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31 July – 5 Aug 2018

Ängsbacka Tantra Festival


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THEME 2017:

The Tantra wave is growing fast, not only in Sweden but all over the world. Bringing expansion and wholeness, Tantra can be an amazing tool for healing and experiencing deeper love and peace in your everyday life.

A purpose this year is to allow the amazing experiences of the festival to spread out into the world. We can all be the Revolution of Love we are longing for!

“Once Tantra touches our soul, an overflow of love allows us to become part of Love’s revolution – reaching out into the world.”


Lin Ananda Holmquist

Program coordinator for Tantra Festival 2017










We are pleased to present the workshop leaders, artists  and musicians. The list will be updated and replenished, and there may also be changes in the program, so remember to check back for updates.

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Ma Ananda Sarita

Tantra Essence

"Tantra is the only science which teaches you expression of sex ? not as indulgence, but as a spiritual discipline " - Osho


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra Teacher. She met Osho in India in 1973 and remained in his community for 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation and Tantra. She has been teaching Tantra and Holistic Healing since 1990. Sarita is author of two books on Tantra, which are translated into many languages.

She teaches a wide range of groups and trainings, including an Empowered Woman's Training, a 7 level training for couples, The Tantra Teachers Training, The Tantra Meditation Retreat (working with the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra), and the Mystic Tantra Massage Training. Sarita also teaches maximizing spirituality through sexual pleasure, using Tachyonized Tantra tools.

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Lin Holmquist

Tantra, Energywork, Yoni & Lingam Massage

The works needs love right now - lets start the #loverevolution together!


Lin started her spiritual journey early in life. With her home deep in the swedish forests it was natural for her to find the shamanistic path and to learn how to listen to the animated life in the wilderness and woods. After finding a lot of healing in yoga, her journey turned to India where she studied yoga, therapy and tantra with scholars, nuns and mystics for a few years.

The journey of yoga brought her into deep contact with the science of the body, breath and movement but it was not until she found the practice of tantra that she really found her deep truth.

Tantra led to a powerful awakening of kundalini. A journey that made her change her view on life from doing to being. From performing to receiving. After kundalini awoken her, her path has been the path of her true hearts calling.

Lin now works worldwide with big events like the tantra festival at Ängsbacka, deep trainings, smaller workshops and individual healing sessions.

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Kamala Devi

Sex & Relationship Coach, Author and Activist

"My life's work is to awaken myself and others to embody the individual and indivisible nature of the soul."


Kamala Devi is an artist, a mother and a lover. She's an internationally recognized speaker and social activist. She authored Don't Drink the Punch, The Sacred Slut Sutras and is co-author of Sacred Sexual Healing.

She has been in open relationships for more than 20 years. Her family stars in Showtime's hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating, Ricki Lake, Dr. Drew, Tyra Banks and the award-winning documentary Sex Magic.

Kamala Devi is the founder of San Diego Tantra Theater and Poly-Palooza. Her mission is to awaken healers, teachers and visionaries around the world to becoming love leaders.

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Andy Buru

Japanese Rope Art, Bound Bodywork, Medical Massage Therapy

"We are free to be bound and bound to be free."


People often ask why one would like to be tied or tie another person. The answer is always vulnerability ? in the polarity between surrender and holding power. When done in consensual and loving way it empowers intimacy, healing and growth.

Andy is teaching the Japanese rope art of Kinbaku/Shibari and has developed it into his own therapeutic bodywork practice. For years he has traveled the world to experience, teach and be inspired by both Japanese and European rope culture, where he had the honor to learn from masters like Osada Steve, Yukinaga Max and Felix Ruckert.

He is a medical massage therapist and conscious kinkster with a background in international team and organizational coaching, and a deep passion for the place where psychology, anatomy and mysticism meet. Like everyone else he likes movement by yoga, contact improvisation and ecstatic (and non-ecstatic) dance.

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Shashi Solluna

Tao Tantric Arts

"Tantra is the path of transforming fear into love."


Shashi is a world wide teacher of the Tao Tantric Arts. Her experience in Tao Tantra started in the year 2000 in Pune, India at the Osho Ashram. After following a dedicated path of self-inquiry for several years, the question arose "how can we live our Truth in everyday relating?". Tao and Tantra have been the answers of that question.

Shashi has trained with Agama in Classical Tantra, with Mantak Chia is Tao Tantra and with several branches of Osho's lineage in Neo-Tantra. The core of her work is in working with the awakened sexual energy and the union of presence and energy.

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Kobi Tantra Heart

Tantra Heart Love


Kobe's unique offering of Tantra Heart Workshops is based on the teachings of HariPrem Swami and influenced by various teachers and traditions around the world such as ISTA, Agama Yoga, Embodied Intimacy, Tantra-Essence and more...

Combining the ancient knowledge of Traditional Tantra, Tao, Yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism and Shamanism with Neo Tantra and also more modern and approachable practices.

These teachings are infused with Kobi's own transformation and experience in his meditation offering within a light, safe and loving atmosphere focusing on the connection with the one's heart and the celebration of life, Fully!

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Rachel Rickards

Embodied Intimacy, Belly to belly & Transformational Relating

"Love is the infinite mystery, just waiting to be discovered, on the other side of your next deep breath."


Rachel Rickards is an adventurous spirit in the realms of love, sex and relationship. Her natural exuberance gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory. Her never ending enthusiasm and energy for the work of transformation and the ease of play at the same time is a huge gift adding depth coupled with perspective to everything she does.

With Rachel, comes a passion for relating and loving in alternative ways and helping people find their truth in the way they want to love and be loved. She has sincere empathy for the difficult path of relating outside of the box, but also great enthusiasm for the spiritual journey it is to find your own relationship to relating with others, and ultimately, most importantly, to yourself.

With personal and professional training in psychology, sex therapy and alternative/open relationship counseling, she is committed to helping others find their full creative expression in life and love.

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Buster Rådvik

Embodied Intimacy, Belly to belly & Transformational Relating

"Alone we are screwed - together we can do it!"


Buster's dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve. He has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look.

His warm, playful and open style gives permission for people to come home to themselves, embodied in an ecstatic atmosphere of vulnerability. Buster's work is focused on empowering people to be themselves in the areas of love, sex, and intimacy.

He loves to DJ and guide crowds to come together in celebratory and genuine ways. He draws his approach from working as a professional dancer, living in intentional communities, combined with his studies of psychology and body-centered disciplines of awakening. He offers Somatic Psychotherapy in private practice and run Embodied Intimacy events internationally with his partner, Rachel Rickards.

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Kåre Landfald

The Zen Way of Coaching and Transformation

"You ARE what you long for."


Kåre Landfald is the founder of Zen Coaching, a powerful, heart-based approach to coaching and inner transformation, based on the insight that we ARE what we long for - and that this truth is realized when we say a full YES to all our inner experiences.

The Zen Coaching Training has so far been offered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and South Africa. Kåre has also founded an international Coaching community for mutual support and collaboration, which now has around 500 members from more than 10 countries.

The inspiration for Zen Coaching is from many sources, including the coaching tradition, Zen Buddhism, the Diamond Approach of A.H. Almaas, Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg), Family Constellatoin work, Osho, and more. Earlier, Kåre worked in International Affairs within the United Nations, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other organisations, in areas such as poverty reduction, environmental policies, leadership, UN reform, and more.

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Rex McCann

Essentially Men, Spiritual & Sexual Shamanism

"Fall in love with the One living you"


A native New Zealander with a global heart, Rex McCann has been leading transformational programmes for 25 years. Founder of Essentially Men, author, and currently lead faculty of ISTA he trained in group work, psychodrama, expressive therapies, co counselling and social ecology.

He has worked extensively with groups in settings such as wilderness, corporations, prisons, ashrams, festivals and training programmes, and has explored diverse mystery traditions, shamanistic practices and spiritual and sexual enquiry.

Rex is known for leading potent rites of passage, for his wise and playful style, and is ability to hold people with love while they shed their skin.

Rex has stopped trying to improve himself...instead he has turned to loving the life force that is living him, which includes embodying the joy and transformative power of sexuality. He will be facilitating the level 2 ISTA programme at Angsbacka.

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Åsa Kullberg

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom, Shamanic Body Dearmoring, Tantra Yoga - Tandava

"To learn and heal through pleasure is loving Life and Self, in this way we walk in Beauty."


Åsa has been an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and under the guidance of the Elder Thunder Strikes in spiritual sexuality for 27 years.

She founded the Rainbow Dragon Lodge – a school for "The Blessed Beauty Way" and brought the Shamanic Body Dearmoring to Sweden 1996. She is a yoga teacher and practitioner of Kashmiri Shaivism. She is a Lover of Life and Truth.

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Smrati Skog

Pulsation-breathing & Deep Union - Tantra for Couples


Smrati Skog has lived, and worked as a therapist and teacher, at the Osho Resort in Pune, India for 18 years. She has also given courses, training and sessions, in many parts of the world. She practices with the body, feelings and guides us to reconnect with our inner depths.

Smrati is passionate about these matters, likes to share her knowledge with us and also explore herself deeper - whether it is about tantra exercises with a partner, resting in Aqua Floating, deep breathing during a massage session or about life itself.To her, meeting and practicing together with people, who want to be true to themselves, is a gift. Smrati offers courses, trainings and provides Tantra sessions (for singles and couples), Aqua Floating, Rebalancing massage and Pulsation.

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Tim Jago

Sweat lodges in a Celtic tradition

"Turn towards the fire and you will melt, Turn towards fear and you will find peace, Turn towards death, and you will find freedom."


Tim Jago has been leading lodges in Scandinavia for about 20 years. His lodges come from a Celtic tradition learned in North Wales with connections to the irish/Scottish tigh?n alluis, rather than Native American.

He has studied with Sufis and healers, kundalini yoga and in the Living School of Mystery. Among his teachers are Derk Loeks, Bhai Himat Singh, and Adnan Sarhan.

Michal Maayan Don

Shaman of Erotic Spirituality

"I stand for love and for the awakening of erotic spirit and energy on and around our planet."


Michal Maayan Don is a sacred activist and a sexual sham, In her practice she trains conscious sexuality group facilitators, and trained hundreds of women facilitators for "Women's circles", which has become a large active movement in Israel. She is part of ISTA faculty and a leader in the Israeli "sacred sexuality community".

Behind her there are many years of leading workshops, seminars and rituals in Tantra events, women's gatherings, and large spiritual festivals, her own personal journey brought her to a deep healing process with her sexuality and it is her life mission to pass it through to all living beings.
Ahead of her there is an intension to connect sacred sexuality to the Academic field, education, health and politics. She just finished her second degree in Gender studies.

Michal Maayan is 45 years young and getting younger And a mother to a teenage girl.

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Tristan & Yulia Glinski

Ecstatic Dance

"When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point."
- Alan Watts


Tristan & Yulia have a passion for conscious dance and movement, which they love to share. Both have been on a transformational path where music and movement has been a big part in their spiritual growth.

During their Ecstatic Dance journey Tristan & Yulia will be holding space for you to dance, connect and explore. Their invitation to you is to express yourself through free form movement and to dance like no one is watching. Free yourself from your mind and judgment and just be true to what is happening within you at this moment.

DJ Tristan offers a wide spectrum of music invoking a range of sensations and emotions, creating a safe space of connection and exploration though a shamanic musical journey, where celebration and meditation melt together as one.


Tantra Essence Faculty


Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Certified Sexuality Educator, and Doctor, hailing from the USA. As teaching faculty on Ma Ananda Sarita's Tantra Essence team, he teaches and gives healing sessions internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA.

Dharmaraj's deep spiritual pursuits took him around the world to India, Thailand, China, Greece, Peru, and other lands, to absorb the transmissions from the authentic sources of Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, and the ancient Mystery Schools. He has a deep passion for sacred sexual healing and holistic healing, cherishing his one-on-one offerings just as much as his group offerings.

Dharmaraj is also the worldwide manager for the Affiliate program of Tantra Healing Energy, offering Tantra Tachyon pleasure products for expanding consciousness, healing, and awakening. Ask him about the most energetically powerful way you can enhance your Tantra practice to a new dimension of ecstasy. The evolution of the Jade Egg is here!

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Eugene Hedlund

Tribal Tantra

I am not here to offer anything new, but to help us remember something old and true. You're complete & enough. You are worthy of love & being loved


Eugene Hedlund, the founder of the School of Tribal Tantra has been teaching transformational arts around the globe since 2008. Eugene is also a sought after tantric counselor who has supported many individuals and couples in their quest to live a fully embodied and empowered life where love and expression are limitless.

Eugene created The School of Tribal Tantra as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. The school runs month long facilitator training courses twice a year to support the next generation of Tantric leaders.

Full calendar of events and trainings:
<a href=" https://sheddingskins.com/cal/ss/photo" ; target="_blank"> https://sheddingskins.com/cal/ss/photo< ;/a>

?I am fairly passionate about life. I want to live a life where I can truly meet people, behind the stories. There came a point where I discovered that the stories were not protecting me, they were keeping me from being in that raw total connection. We need each other to go to that deep level. That?s what Tribal Tantra is about.

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Gustav Gårdlund

Dynamic Meditation & Silent Sitting

"Acceptance, Trust, Patience, Selflove."


Gustav Gårdlund meditates every day.
Meditation is his biggest interest and his way to choose joy and balance in life.

-In silence I get in contact with what I am and what I want and from that consciousness I make my choices, he says.
Gustav has been working at Ängsbacka for 4 years. He has practiced working meditation a lot. His wish is to live in peace within and without demands and resistance.


Sensual Bellydance, Pair acrobatics for lovemaking, Open Stage

"If you do things just for the sake of doing them, and you become unpredictable, you'll gain a lot of energy and power!"


Ronyah is a freelance performing artist, travelling all over the world. With great experience in circus arts, dance and alternative medicine, Ronyah now makes a living of only what she loves, performing, teaching and learning wherever she is. She is also a trained Ayurvedic health adviser, working a lot with herbs (both Indian and European), food, and detoxing.

Ronyah will hold a workshop in bellydance for women, focused on immersing into ones feminine energy and sensuality, to feel and express beauty! She will also hold a &quot;pair acrobatics&quot; workshop for advanced lovemaking, techniques, handstands, exersizes and tricks how to really get the most advanced of the Kama Sutra.

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Mira Dakini

Shakti Temple Yoga, Shakti Shaking, Orgasmic Breathing


Mira has been on a yogic tantric path since 1995. She now facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world. She has studied in the fields of healing touch, massage, yoga, pilates, dance and the creative expression of drama, Tantra, Feminine Embodiment practices, meditation and relaxation.

Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga and her own unique style of yoga, SHAKTI TEMPLE YOGA, has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awakening of Shakti.

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Monique Darling

The Dance of Sex & Spirit, Embodiment and Self Expression

"You are the gift"


Monique Darling, Author of &#039;Beyond Cuddle Party&#039;, has led over 1500 workshops in the past 8 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have.

Monique has taught at colleges across the US including Yale. She has been featured on TLC and The Dr?s as well as various radio shows, podcasts and magazines across the globe. She specializes in helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom.

Her primary purpose is helping folks bring out their vulnerability, energetic embodiment and fearless relating. Learn more about Monique by going to juicyenlightenment.com or track her whereabouts at whereintheworldismoniquedarling.com

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Hajnalka Eastern Wind

Shamanic Breath and Dance Journey

"When all your desires are distilled,
"You will cast just two votes:
To love more, and be happy."
- Hafiz


Hajnalka has many years of experience in bodywork, dance and movement therapy, tantra, breathwork, sacred sexuality and various other modalities. She is an experienced facilitator of Biodanza Heart in Motion and Mystical Dance, and is trained in many bodywork modalities. She lived and worked for many years in Ängsbacka and is the host of Yoga &amp;amp; Dance Easter Festival and co-creator of Sacred Womb Festival. She apprentices for Sweet Medicine SunDance shamanic tradition and walks the path of the modern Warrior of Light. She is currently studying with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Her passion is true, authentic human expression, and she supports people in finding their true voice and their true desires. Through dance, bodywork, conscious communication, breath, movement, and just being who she is, magnificent, laughable, complex and simple, strong and vulnerable human being, woman. She welcomes you to relax into Who You Are.

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Charlotte Cronquist

Yoni Evening, 100% podcast

"Love is the answer"


Charlottes inner journey started with a life crisis, where the crucial question was: Who am I? In search for answers she dived into communities where awareness, presence, meditation, spirituality and sexuality where vital parts.

She encourages people to live in totality, including and inviting sexual energy. In her vision it&#039;s natural for women to live their full potential, including sexuality. That?s one of the reasons why she offers Yoni evenings, a space where women can freely share their experiences, feelings and beliefs, and let of shame.

Charlotte is an author, body therapist, coach, blogger and warrior of love, who spreads words of love and organizes and leads festivals, workshops and talks and creator of Playful tantra. Her mission is to encourage people to live their potential and in her podcast 100%-podden she meets people in total presence, encouraging them to share their inner visions. Her next book will cover the basics of tantric meetings.

Photo: Jan Dahlqvist

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http://www.charlottecronquist.org/, http://lustochliv.blogspot.com/
Steve Kokker

Cha Dao Tea Ceremonies; Meditative Bodywork

"The roots of resilience are found in the sense of existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned and self possessed other."
- Diana Fosha


Steve has studied Cha Dao (the way of tea, a meditative approach to tea according to ancient, shamanic traditions) for some six years, and runs a super cool tea shop called Chado in Tallinn, Estonia.

He also practices a meditate approach to bodywork, using conscious touch as a method of nonverbal communication with others. Both tea and bodywork serve to help connect us with other realms of being beyond the tangible, and remind us of the still nature of our deepest beings.

Practicing both traditions means Steve is a lucky guy and happy to share what he is learning, bowl by bowl, hug by hug.

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ETP - Empowerment Through Pleasure

"Sexuality is a natural portal through which one can enter into the shamanic mysteries of existence."


I come fresh to meet you. In my bag I have all kinda stuff from many years of study and practice, such as being a Kabbalist Rabbi learned in the ancient books of Kabbala, being a Dharma-Holder in the Zen Peacemakers order, receiving a Chanupa from a Lakota shaman as a recognition of my shamanic path, revealing the erotic mysteries of the ancient Hebrews and more.

But all this knowledge had just lead me to really know how much we do not know, and allowed me to rest open in the unknown. In the last years i serve as one of the Lead Faculty of ISTA, sharing gifts of Sexual Shamanism with thousands of people world wide. With my life partner Dawn Cherie I develop the practice of ETP as a uniq method of Sexual Shamanism which I&#039;m excited to share with you in Angsbaka

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Dariush Matloubi

Circus Skills Play Space,
Frankincense Smudging

"Stillness is the living breath of God's immortality within you <3"
- Paramahansa Yogananda


Dariush has been traveling the world from Australia to Thailand, Europe to India engaging with people in all walks of life. He is a fun, colourful and loving man who enjoys sharing both his toys and life lessons with an open heart.

He has a background in circus, Yoga, Tantra and so much random and profound human interaction &amp;lt;3

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Mario Cosmico

Body Awakening


Mario has his bodywork therapy foundation from the best Rolfing masters and some others (like tao garden, Osho, art of living) and has been sharing his healing gift all over the world for the past 15 years. Healing in more than 35 countries Brazil, US, Mexico, India, Russia, Dubai, Egypt, Thailand, Japan, Norway, Sweden to name a few. He has dedicated his life to master this unique technique with solid experience and continues to spread his work globally.

Healing Waves Therapy - The body relaxes, to find connection of all chakras, it gives an indescribable pleasure once you find that connection between body and earth also normalizes the internal energy flow, removes the emotional blocks, increase capacity of breathing, relief any kind of pain and awaken the Kundalini energy. It relieves stress, muscular tension, restores strength, activates inner harmony, increases vitality and opens the way to heal, feel confidence, love your self and sexual longevity.

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Fia Forsström


"Yes and More Please!"


Fia is a artist and songwriter who with a unique soul touching voice, exquisitely beautiful melodies and heart opening words inspires and supports us in being our authentic selves. Anchoring divine wisdom and sharing it in a clear and powerful way that goes straight to the core, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds or stories. Empowering and healing, Fia\&#039;s songs guide us back home to ourselves and each other.

\&quot;She has a gift of speaking straight to the soul as she sings and play every cell into coming alive around Universal awareness; the divine wrapped in and around every note she gifts to the listener.\&quot;

Fia released her debut album \&#039;Made of Stars\&#039; in Oktober 2016 and have since then been touring all over the world. She is currently working on her upcoming album that will be released fall 2017.

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Fredrik Swahn

Artist, voicecoach, songwriter, inspirational musical energyworker

"Let your passion for trying be stronger than your fear of failure"


Fredrik has worked professionally as an artist for 25 years and is an educated voicecoach at the Royal Music academy of Stockholm. He has been on the tantric path for the last 15 years, formed and led various Men-groups, retreats and from his own longing of being more and more authentic he is passionate about connecting, showing up and sharing in his work both as a workshopleader and a musician.
To share his gift of opening up and dare to expand our voices and hearts is the essence of Fredriks path.

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Drumming extacy


Kiriaka är en slagverksorkester med säte i Nordöstra Göteborg som i huvudsak spelar rytmer från Norra Brasilien. Kulturföreningen Kiriaka bildades 2001 i ekobyn Kampetorp i Norra Bohuslän och nu femton år senare har Kiriaka blivit en självklar del i Göteborgs kulturliv från förort till innerstad. Ni ser oss på Hammarkullekarnevalen, med El Sistema, Gothia Cup, Angeredsnatta, i de fina salongerna, på de lokala kulturfestivalerna samt i det offentliga rummet.

Sunniva Lila Brynnel

House band leader, accordion, voice, keyboards

Improvise your way through life!


Sunniva Brynnel is a composer, accordionist and singer.

She was born into a musical family on the Swedish west coast and started composing and playing the piano at a young age. She plays and sings folk and jazz music in a variety of groups, such as Night Tree (<a target="_blank" href=" http://www.nighttreemusic.com" ;>www.nighttreemusic.com< ;/a> ), Sara Pajunen &amp;amp; Sunniva Brynnel Duo, Sunniva Brynnel &amp;amp; Timo Alakotila Duo and Masterplants.
At the age of 19, Sunniva moved to Ireland to study Gaelic singing at DIT Conservatory Of Music And Drama. She went on to study jazz performance at Birka Folkhögskola in the snowy Swedish midlands. At last she took her bags and her accordion to England, where she studied a BA in Jazz, majoring in composition. She now lives and tours in the USA.

Sunniva puts emphasis on improvisation in music. This summer, she is looking forward to spreading sounds of stillness, beauty, depth and ecstasy around Ängsbacka.

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Malin Wik

Musician, Guitar, Vocals


Malin explores music as meditation and is again and again amazed by how music supports the flow of creative expression, allowing true co-creation with others to emerge. All music created seems to be born from her longing to realise and give voice to the deep connection to all aspects of life; to drop deeper into presence by honoring what is alive here and now.

Filip Fiser

Musician, flutemaster


Filip is a self-taught, intuitive musician.

He sees music as a gateway to the world of Spirits, like a wild and vivid landscape where light and dark are just different aspects of one big life. Where all what we are could be expressed and given and something greater being met.

&quot;To play music with others is like walking together, home&quot;

By trying out different kinds of instruments, playing on the streets and exploring the nature of sounds in sacred rituals, Filip found flute to be his instruments of the soul.

Benjamin Hedengran Andersen

Musical Juggler In the Houseband


Benjamin is a true multidimentional being, who surfs the sound waves of bliss, and is gifting the world in so many ways that you will simply just be invited to open the heart, and let him in.

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Olle Molander



Olle is a highly skilled, ever curious, fire-spirited percussionist who always gives himself up completely to each musical moment.

 More profiles are added regularly, please check back later for a more complete list.




Summer volunteering at Ängsbacka


As a festival volunteer you come to participate in our festivals and in exchange, you offer your time and energy to serve the festival in one of our working groups.

As an exchange for your contribution, you receive our festival ticket at a discounted price; three beautiful, vegetarian meals a day and a bed in one of the dormitories or tents on the festival campsite.

Please note that the camps have limited spots and might get full.



Application for Summer Camps 2018 are not open. Please check back later.


Join our Facebook group

Welcome to join the volunteer group on Facebook: Volunteer @ Ängsbacka.

Here Ängsbacka publish info etc, as well as volunteers share good memories, pictures and offers/requests about co-traveling etc.

Warmly welcome to Ängsbacka!




Click here to see ALL Camp dates and prices – VOLUNTEERING Summer 2017. 
If you combine two or more camps you will receive a discount on the volunteer fee.




PLEASE NOTE: As a participant at the festival, you must be at least 18 years old!



To make our festival planning more easy, we are glad the more early you book. Therefore we offer discounted prices during the EARLY BIRD and the REDUCED price periods. 

You must book and pay for your ticket at the latest the day the price period expires in order to obtain the discount.



Book and pay until 5 April
4100 SEK



Book and pay until 15 June
4400 SEK



4700 SEK





If people book at least 4 days before the festivals we can better order the right amount of food, and minimize administration during the in-check. The last 3 days before a festival the price goes up a bit and also if you buy your ticket at the gate. 



the last 3 days before the festivals
5000 SEK



5200 SEK





♦  The festival ticket includes a camping spot. Please bring your own tent!

♦  If you upgrade your accomodation and book a bed in dormitory, double room or 4-6 bed room you will get a cover and pillow. Bring your own sleeping sheet, pillowcase or a sleeping bag. Also bring a towel/s.

♦  There is an opportunity to rent sleeping sheet, pillowcase & towels at an additional fee.

We place men and woman separately unless you haven´t booked a whole room. Please bring earplugs if you are sound sensitive – the sound can sometimes be quite loud in the festival area. All our accommodations are hostel standard with shared shower and toilet.

You can rent a space for your camper or caravan during the festival, a few with electricity available. Book well in advance!


+ 1025 SEK

♦ Bed in 4-6 BED ROOM
+ 1650 SEK

+ 2950 SEK

5450 SEK

*Note: few single rooms are available. Please contact the booking office to check the status and make your booking.

@  booking@angsbacka.se

Phone time between the hours 10-13
We receive a lot of calls, so sometimes it can be difficult to get through. If so, please leave a message on our answering machine, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


♦ Space for Caravan or Camper without electricity 
+ 600 SEK



INFORMATION about renting accommodation from a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL will come closer to the festival. Sometimes there is also possible to rent a room at Molkom Folhögskola that is situated about 2,5 km from the festival area.




Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with people from all over the world. The main language during the festivals is English.



We offer a vegetarian diet prepared with love. We use locally produced and organic products to a large extent. In connection with your reservation, you can ask for vegan diet (same if lactose intolerant) or gluten and nut-free food. For practical reasons we can´t meet needs from other allergies or diets during festivals.



Ängsbacka has a policy of zero tolerance for illicit drug and alcohol. We dont serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under influence of alcohol or other subtstances when you are at Ängsbacka.

If you are found under the influence, we will ask you to leave immediately.



♦ An extra towel for the sauna.

 Earplugs if you are noise-sensitive or prefer to sleep early – the sound can sometimes be loud in the festival area.

♦  A water bottle and maybe a take away mug for coffee and tea.



The Cafe is a cozy meeting place for hang-out, new friendships and deep conversation. You can buy coffee, tea, golden milk, yummy cakes, drinks, chocolate, sweets and more:)


Here you will find health products and organic body care, relaxing music, books, different clothes, organic incense, unique jewelry, yoga mats and more.



♦  Money – For cash withdrawals, there is a vending machine (ATM) at the grocery store in Molkom about 1.5 miles from Ängsbacka. They also offer cashback service on purchases done with a Swedish bank card.

♦  Shopping – Extra food items, toiletries and other everyday items can be found in Coop Molkom grocery store. 

♦  Walking – A good idea is to bring coarser walking shoes for trails around Ängsbacka and comfortable indoor shoes/slippers.

♦  Sauna – We have a large wood-fire Sauna where you have the possibility to relax in the company of new and old friends. 



A welcome letter with more detailed information about the festival will be sent out to all participants.



It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about how to find your way here.



We are partnering with carpooling service GoMore. Enter ‘Molkom’ as your destination.



Tickets can be paid online by card or by bank transfer.

We encourage you to pay by bank transfer in order for us to avoid the transaction fees imposed on card payments.

While booking you will get further instructions. After booking your ticket, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you have problems paying by card (for example when buying tickets for a whole family and the amount goes over your allowance), please contact us and we will send you a manual link for payment.


1) Credit/Debit Card

Pay online using your card of choice.


2) Bank Transfer

From Sweden:
Deposit payment to Ängsbacka’s Bankgiro account 5038-7448

From abroad:
Swift address: NDEASESS
IBAN: SE63 9500 0099 6026 4418 5510

The adress of the bank: Nordea, Smålandsgatan 17, 105 71 Stockholm
Account name: Ängsbacka Kursgård AB

Important! Please write what event you are paying for (and your name if you are paying with someone else’s account).




If you use BANK TRANSFER, please pay on the same day as you book.




  • In case of cancellation latest one month before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 350 SEK per person. Children and youth (up to 18 years old) pay half this fee. Within one month and until the event starts, the fee is 15% of the total value of your booking. The maximum cancellation fee for one person/booking is 900 SEK
  • NOTE: It may take up to one month before you have the refunded amount on your account..
  • When cancelling is closer than two weeks before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required. Refunds will not be made if you cancel after the event has started.
  • If Ängsbacka would cancel the event, all payments will be refunded.





As part of our communication with our customers, we may keep in touch with you who have participated in our courses and festivals by mailing or emailing:

  • Thank you letters and evaluation surveys.
  • Offerings to sign up for mailing lists in a similar area of interest.
  • Information about similar future events or events with the same workshop leaders.

We also have a general monthly e-mail newsletter where we tell about what is going on at Ängsbacka, upcoming events etc. The newsletter allows you to choose to unsubscribe and re-register from / to whenever you wish.



If you have questions regarding the booking, payment, cancellation, our communication policy etc, please contact us:

@  booking@angsbacka.se

Phone times Monday – Friday 10.oo – 13.00
We receive a lot of calls, so sometimes it can be difficult to get through. If so, please leave a message on our answering machine, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Du kan antingen direktbetala on-line med kontokort eller använda banköverföring.

Vi ser gärna att du betalar med banköverföring eftersom det minskar de transfereringskostnader som vi betalar vid kortbetalning.

Medan du bokar kommer att du att få vidare instruktioner. Efter att du bokat din biljett kommer du att få en bekräftelse via e-post.

Om du har problem med att betala med kort (till exempel när du köper biljetter till en hel familj), var god kontakta oss så skickar vi dig en manuell länk för betalning.


1) Kortbetalning

Betala on-line med valfritt betalkort/kontokort.


2) Banköverföring

Från Sverige:
Gör din insättning till Ängsbackas Bankgiro, kontonummer: 5038-7448

Från utlandet:
Swift address: NDEASESS
IBAN: SE63 9500 0099 6026 4418 5510

Bankens adress: Nordea, Smålandsgatan 17, 105 71 Stockholm
Kontonamn: Ängsbacka Kursgård AB

Viktigt! Ange vilket event du bokar (samt ditt eget namn om det är så att du betalar från ett annat konto än ditt eget).




Om du använder BANKÖVERFÖRING vänligen betala samma dag som du bokar.




  • Om avbokning sker fram till en månad före evenemanget börjar tar vi ut en avbokningsavgift på 350 kr per person. För barn och ungdom (upp till 18 år) är avbokningsavgiften hälften, dvs 175 kr/barn. Därefter, och fram till evenemangets start, är avbokningsavgiften 15 % av bokningens totala värde. Maxbeloppet vi behåller per person/bokning är 900 kr.
  • OBSERVERA att det kan ta upp till en månad innan du har det återbetalade beloppet på ditt konto.
  • Vid avbokning under de två sista veckorna före evenemangets start, behövs komplettering med ett läkarintyg för att återbetalning ska ske. Ingen återbetalning sker om du avbokar efter att evenemanget har startat.
  • Om Ängsbacka ställer in evenemanget så återbetalas hela beloppet.



Som en del av vår kundkommunikation håller Ängsbacka vid behov kontakt med dig som deltagit i våra kurser och festivaler genom att posta eller mejla:

  • Tackbrev och utvärderingsenkäter.
  • Erbjudanden att skriva upp sig på mejlinglistor för närliggande intresseområden.
  • Information om kommande evenemang med samma workshopledare eller inom samma ämnesområde.

Vi har även ett allmänt månatligt email-nyhetsbrev där vi berättar om vår verksamhet och om vad som är på gång framöver i vår evenemangskalender med mera. Nyhetsbrevet kan man välja att avregistrera och åter-registrera sig från/till när man så önskar.




Om du har frågor angående bokning, betalning, avbokning eller kommunikationspolicy med mera, vänligen kontakta oss på:

@  booking@angsbacka.se

Telefontid är måndag till fredag mellan klockan 10.oo – 13.00
. Ibland är det många som ringer. Tala då in ett meddelande, så återkommer vi så snart vi kan.