaim balance, astonish herself and be 'walking permission' for those who are fed up of being held back, and just want to have a go.


We are a global network of women working together through feminine values and leadership to reforest the tropics.

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Nalini Blossom

Voice-womb workshop
Circle songs /chants

''In these transitional times, it is essential for women to find their authentic voice and step up into true leadership"

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Nalini is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, sound healer, ceremonialist and workshop facilitator.

Over the last 20 years, she has pilgrimaged to sacred sites around the world, studying with indigenous wisdom keepers and song carriers. Nalini weaves ancient threads into a unique tapestry of song, invocation and ceremony. Her voice has been described as ‘an ancient and powerful transmission’, transporting listeners through the veils into timeless realms; her songs are deep prayers of praise and longing.

Nalini is passionate about empowering women to reclaim their authentic voice, womb wisdom and embodied connection to Mother Earth. She offers concerts, workshops, ceremonies and private/skype sessions as a mentor in Womb Awakening with the 'Fountain of Life '.


Voice-womb workshop - Empowering women's voices through connection with the womb and Mother Earth

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Silja Rehfeldt

Birth Ritual, Rebirth into Bliss, Dearmouring, New Life Experience

"Follow your bliss and the Yoniverse will open doors for you where there were only walls" ! Trust-Surrender-Expansion ....xxx !

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Silja found her passion and art form of living, in being a Dakini, Midwife and Warrior of Bliss. She always knew about the beauty , the magic, the unknown, the power and the presence of our core, our life source energy, our ecstatic being.

As a midwife ( for 20 years by now) she was able to observe, study and explore our conception, our arrival, our first little death, our first imprints, our capacity to expand, our birth into being.

She developed and teaches several techniques of internal and external Dearmouring, as Limbic System resets for woman and man. Her main focus is the Cervix Dearmouring.

She is also certified in homeopathy, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, fertility and pregnancy massage, ayurveda yoga massage,


1) A Ritual to let go of the old and give birth to a new life/a new me, a new world a world of love and light!
2) A Rebirthing Workshop, Reset your basic blueprint, your imprints, your relationship to love and live, includes roleplay.
3) A Reminder

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Mira Dakini

Shakti Yoga

"Your body adores you and only wishes to be adored and cared for by you. How can you love your body right now, sensing how you are intimately One?"

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Mira´s life is a deeply intuitive, creative and explorative journey of the embodiment and union of Spirit and Body. Since 1993, she have been traveling around the world, living in alternative healing communities, studying in the fields of touch and movement.

Tantra is the passion of her life. Having been on a yogic tantric path since 1995 she now humbly facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world.

Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga. Her own unique style of yoga, SHAKTI TEMPLE YOGA, has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awakening of Shakti; the Life Force energy within.


Shakti Temple Yoga is a sensual feminine movement practice where we allow the body to move intuitively from our deepest core energy. We use breath, sounds, asanas, free organic movement, energetic alignment, meditation to anchor into our yoni & wombs

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Salila Gyanjot

Kundalini Yoga Workshop, Shakti Dance, Kundalini Yoga Sadhana

You are the master of your destiny, you are the prediction of your horoscope, you are the leader of your day, you are the light of your life!

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Salila Gyanjot is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Shakti Dance teacher, Yoga Therapist, Founder and General Manager of the international “Kundalini Yoga Skolen” and the yogacentre “Northern Light Yoga” in Oslo, Norway.

Salila teaches with passion and enthusiasm and her teachings bear the touch of both deep understanding, sensitivity and playfulness. She carries a deep passion for Kundalini Yoga and to convey the yogic technology and knowledge of this authentic and medical form of yoga. She has spesialiced herself in the psychological and medical healing aspect of Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance, Karam Kriya, as well as yoga for pregnant women and women from all paths of life as well as children.


❤ Step into the power and grace of the divine feminine!
- a Kundalini Yoga Workshop
Learn how to inspire and lead through the depth and radiance of your creative being!

❤ Dance to BE your divine feminine
- a Shakti Dance Workshop

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Ana Olivegren

Firewalk, Sweat Lodge & Drum Journey

"If we don't create our future, our past will do it for us"

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Ana Olivegren is a modern medicine woman, working as an international teacher and therapist with over 30 years experience focusing on mental and emotional health using Ceremonies, Counselling and Breathwork as her main tools.

She is a corporate workshop leader, utilizing firewalking as a driving force into action and results. She has been initiated into leading sweatlodges by Native American tribal teachers and is certified in other therapies such as Reiki, Urban Tantra and Classic Massage.

Ana has known and worked with Peggy Dylan since 1998, is a Certified Sundoor Master & Teacher, thereby certified to train others to lead firewalks. She uses both ancient rites and modern techniques, while teaching how to create a safe environment to explore the dimensions of inner growth.


Firewalking - an exciting and challenging experience that brings empowerment and new energy into your life.
Sweatlodge - a powerful ceremony of purification and prayers.
Drum Journey - come meet your totem animal.

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Jerica Diaz

Moon Mother. Female Awakening & Womb Healing

"Female energy is in all women, but not all have awakened"

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When she turned 39 and believing that she knew everything about herself, Jerica traveled to Madrid to took a training to become Moon Mother, after having received an Womb blessing in Panama. When she returned to Sweden she began to incorporate what she had learned in her daily life and after several months she discovered something she did not know and that changed her life as a woman forever.

Instructor of different types of yoga, reiki healer, angel oracle reading, women circles holder, traveler and adventurous, discovered the deepest facets of women, met them, and accept them.

She learned to awake and heal the 3 main female energies centres and 4 female archetypes, together with others tools, like moon calendar, workshops, moon ceremonies etc, started to finally live a full life as a woman.


A Moon Mother is able to give the Womb Blessing Attunement as a way to raise a woman's vibration, deepen her connection to the Divine Feminine and bring healing and sacredness to her femininity.

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Aum Bubu

QuantAum WellBeing

"I am the Universe in motion, for I was born from the stars"
"I am the Youniverse in a holographic world"
"I am the Yoniverse from where all arises”

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Aum is a french shaman, passionate about feminine healing arts and the ways of Nature.

She professionally trained as a Reiki Practictioner (2005), Holistic Therapist (2006), Aromatherapist (2007), Yoga Teacher (2008), Biodanza Teacher (2010), as well as continually gaining further knowledge and experience in Nutrition, Herbalism, Colour therapy, Sound healing, Crystal therapy, Shamanism, Womb healing and Tantra.

On her journey to self-heal skin cancer, inner-child wounds, relationships scars and womb traumas, she also home-birthed, co-parented and schooled a now 8 years young daughter who's never been to a doctor, and shines with vitality & confidence!

Her intention here is to celebrate together our inner Well of Creativity and our Yoniverse Leadership to a World of Love & deLight!

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Reneé Eriksson

Sacred Medicine from the Andes

"We are all masters of the living energy, therefore everything is possible!"

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At the age of 47 Renee met the Inca shamanic tradition and its wisdom.
It deeply connected with her soul. She began a journey of deep transformation within Pachamama.

To make room for herself she had to remove alot of things that was not hers. She began to trust the waters. She allowed herself to let go off the shore and trust the flow.

She became friends with the wind. Thats when she came in contact with the nectar in her life. Finally, she turned her face to father sun, her wings spred and she flew. From that place she connected with the mountains and started to share her wisdom.

Alva Alvita

Program Coordinator & Ceremonial Alchemist

"Women united are an unstoppable force!
Together we bring beauty and balance into our lives and into this world"

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Alva had her first awakening moment at age 21 when she traveled back to the Womb of Source. This was the shifting point. The Re-Birth. From that moment on she dedicated her life to study Shamanism and to heal. She lived in the Amazon Jungle, became a mother.
She have been an apprentice on the shamanic path Twisted Hairs, since 2007. Walking the Path of the Rainbow Warrior.

Educated in Biodanza Heart In Motion, Womb Awakening and Medicinal Aromatherapy. Currently holding various workshops and retreats in Norway, Sweden & Ibiza.

Alva a a visionary, a wild & warm woman with a fierce dedication to healing and authentic presence. She is a Dharma Dream Pilot with a driving force to birth a new world in harmony were we touch self, life and others with beauty and make our life a living prayer.

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Azra & Seren Bertrand

Womb Awakening


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Dr Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand are evolutionary enchanters and guides, dedicated to helping women awaken their Womb Power and to assisting the rebirth of the masculine into his true gifts, uniting them in Sacred Union. They facilitate international retreats and online Apprenticeships on Womb Awakening, Sacred Union, and the embodied Feminine Healing Arts, for both men and women.

Through their international Grail Mystery School, The Fountain of Life, their Womb Awakening teachings have spanned the globe to over 20 countries, profoundly touching many thousands of people, and inspiring a worldwide remembrance of Womb Consciousness and the sacred wisdom of Grail Shamanism.


The return of Womb Consciousness is the greatest revolution happening on the planet at this time. From the deep it whispers to us, calling us home…

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Hajnalka Eastern Wind

Program Coordinator and Ceremonial Alchemist

"The World Will be Saved by the Western Woman"
HH the Dalai Lama

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Hajnalka was born in Hungary with a deep longing to explore and travel the world both within and without. She lived in London before finding the community of Ängsbacka and moving there in 2012, contributing to their events as an organiser and space holder ever since.

She has a fierce dedication to truth and authenticity. She is dancer, inspirator, comedian, listener to the silence of the human soul unspoken behind words. She walks the path of Sweet Medicine SunDance shamanic tradition and has studied various healing modalities of body heart mind and soul.

Her gift is her presence of acceptance and the deep wisdom of her heart. Her driving force is to contribute to the balance and healing between the masculine and feminine in the world. She currently works as an Integrated Sexuality Coach.


Primal Ritual - Birthing our Primal Sexual Self

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Lamhita Marita Jacobson

Become the Star YOU already are

"Beyond right and wrong, there is a field... I`ll meet you there" -Rumi

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Lamhita Marita Jacobson; The creator of the workshops Body Love & Become the star you already are. Success at Ängsbackas various festivals. She is appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity & humor as she guides participants to heal & transform old pattern/blockages.

Cert. Physical Therapist; Psychosomatic Specialist & Body Intelligence. SE Somatic Experience Trauma therapist (Phd Peter Levine) Educations in Arts/Theater/Performance, Human Resources. Trainings; Leadership- Communication & Consulting, NVC- Zen Coaching, Massage and Inner Child Work. Cert. Kundalini Yoga teacher (LA).

Project manager for various festivals - New Year's festival. Created The Yoga & Dance Easter. Innovator. Entrepreneur. Over 15 years experience in personal development and working with people.


BECOME THE STAR is a gentle, creative and transformative process to get deeper contact and access to ourselves, our potential and gifts. When we stop holding us selves back, we can be more who we really are: Brilliant Stars!

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My Skarp

Cacao Ceremony

" Ceremonies are the way we remember to remember "

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6 years ago,My had a vivid dream about a man she´d never met before,a man she did´nt know existed. After trusting the synchronisities that followed after the dream,she finally ended up on the porch of a wizard,a cacao shaman in Guatemala - the man she´d dreamt about.
She had her first experience with Ceremonial Cacao,that awakened her and totally changed her life.
Since then she has walked a path of opening her heart to love and to live in harmony with Nature.

After 5 years of a lot of inner processing together with the Cacao as a partner,she was ready to share this medicine plant with the world and now holds ceremonies in Norway on a regurlar basis.

She is passionate about our relationship to land and she is on a path of deepening her ability to listen and be in connection to Mother Earth.


The Cacao Ceremony is an invitation to connect deeper to Nature and your own heart. We use organic, criollo beans of ceremonial grade from Guatemala. No experience is needed and you may participate in the ceremony even if you wish to not have Cacao.


Practical Information 2018

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival
15-19 May 2019


Arrival & Departure (preliminary times)

Wednesday 15 May

•    Check-in: From 17.00-19.00
•    Dinner: 18.30-19.30
•    Welcome Ceremony: 20.00 (make sure you are there for this!)

Sunday 19 May

  • The festival ends around 16.00

Price & Booking 2018

Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival
9-13 May 2018



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