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22-25 April 2019

Pink Tantra

~ Resting in Clarity, Freedom & Love ~

with Blake & Ingela Steele

Are you ready for something more, something higher and purer, something more profoundly healing? We offer you a step-by-step journey into the healing powers of unconditional Love, the inspiration of beauty, the simplicity of personal clarity, and the playful joy of creative freedom.


“Pink Tantra is a pure way, a simple way, a once-secret way that is now open and accessible. It is a path of the natural blossoming of our being through the recovery of our sense of original innocence united with an ecstasy rising within to open us to Heaven and Earth in ever-increasing Love and beauty.”

What is Pink Tantra?

Pink Tantra is the Tantra of Universal Love, original innocence and your spiritual heart. It presents the highest, transformational teachings of Eastern & Western spiritualties in simple, accessible practices. And it is about a higher energetic power of Love flowing through our bodies, minds & sexual natures to melt away old blockages as it renews, heals, and transforms our lives.

“Blake is a authentic Earth Angel. His teachings reach the deep recesses of the soul’s longing. These advanced energy practices are the gateway home and have taken my experience to another level. Everyone needs a bit of Blake, to deepen love and open more to the innocent beauty that we are.”
– Zari Gemma Ferns, UK

What we will do

Create a safe space together of clear boundaries and mutual respect
Connect deeply with each other in a field of Love, Light and wonder
Practice communicating our true desires and uncertainties
Practice opening our subtle energy sensitivities
Open our awareness of Divine Presence and sublime beauty
Heal our receptivity to unconditional Love loving in and through us
Activate our creative imaginative powers
Learn to creatively transform trauma into our higher potential and purpose
Heal family wounds and dysfunctional defensive dynamics
Experience the liberating power of radical forgiveness for ourselves and all
Release healing powers for those we love, no matter how far away
Activate our innate capabilities to heal and bless others through our touch
Practice giving and receiving soothing body/energy-work
Connect with the subtle energetic fields of our magical Angsbacka forest
Slowly and gently stretch to release stuck fascia and deep bodily tensions
Bathe in beautiful healing sounds and enlightening mystical poetry
Move beyond our fear of death into connection with infinite Love and Light

”I can highly recommend this course to anyone. It delivers as it says; the exercises are simple and effective. I really reached new levels within myself. Blake is a great teacher and such a loveable person… he is open, he is love, he is innocent and pure. A great example of what stepping on this path can bring you.”
Inge, Capoeira Teacher, Netherlands

What can this workshop do for you?

Provide you with a deeper sense of self respect and clear boundaries
Renew you with a sense of youthful vigor, clarity & joy
Open your subtle energy systems to drink in infinite Divine Love loving you
Gift you with a clearer sense of the nobility and freedom of your Higher Self
Provide you with a beautiful and liberating perspective on your Life and work in the World
Give you simple and pleasurable spiritual practices you will love to do for the rest of your life
Inspire more love of you for yourself—appreciating the wonder and gift of your life
Teach you how to relax in acceptance of even the most difficult parts of yourself and life
Give you tools to creatively transform your own unconscious and its power in your life
Release deep stuck energy in your body that can cause chronic pain
Help you become more flexible and limber in your body
Awaken within you the higher potential of your biology for continual rejuvenation
Initiate a uniting of your subtle sexual energies with your opening heart, mind, and Spirit
Provide opportunities to heal from any past wounds regarding your ecstatic sexual nature
Inspire your awareness of the gift-giving miracle and wonder of everything
Awaken your innate, imaginatively free creativity and renew your love of Life
Provide a deeper connection to your own body and the sublime powers of Creation
Teach you the energetic language of the forest and all Nature
Introduce you to new soul friends and relational possibilities
Provide the possibility of mutual support after this amazing workshop is over
Bring up and dissolve your unconscious fear of death and dying.
Give you a clear way to have both a beautiful life and death when that time comes


Who is this for?

This is for you, if you:
Wish to grow wide open and free in Love
Have been either curious about Tantra, or traumatized by over sexualized versions of it.
Long to unite your spiritual and sexual natures in innocent purity, healing and wisdom.
Believe that respect for your own and other’s boundaries are parts of real Love
Love everything that is innocent and free, and long to grow that way too
Wish to move beyond guilt, shame, and fear into a new, expansive freedom
Sense there is something astonishingly beautiful yet to be discovered
Wish to awaken and develop your imaginatively free, creative nature
Are accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientations or gender identities

This course is probably NOT for those who:

  • Hope to get sex from other participants;
  • Have highly sensitive sexual trauma issues yet to be healed;
  • Are still into drugs or alcohol or are on heavy medications;
  • Are into kink or hard sex.
  • Are only interested in sex and not real illumination;


Men and women, couples and singles are welcome

This course is for those 18 or older. If you wish to come as a couple or as a single both are welcome. Anyone who feels they are in a place where their commitment to spiritual development is high is welcome. The magic of this journey is that you will be exposed to advanced spiritual practices through simple, accessible ways. So whether you are fairly new to spiritual practice or have been on a path for 50 years, you will learn things you never knew before, and find so much support for your unique unfoldment, just where you are.

More information

  • The course will be in English.
  • Limited number of participants.
  • For questions about Pink Tantra, contact Blake Steele
    Email: piolilly@yahoo.com
  • Contact us for information about food and lodging:

Warmly welcome to Pink Tantra in April at Ängsbacka!

Blake Steele

Blake Steele has 50 years of experience in the spiritual journey, and 25 years in working with the union of sex and spirit in Love. He is an author of 14 books; a poet with over 3,400 poems; a recording artist with 20 CDs; and an international spiritual teacher and guide. Safety, integrity, mystery and beauty mark his wise and free-spirited work.

”Blake is a truly amazing teacher. He’s teaching from his beautiful heart with so much love, enthusiasm and integrity. He presents his pearls of wisdom with the playfulness of a child.”
-Fredrik, Musician, Spiritual Teacher, Sweden




Ingela Axkrants Steele

Ingela is a certified Yin Yoga teacher and a practicing nurse in Sweden who emphasizes compassionate contact and care with her patients. As a nurse she often works with dying people, helping them to pass over with dignity and peace. She has additional training in Hatha Yoga, classical Swedish massage and Foot Reflexology. She holds a space of safety and confident trust with her loving awareness and presence and will be leading participants in Yin Yoga, Qigong, and soothing meditations as well as providing emotional support.




Inspirational words from Blake Steele, talking about tantra in general:


Practical Information

Pink Tantra with Blake & Ingela Steele
22-25 April 2019

Arrival & Departure

Arrival day: Monday 22 April

  • Arrival / check-in: 18.00-1900
  • Dinner is served 18.30-19.30
  • The course starts 20.00

Departure day: Thursday 25 April

  • The course ends latest 16.00


Following information is general for events at Ängsbacka and some details might differ for your stay.
Connect to the organizers if you have questions regarding this!

General Information

In the center of Molkom (1,5 km away) there is an local grocery shop Coop Konsum. In the same building you can do post services and find an ATM where you can withdraw cash.

Ängsbacka Café is a nice and cozy meeting place that is always open on Saturdays afternoons. Enjoy a coffee or herbal tea along with new meetings and interesting conversations. The menu includes organic snacks, homemade raw cakes and healthy drinks. Credit cards and Swish is accepted. Welcome!

In the shop of Ängsbacka, Karma Store, we sell a variety of health products and organic body care, relaxing music, books, clothes, organic incense, unique jewellery, yoga accessories and more. Credit cards, Swish an cash is accepted.

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center situated in Molkom, a society that we are part of, that we love and have a good relation to. We are depending on that all our guests and participants are cooperating with us to keep it this way when / if going outside of the premises of Ängsbacka during their stay at Ängsbacka. We ask you kindly to respect the local areas around Ängsbacka and practice common sense.



Ängsbacka offers accommodation in a homelike style. Please look under the tab Price & booking to see what accommodation is being offered during this event.

– All of our accommodation alternatives have shared bathrooms.
– The dorms consist of 12 – 20 bunk beds.
– Please bring your own towel, bed sheets, pillow cover and duvet cover.
– You can rent a set of sheets & a towel from us for 150 SEK per event.

What to bring

– Shoes that easily comes on and off when walking between the buildings / workshop spaces
– An extra towel for a visit to our sauna, when it is open and/or is rented for your event.
You can also rent a sauna or sweat lodge- towel from us for 50 SEK per occasion.
– Your own water bottle or thermo cup with lid, we do not allow cups or glasses in the workshop spaces
– Comfortable clothes suitable for the activities of your event
– If you like, walking shoes for recreation in the forest surrounding of Ängsbacka
– Earplugs can be good if you are sharing room with other people.


The Food

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are all included. We serve vegetarian food, mostly organic, locally produced and made with love. In connection with your reservation, you can order a vegan diet (this is also the alternative if you’re lactose intolerant), a Gluten-free diet and notify us about nut allergies. If possible, the chef will make adjustments for other allergies, please make the request when you book. Unfortunately, we can not, for practical reasons, accommodate any other food philosophies or diets.


Drug & Alcohol Policy – Zero Tolerance

All operations on Ängsbacka are based on a drug and alcohol free environment. The aim is to create a safe atmosphere that favors authentic meetings, personal development and spiritual practice. This means that guests and residents must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the whole area of Ängsbacka.
A person on the area of Ängsbacka under the obvious influence of alcohol or drugs can be asked to leave immediately.


Working Meditation

We have a praxis that is included in almost all our events, but not in all – depending on the contract between the organizers and Ängsbacka. A beautiful way to integrate your experience is to do working meditation with us on Ängsbacka. As a participant, we ask you to join us in the community for 30 minutes per day and helping out with easy tasks such as cleaning or dishwashing. You will get an introduction to your task and then you do it the same time every day. Our volunteers are very grateful for your contribution and will also help you out. We do the working meditation together!

Find your way here

It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by train and bus, or by car. Read more about how to find your way here.


To find and offer rides, join our Facebook group Carpooling to & from Ängsbacka.

Price & Booking

Pink Tantra with Blake & Ingela Steele
22-25 April 2019

Book your ticketWelcome to book your ticket here! By booking and paying early You get a better deal and we can plan ahead – win-win! See further information below and take note of dates to keep in mind. We sell only adult tickets for this event.

EARLY BIRD tickets are sold at a total fee of 4550 in double room until the 20th of February, 2019. You need to complete the payment in full within this time frame to get you ticket at this price. Register via the form.

STANDARD tickets are sold at a total fee of 4850 SEK in double room from the 21st of February until the event starts or gets fully booked. Register via the form.

The ticket includes the full program, vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) accommodation  and access to facilities such as toilets and showers. Depending on availability and your budget you have the option to upgrade your accommodation in the booking form.