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6-13 July, 2019

No Mind


We aim to have the festival bookable in October/November

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No Mind is Scandinavia’s biggest alternative festival – a transformative gathering to open our hearts, become alive and free in our bodies, and relax into a wisdom beyond the mind.

This week-long festival is located in the beautiful Swedish countryside and has gathered around 1000 people yearly for 20 years.

It offers a magnificent program of workshops, concerts, ceremonies and happenings within spirituality, personal development, dance and movement, meditation, shamanism, yoga, intimacy, creativity and more…

More than 70 inspiring workshop leaders, artists and musicians will join us from all over the world to share their passions.

Bring your family and friends or just come on your own. The No Mind Festival is truly a place where we can relax just as we are, and feel at home in ourselves and with each other.

No Mind Festival video

Welcome to Ängsbacka

At Ängsbacka you get the opportunity to enjoy an experience with body, mind, and heart.

Here you can meet friends for life! Come and be part of the lovely community atmosphere that you soon find yourself immersed in.


See pictures and videos from previous No Mind festivals


Thank you all amazing participants, teachers, artists and organisation for creating this years No Mind! 

The official pictures from the festival 2018 are up on flickr. Check them out here!

♡ See you soon again! ♡

Click here to see all pictures from the festival!





Caroline Hammarlund

Coordinator - Children & Youth Festival

"The world is yours go explore it.”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Caroline's been responsible for the children's area both at Ängsbacka and during the Bali Spirit Festival. She's also worked as a nursery school teacher for over fifteen years. She cares greatly about children's participation and inclusion, issues to do with gender, attachment and creative workshops, as well as EQ in nursery schools.

She is a caring person who gives her full attention to the people around her. Her main passions are for creative work and personal growth. She wants the children's area to be a space for curiosity and imagination, where children can try out new things, play, create, develop, meet new people and experience a magical festival.

Cornelia Broberg

Baby Relax & LARP Designer

”Let your Soul Sing.”

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

To live in a vivid world, filled with awakening spirits. Cornelia have walked a path filled with adventures towards that goal.

She is a designer of LARPs, a folkmusic singer, a massagetherapeuist, a blacksmith and last and greatest a mother.

Jon Andreas

Sports Facilitator, Holding the Kids Disco

"It’s important to take care of our inner child. Both kids and adults. If not, we will end up as machines. Dance, play and hug. Simply, have fun!"

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jon Andreas is educated as a sports coach. He love kids, and has worked as a teacher for a couple of years. He has also experience working as a coach for kids in several sports.

Jon Andreas has a passion for sports and music and will hold playfull workshops for the kids.

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Gitte Ous

Family Yoga, Bow Making & Bow Shooting Facilitator

“Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air, new lights and new truths to enter.”

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Gitte works as an animation instructor in Norway and is involved with site specific video installation and performance. In addition she also teaches yoga for both children and young adults.

Gitte and her daughter Ida Malou, 11yrs, teach family yoga in their home town of Nesoddtangen as well as enjoying time for archery.
Gitte has for many years driven many popular workshops at Ängsbacka in animation, yoga and archery for both the No Mind Festival and Yoga Festival.

During the Children´s festival she will do inspiring yoga play, bow & arrow making, and the children will also take advantage of an opportunity to try bow shooting and making stick bread on fire.

Nathalie Maria

Explorer of Creativity & Jewelry Designer

”We are all naturally creative & there are no limits of our own expression.Trough creativity we get the possibility to share our inner with the world."

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

The creative process is a deep blessing in Nathalie’s life. Creativity is a beautiful way to explore yourself and to Love everything that is longing to be expressed. It allows Nathalie to be in silence and peace and at the same time she gets to share her heart with the world.

She loves to explore creativity in different expressions, such as making Macramé and wire jeweler, creating with recycled material, photography, writing, music and much more.

Nathalie´s creativity has been strongly connected with nature since childhood and now she happy and excited to share this with the children at Ängsbacka. To create together with kids that don´t have as much frames and rules feels like the biggest gift for her. In Nathalie´s workshops the kids imagination will lead the way!


Cheeroke Tracking Technique

"Children and animals knows what most adult humans has forgotten."

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jimmy is a wild passionate soul, a warrior of the heart. He has died many times and comes back stronger every time. He do not fit in the "normal box" and create his life fearless.

He is also wery much conected with his feelings and have gone true many of them in deep levels and can therefor hold the people around him in any kind of feelings. He is wery loving and always make sure that eweryone is included and seen.

He is amazing with children becose he is also deeply conected with his own inner child.

Jimmy is mostly joyful and happy and always up for new adventures, he has been a cirkus teacher for children and works in Backa preeschool as a pedagog, ceremonial leader and janitor.

Mostyn de Beer

Art Educator

“From one seed a whole handful: that was what it meant to say the bounty of the earth.”
― J.M. Coetzee, Life and Times of Michael K

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL, YOUTH CAMP
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Last summer, Mostyn led some very enjoyable workshops during No Mind, the Yoga Festival and the GEN conference. Inspired by the forest surrounding Ängsbacka, as well as the vegetable garden, this year's participants have the chance to create all kinds of marvels, from mischievous trolls to giant leaf paintings.

Mostyn has a teaching qualification from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, and studied Fine Art and Art History at the University of Cape Town. He is involved in various educational projects, and currently holds weekend classes for children in Art and Illustration at Dieselverkstaden in Stockholm. Before going into teaching, Mostyn spent many years developing resources for use in schools.

Find out more about Mostyn's weekend courses on Dieselverkstaden's website.

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Ma Deva Lina

Living Meditations Facilitator

"To be awake and alive to this precious moment!"

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL, YOUTH CAMP
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ma Deva Lina has been working as a yoga and meditations teacher since 2014 and loves the infinitive wiseness of the body, the endless possibilities of using the body to reach deep within and letting our very core be touched and set free.

She is currently working on schoolprojects involving living, moving meditations in the classroom and has a dream that every kid will have the possibility to start each schoolday meditating.

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André Nobre

Capoeira Basics

"It’s going to be a playful and relaxed class!"

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: CHILDREN's FESTIVAL, YOUTH CAMP
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

André Nobre started practicing Capoeira 6 years ago with Prof. Play (Capoeirando Stockholm) and Mestre Chão (Grupo Senzala - Lyon).

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It was developed in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century. It is known for its quick and complex maneuvers, predominantly using power, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spins, and other techniques.

You can try a capoeira workshop where you will be able to learn the basic movements in capoeira, as well as some capoeira songs (in Portuguese)!

It’s going to be a playful and relaxed class!

Jonathan Stjernlöf

LARP Designer & Experience Artisan

”The way to self definition runs through experience.”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jonathan is a calm, creative and energetic person. With a background in theatre and creative process leading, he now works with ‘the experience’ as his greatest tool to lead people towards personal development.

When he's not writing or arranging interactive theatre experiences he works with leather - creating soulful designs that just happens to be compelling artwork.

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Lina jungergård

Circus Artist, Puppeteer, Games Facilitator

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don´t matter and those who matter mind." Dr Seuss

Children’s Festival Youth Camp: YOUTH CAMP
BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Lina is a teacher and performer of circus and theatre. She is currantly based in London where she works with The Purple Ladies a collective who organizes cabaret and classes for the community. Lina also teaches physical theatre and aerial at National Center for Circus in London.

She performs with different companies, most recently she took part of Kimaticas Studios new performance "Transcendence". A research in technology of light projection, movements and ritual.

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More profiles are added regularly ♡ Remember to check back for updates…

♡ The theme for the festival 2019 will be presented during autumn/winter 2018 ♡

Check back!




The festival program is under construction. We expect to publish it about 2 months before the festival starts. If you want to get a sense of how a festival can look like, please click HERE  to view the program from 2018.

* * *


 Festival Coordinators 2019

Magnus Vikström & Jeanina Dhara Milehag
Email: nomindfestival@angsbacka.se

Sonya Sophia

EFT - Tapping

"I desire to live in a world where people feel peaceful and are truly healthy. I’m here to help make inner work fun, fast and easily accessible."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts (online EFT courses & Practitioner Trainings) and the World Tapping Circle.

With 28 years of experience in the healing arts, Sonya Sophia has devoted her life to empowering people. Sonya Sophia has led over 25,000 people at festivals like Burning Man.

She guides her EFT students in rapidly healing unresolved issues and clearing generations of conditioning from mind and body through a positive, potent and visceral experience of real-time transformation. Bringing wisdom, unconditional love, laughter and life-changing release to people around the globe, Sonya Sophia continues her mission to support the healing of humanity.

Sonya Sophia serves so that all may achieve wholeness and activate their true Divine Purpose!


EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT) is a self-healing modality that combines aspects of Chinese medicine and modern psychology with self-acceptance and unconditional love. EFT re-calibrates your brain’s responses to stimuli, reprogramming your body.

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♡ The program team are currently booking workshop leaders and musicians, and preparing for the 2019 festival! More profiles are added regularly. Check back for updates! ♡

Children & Youth Festival


in swedish/på svenska

no mind children


The festival ticket includes camping space on Ängsbackas beautiful green camping field. Bring your own tent. For a supplement you can book single, double and dormitory beds.

Wonderful Mangenbaden which lies 10 km from Ängsbacka with its beautiful long sandy beach and cottage rentals can be a great option for families with children.

Ängsbacka’s Delicious Food

All meals are included in the festival ticket! During the festival we serve vegetarian breakfast, lunch and kids-friendly foods.

Warmly Welcome!

Do you have suggestions for activities for your children and/or teenagers? Do you have questions about the program? Please contact us ♥

Caroline Hammarlund

Coordinator for No Mind – Children & Youth 2018

Email: nomindfestival (at) angsbacka.se

Scrolla ner för att läsa om Barn & ungdomsfestivalen


No Mind är Skandinaviens största alternativa festival – en transformerande upplevelse som ger oss möjligheten att öppna våra hjärtan, komma ner i kroppen och landa i närvaro och gemenskap bortom åsikter och tankar.

Denna veckolånga festival tar plats mitt i den vackra svenska naturen och har under 20 års tid samlat omkring 1000 personer årligen.

No Mind erbjuder ett fantastiskt program av workshops, konserter, ceremonier och happenings inom andlighet, personlig utveckling, dans och rörelse, meditation, shamanism, yoga, intimitet, kreativitet och mer…

Över 70 inspirerande workshopledare, artister och musiker från hela världen är med oss och delar sina passioner.

Kom med din familj, med vänner eller på egen hand. På No Mind kan du koppla av precis som du är, och känna dig hemma i dig själva och med andra.

No Mind Festival video


Välkommen till Ängsbacka


Se bilder & videos från tidigare års No Mind festivaler


no mind children


I festivalbiljetten ingår tältplats på Ängsbackas sköna gröna camping-äng. Medtag eget tält. Mot ett tillägg kan du boka enkelrum, dubbelrum och sovsalsplatser.

En mil från Ängsbacka ligger härliga Mangenbaden, som med sin underbara långa sandstrand och stuguthyrning kan vara ett bra alternativ för barnfamiljer.

Ängsbacka’s uppskattade mat

All mat ingår i festivalbiljetten! Under festivalen serveras vegetarisk frukost, lunch och middag och barnvänlig mat.

Varmt Välkomna!

Har du förslag på aktiviteter för dina barn och/eller tonåringar? Har du frågor om programmet? Kontakta oss gärna.

Caroline Hammarlund

Koordinator för No Mind – Barn & Ungdom 2018

Email: nomindfestival (at) angsbacka.se




We aim to have next years festival bookable in October/November




To make our festival planning more easy, we are glad the more early you book. Therefore we offer discounted prices during the EARLY BIRD and the REDUCED price periods. 

You must book and pay for your ticket at the latest the day the price period expires in order to obtain the discount.

Book and pay until 15 February,2018
5100 SEK

Book and pay until 30 April,2018
5600 SEK

6100 kr

The ticket includes all program items, vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and a bed in dormitory. There is also the option to upgrade your accommodation.

If people book at least 4 days before the festivals we can better order the right amount of food, and minimize administration during the in-check. The last 3 days before a festival the price goes up a bit and also if you buy your ticket at the gate. 

the last 3 days before the festival starts
6400 SEK

Book and pay until 31 May,2018
6600 SEK


♦ Children   4-12 years old
2100 SEK
♦ Youth 13-17 years old  2800 SEK


If you are buying more than one child or youth ticket you get 600 SEK discount on second child/youth and after.



From the 15th of April you can buy two day tickets. These tickets are valid at the No Mind Festival from Saturday afternoon (7 July) to Monday lunch (9 July).

Adult – Early Bird Price (until 15 May): 1750 SEK
Adult – Standard price: 1950 SEK

Youth Early Bird Price (until 15 May): 950 SEK
Youth: 1150 SEK

Children Early Bird Price (until 15 May): 650 SEK
Children: 850 SEK

Camping spot is included. Please note that you can not upgrade your accommodation for Two day tickets.


Book your ticket below.