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Sacred World Fusion - Medicine for the Heart

"Very beautiful and deeply touching" Eckhart Tolle, on Praful’s music

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Praful is a master sax & flute player, singer, multi-instrumentalist and charismatic performer. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and New World Fusion with grace and passion. As he weaves his spell with his sax or invites soul searching with his flute, he is in each and every note, calling you to journey towards that which is of the highest calibre within you. His solo concerts are a spontaneous, playful and interactive journey into the Unknown - he creates his magic using voice flutes, sax, string instruments, kalimba, percussion, effects and loopers. Praful's 9 solo albums garnered international success. Bestselling author Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) invites Praful regularly to play for his talks. He also composes and produces for the Mantra singers Deva Premal & Miten.


Praful embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and New World Fusion with grace and passion. He creates a space in which the music’s healing powers can transform the listener and connect you with the source.

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Tiger Singleton

President of InLight Connect

"Everything you could possibly desire, already exists within what you are. The point is to recognize it and then share it freely with the world."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Considered by many to be the foremost expert in the area of Authentic Connection, and understanding the human problem and opportunity of feeling separate from what is desired. For the past decade, Tiger’s sole focus has been uncovering the Self-Imposed Limitations (or bullsh%t) that keep us distant from the Authentic Connection we crave so Sincerely. He holds multiple international retreats every year, and travels mostly through the USA, Europe & Australia.

Tiger currently works with a global team to bridge the gap in our business and or personal lives, so we might experience a life that reflects our Heart’s Deepest Resonance. Be Careful… he’s disruptive, brutally honest and unapologetic for seeing your true potential, but only in the most compassionate and loving way.


The Bridge, that Facilitates an Authentic Connection between you are, and where you Really Want to Be.

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Victor Forselius

Inca Shamanic Energy Medicine

"Behind every problem there is a Spiritual solution!"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Born in the house of Leo Victor have followed the calling of Soul since childhood. His cause to find meaning, purpose and the path of this physical experience as human being led him to explore the spiritual world.

After reading half a book by Alberto Villoldo in high school he quit his studies to set of on an amazing journey together with Alberto & the Inca Q´ero shamans. Today he walks as a Paqo (healer, medicine man).

For more than 8 years he have shared the Inca Shamanic path guiding people into a journey of self discovery with ancient tools. Ignating a flame of remembrance of their own path of dreams and their path of heart. He feel called of being in service by helping, healing and sharing. To touch a modern world of intellect and mind with the warmth of Heart & Soul.


Inca Shamanic Energy Medicine is...

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Berit Hague

5 Rhythms Free Dance

"You have come here to be YOU, a universal gift to us all. Let us help each other to reconnect with our "truth", our soul beings to be this."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Berit`s question throughout her whole life is this:
Who are We and what are we doing here – on Earth?
Gradually – through life experiences, helped by so many fellow human beings, teachers, masters, meditation and practicing dance movement I came in deep contact with the Source, our
Consciousness in such a way it started to guide me and connect me with our wisdom in a way I have been longing for all my life. I am still at the beginning of awakening, but now I know.

So I am certified teacher of Reberthing (Andningspedagog), of Kundalini Yoga, gave a coaching training, certified teacher of The 5 Rhythms and of Soul Body Fusion, these are my tools with which I work with people to open us up to realize who we truly are.


The 5 Rhythms, the energy rhythms of nature, inspire everyone to find their own movements, their own dance. When our bodies is given this freedom of expression, energy is released, our hearts open and we get access to our power, creativity and Joy.

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Bengt Renander

Din kreativa källa och Kreativitetens känslor

"Don't believe everything you think."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Bengt has the last 20 years worked as a coach for individuals and couples, lecturer in topics as creativity and personal development. He has written 6 books in these fields. He also recently started a podcast. He has a history in film production as a producer, director and script writer.


Bengt will give a talk about how you increase your creativity trough presence and awareness. A workshop about what you can expect to meet as you develop as a human being. And a new year meditation.

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Prem Vimal Gabrielsen

Healing Event & Creating from Beingness

"The ultimate truth is so simple; it is nothing more than being in one's natural, original state" Ramana Maharshi

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Vimal Gabrielsen (NO), studied at young age Art and Architecture at the Royal Collage of Art in Oslo, Norway. In her 30s, she discovered that she was born with the ability to transmit divine love, wisdom and healing energies to herself and others and was trained by Dr. Eric Pearl in Level 3 of Reconnective Healing. Her passion now is to give people a glimpse of their divine Self, so they can use it to strengthen their lives and that of others. Vimal is a mother and gives Art and Healing workshops internationally.


Vimal transmits divine love, wisdom and healing energies to herself and others and shares this in 2 different ways and workshops - one focussing on Healing energies, the other focussing on creativity arising from Beingness.

Franc Duking

It Takes 2 to Tango

"Learning tango is discovering yourself. Dancing tango is letting go of yourself."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Being connected, while moving together – that is what has always fascinated Franc in everything he does. When he first danced Argentine tango, the sensitivity and presence in the contact between the partners touched him deeply. For 17 years now he has been teaching tango.

When teaching tango he discovered that in his practices of meditation, tantra and mindfulness many tango essences are mirrored. Over the years he has developed Mindful Tango as a method, to teach tango as an exploration of these essences, like connection, freedom, relaxation and presence.
This festival he is also co-creating a workshop The Art of Intimate Relating with his beloved.


Tango is about improvising together in the moment, leading & following. We can use tango as a tool to experience the polarity of masculine & feminine energies, to increase intimacy. And of course learn the most sensual dance in the world, the Tango.

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Maria Pravasi

Yoga Shaking, Dream Space

"As everything is energy we can match our frequency with the reality we want and simply attract it" /Ma Pravasi

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Maria Pravasi has been a seeker on the path for the last 20 years.She has studied with many different masters, schools and traditions and has a great love for active meditations and energy work. She is trained within different Shamanic traditions, as an Osho Therapist, within Tantra, as a Yogini & Tantrika, Oneness trainer, Coach, Mindfullness teacher, different healing arts such as Reiki, Tibetan Prananadi healing, Bars of Access Consciousness and 5th Dimensional Quantum healing. She has been working with Human behavioral change both within organisations in the Corporate world as well as in Spiritual settings.


Yoga Shaking can awaken and connect to the energy in such a profound and powerful way that the spark that created us reignites and our Kundalini energy awakens. Our vibration increases and we feel healthier and happier.

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Kavina Thorslund

Zen Coaching, Mindful morning & It takes 2 to Tango

"THIS moment, is our life. Let's explore, experience and enjoy it fully!"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Kavina is a Zen Coach, teacher in Zen Coaching & Mindfulness and body therapist.

She has always been interested in the essence of who we are in our true core. This interest has led her to intense inner therapeutic work as well as extensive travelling. She’s studied psychology, religion, coaching, therapy and bodywork. Her background includes over 20 years of meditation, therapy and inner work, much influenced by the mystic Osho. Her most recent inquiries involve the aspects of self-love, intimacy, tantric/shamanic sexuality as well as living the true potential of her soul.

Currently she is a passionate student of shamanism as an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and co-author of a research study about Zen Coaching.


Zen Coaching supports the experience of the present moment and our feelings, needs and longings. It opens us to our innermost being and deepens our relationship with ourselves and others in an intimate and co-empowering way.

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Linnea Eriksson

Ecstatic Dance

"Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in the dance."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Linnea is a DJ, composer and musician with a deep fascination and love for sounds. She is passionate about sharing music and holding spaces that open up for awareness and freedom.

Linnea’s DJ sets offer an eclectic collection of music that covers many different genres. She blends rhythms and melodies from all parts of the world. Music and dancing has always been a natural part of her life. Ecstatic Dance is very close to her heart and she is continually amazed by its potential for transformation and healing.


Ecstatic Dance is a freeform dance. It is mixed by DJs who seamlessly craft a transformational journey with new music from many genres, including all emotions & tempos. It is a talk free space and there is no verbal guidance given during the dance.

Björn Christensen

Bioenergetics & Creative Conversations

"Make space for everything that's you and you'll be holding space for everything that's in everybody!"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

With one foot in the world of science and rational thinking and the other foot in the world of apprehensive knowledge, intuition, music and the body, Björns gift is to integrate these in himself and in others.

He is a certified psychologist in private practise, helping individuals, couples, groups and organisations to access their inner resources, to communicate, develop and transform.

Björn's passion is to co-create space for curiosity, authenticity, compassion and connection, making space for all our human experiences without taking them personally or labeling them as good or bad.


Bioenergetics is a method to become more present in your body, to connect to your energy, emotions, vitality, spontaneity and creativity. It consists mainly of physical exercises, working alone as well as in pairs/groups.

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Boris Snäll

Kung Fu & Thai Massage

"All what we perceive as challenges turns into games when we feel protected in a safe environment"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Boris is a certified Yoga and AcroYoga teacher. He believes that sense of humour is a tool for inner development. With background in Kung Fu, Circus, Gymnastics and Dance his classes are entertaining and with a fresh feeling. Transformation happens in each moment and he honours that process in each class giving the right amount of challenge balanced with playfulness. Everyone is welcome to join the journey.

The kung fu style “Northern Shaolin” excels with circular and geometrical movements, both in tao lu (traditional sequences / choreography) and in one to one exercises.

Thai Massage for well-being and balance. A massage style from Thailand with roots in yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, and even Chinese medicine.


Kung Fu - Explore what it takes to protect life.
Thai Massage - A meditation in 'Metta', loving kindness.

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Marie Maitri Segelström

Outdoor exercises & Yin Yoga

"I love to inspire people to find their own unique way in life filled with joy and laughter."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Marie Maitri is a truly happy being who loves to share her joy and enthusiasm for life. She is a coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer. She holds retreats and courses in Sweden and abroad. She loves to inspire people to find their own unique way in life filled with joy and laughter.


During these workshops we will exercise our bodies while having lots of fun. It is pure joy to move your fantastic body and it creates happy hormones in your brain.

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Jeanina Dhara Milehag

ALIVE! - Sex & the Heart

"Our body is a beautiful, supportive tool to expansion and bliss & by unfolding tension & body armor, it can be a vehicle to the life we long for."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jeanina Dhara Milehag has passionately worked with bioenergetics, tantra and coaching for 15 years. She loves all kinds of experiences that get us deeper into the richness of our bodies. In her work she uses bioenergetics, dance, touch, breath and various tantric exercises to dive deep inside.

She is trained in bioenergetics at the Namaste Center in Brazil and at the Humaniversity, Holland. She’s based in Skåne, Sweden and gives groups, workshops and sessions for individuals and partners around the world.


Connecting with our heart and sexuality and opening up for a flow between them thru breath work, tantric exercises and bioenergetics.For you to get ready for 2018 grounded and alive in your self and create the life you wish for.

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Towe Patricia

Magic & Creativity!

"It is within You that the Magic Happens"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Towe Patricia har en bakgrund som performance artist genom teater, eld, dans och sång. Numera arbetar hon mer med människor att stiga mer in i sin sanna natur genom yonimappingterapisessioner, workshops och coaching främst inriktat på kvinnlig hälsa ur ett holistiskt perspektiv. Under festivalen kombinerar hon sina olika erfarenheter på ett kreativt sätt. Genom olika skepnader ger hon dig möjligheten att på ett lekfullt sätt släppa eller bjuda in det du önskar för det nya året. Välkommen att stiga djupare in i livets lek!


Magiska och kreativa skepnader när du kanske minst anar det...

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Open Stage

"The journey of a thousand performances begins with one open stage"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

This is saschas 10th new years festival at ängsbacka.

At this festival you can see him on open stage the first day in the new year. And all other days in the cafe.


Open stage is the one and only stage at ängsback that is open for us all, to show ourselves in dand, music, poetry, stand up or that what is there in the moment.

Merete Fjeldbo

Voice Exploration

"There´s a crack in everything, that´s how the light gets in."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Merete has loved singing since she was a little girl, performing for an imaginary audience in her childhood bedroom.
Through working with voice, conscious breath, body awareness and movement, she is on a continuous path of liberating and allowing the authentic expression.
She is trained in Creative Voice Therapy with Coco Laurré, has completed a 1 year singer´s course in Complete Vocal Technique, and also has experience from the Roy Hart tradition (The voice is the muscle of the soul).
Since being introduced to the rich tradition of rom music some years ago, she is also a passionate singer of music from the Balkans - and anything that speaks to the heart, really.


Voice exploration is a workshop for anyone who is curious of the relationship with your voice. Allowing the voice to flow free, cracks included.

Andreas Eder

Meditation into Stillness

"The present moment is as it is. Always. Can you let it be?"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Andreas, with his origins from Sweden, started his spiritual path about 12 years ago through teachings of yoga, buddhism, osho meditations and tantra. He also found valuable learnings of life in teachings by E.Tolle, Mooji and also teachings of zencoaching which are now a big part of his teachings to others.
His longing to find peace within himself and deeper connection to life has been the fuel in his search for more joyful and peaceful way of living his life.
His intention in life is to live from more spontanious way of being, with presence and authenticy, having love as a compass guiding him through the life and supporting others living their life with their full potential.


This guided meditation is for you who wish to start your new day from the space of Stillness, where an effortless and authentic way of living your daily life can arise from.

Ransher Kaur Jansson

Kundalini Yoga & Gong

"When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ransher Kaur är en certifierad Kundaliniyoga- meditationslärare och Gongmästare. Hon kom i kontakt med yoga 2004 efter en tids sjukdom. Kundaliniyogan har hjälpt henne att återfå tillbaka sin hälsa, finna frid och trygghet i livet.

Hon leder yoga grupper sedan 2009. Hon undervisar mjukt, inkännande och säkert, med en stor kärlek till Kundaliniyogan. Hon ger också gong avslappning i sina yoga sessioner.


Kundalini Yoga will help you wake up in the morning and Gong will give you a beautiful lunch break.

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Lamhita Jacobson

Body Love, Exploring Archetypes & Transformation

"Beyond right & wrong, there is a field, lets meet there... Rumi

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Lamhita Marita Jacobson; The creator of the workshops Body Love & Become the star you already are. Success at Ängsbackas various festivals. She is appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity & humor as she guides participants to heal & transform old pattern/
blockages. Cert. Physical Therapist; Psychosomatic Specialist & Body Intelligence. SE Somatic Experience Traumatherapist (Phd Peter Levine) Educations in Arts/Theater/Performance, Human Resources. Trainings; Leadership- Communication & Consulting, NVC- Zen Coaching, Massage and Inner Child Work. Cert. Kundalini Yoga teacher (LA). Project manager for various festivals: New Year's festival, Yoga & Dance Easter. Innovator. Entrepreneur. Over 15 years experience in personal development and working with people.


Body Love; A safe space to heal traumas, so we can enjoy Life & ourselves more.
Exploring Archetypes & Transformation: A fun & exciting way to explore our divine resources.

Patrick and Nienke

Living a polyamorous life

"You must love in such way, that the person you love feels free"
Thich Nhat Hahn

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

For Patrick and Nienke it is logical that living a conscious life also includes conscious love. Listening to yourself, your longings and your fears. Not automatically wandering adrift in the stream of what society expects. Why do people think they can only be happy with one person?
The two lovers from the Netherlands are together for more than 20 years. They have two children, teenagers now. Since eight years they both have multiple lovers, next to their own primary relation.
At Ängsbacka festival they will share about the ups and downs of this path and the creative ways they found to live their lives and loves. But most of all they hope to inspire you to think of the way you want to relate, whether it’s monogamous or polyamorous.
Love is such a beautiful thing. Share it.

Gaja Beukers

Holistic Health & Aromatherapy

"Your body is your temple"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

For the last 17 years Gaja is passionate about nutrition, being connected with the mineral world, the plant world and mother nature as a whole. She combines the wisdom of Ayurveda and holistic teachings with different tools like longevity technology and therapeutic essential oils that have great potential for healing on emotional, physical and spiritual level. Her background experience with different Native American ceremonies. She weaves the western education as raw food chef and detox coach with the eastern philosophy to holds space for ones authentic truth that is longing to be rediscovered.
She has worked in the health industry for over 10 years as a ayurvedic and Rawfood chef, detox consultant, and nutritionist. She currently works with essential oils as toxicfree lifestyle coach.


- Sauna with Aroma and sound healing
- Nutrition and vitality consults with an holistic approach.

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WEBPAGE 2: healtyroots.nl
Myrthe van den Kieboom

Performer; Dance, Burlesque & Acting with a Tantric Approach

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Dare to be you. You're beautiful.

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Myrthe has been dancing from the moment she could walk. As a little girl she started with ballet. But in her teenage years she got interested in the more sexy, feminine dance styles. Like bellydance, burlesque, poldance and striptische. She got inspired by powerful women on stage. Like Christina Aguilera & Shakira. In 2014 she won the title ‘Queen of Burlesque’. She studied theatre and made her own shows. She has been performing and gave many different kind of workshops. Always with a lot of heart and passion. Since 3 years she combines her creativity with spirituality. Her life as a performer has not always been easy. Being misunderstood and judged. This had an effect on her. But never stopped her. Because she believes that being yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.


Authentic expression from your heart. Comunicate your inner world to the outer world in dance, movement & play. A language everybody knows. Deepening your connections by expressing the fire within. Having lots of fun with a touch of sexyness.



"They haven't just had sex; they have translated their feelings--appreciation, tenderness, gratitude, and surrender--into a physical act."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Marta is very passion about sexual education, humans as a sexual beings and our collective decisions that influence sexual freedom.
Marta believe that the more conscious sex people will have the more peace it will bring in this planet.

During the workshop: SEXUALITY & GENDER
By sharing what we feel ready to share we challenge social taboos and isolation, leading to normalization, self-acceptance and freedom to flower as sexual beings!

To inspire You for open discussion about conscious sexual choices we will trigger You with questions like this:
What is the link between sexuality and gender?
Are sexual labels needed ?
How do You want to express yourself as a sexual being in 2018 ?


Marta and Björn will create open sharing space for whatever is alive in us, with the goal of everybody feeling safe.

Zelda Grey

Songwriter/Musician, voice, ukulele, guitar

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, But nothing can be changed until it is faced."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Zelda Grey dives into the shiny spaces in her heart and gives voice to her greatest longing. She writes music through channeling and found her voice as a songwriter as a way to recover from near death experience. In addition to her first album, written in Thailand, she has created several dozen original songs while living and working at Ängsbacka. Her music serves as a holding space to look at the things which scare us, and to set them free. She has traveled the world performing, opening hearts and healing herself by stepping onstage, always, as her authentic self.


Bravery, Authenticity, Heart

Martin Anderson

DJ Sinkadus

"No music no life"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Psychedelic music and art have been a passion of Martin for many years. His colorful visual artwork has been displayed at parties and festivals throughout Europe and in recent time his focus has shifted more to Dj-ing and producing of electronic psychedelic music.


Ängsbacka will be treated with an activating Dj set for body, mind, and spirit to celebrate the new year together in ecstatic dance. Expect creative, funky, melodic, and next level psychedelic music with new and fresh flavors.

Ragnaröken Theatre

Theatre Performance

"The vision is
One music and one world.
Where we blend water with fire,
the song with the dance
and the tones with the trance."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ragnaröken Theatre

Born from a longing to create magic
the group of seven artists came together

Lycke Claesson
Jesper Wallgård
Elliot Olsson Lundgren
Leo Sjöblom
Viola Tömte
Adam Randle
Klara Wenner Tångring

They didn’t know what to do or what to expect
some of them had not even met
So they just started
A drum was made
one person fell away
another made a flute that didn’t play
Then songs started to sing
Words and characters came to life
Stories that wanted to be told
both new and ancient old

Now we want to take you on a journey
to explore the unknown depth
of what it is to be
or not to be

This is us
meeting you
to become the we
In the weaving of a new world


Ragnaröken Theatre is a multidimensional performance-group with the roots is physical theatre, Mystic Music. Influenced by the poetry of life they try to live the stage in each moment.

Malin Wik

Musician​ - Voice, Guitar

"Breathing in and out for Life - Breathing Life for Love"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Malin explores music as meditation and is again and again amazed by how music supports the flow of creative expression, allowing true co-creation with others to emerge.

All music created seems to be born from her longing to realise and give voice to the deep connection to all aspects of life; to drop deeper into presence by honoring what is alive here and now.




Musician - Flute​s, Percussions​ & Sound Scapes

“To play music with others is like walking together, home.”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Filip is a self-taught, intuitive musician.

He sees music as a gateway to the world of Spirits, like a wild and vivid landscape where light and dark are just different aspects of one big life. Where all what we are could be expressed and given and something greater being met.

By trying out different kinds of instruments, playing on the streets and exploring the nature of sounds in sacred rituals, Filip found flute to be his instruments of the soul.



Sunniva Lila Brynnel

Musician - Accordion, Harmonium, Keyboard & Voice


BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Sunniva Brynnel is a composer, accordionist and singer. She was born into a musical family on the Swedish west coast and started composing and playing the piano at a young age. She plays and sings folk and jazz music in a variety of groups, such as Night Tree (www.nighttree.com ), Sara Pajunen & Sunniva Brynnel Duo and Sunniva Brynnel & Timo Alakotila Duo.

At the age of 19, Sunniva moved to Ireland to study Gaelic singing at DIT Conservatory Of Music And Drama. She went on to study jazz performance at Birka Folkhögskola in the snowy Swedish midlands. At last she took her bags and her accordion to England, where she studied a BA in Jazz, majoring in composition. She now lives and tours in the USA.



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Emil Savery

Musician - Keyboards

"With great power comes great responsibility."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

He has a Rocketship.
The Rocketship is in the Music World.
The Music World is inside you and me, and everywhere else, since the Music World is all sound, including imaginary sound.
The Music World is a galaxy in inner space.
There is an infinite number of planets, an infinite amount of space, and an infinite number of dimensions in the Music World.
Are you a Music World hitchhiker?
If so, he’ll give you a ride.
Meet him at the Music World Portal.
Once you reach the Portal, you will find the Rocketship.
Once you are onboard, it is urgent that you stay on the Rocketship with fastened seat belts. Otherwise, you risk getting trapped in The Music World.
After the journey, the Rocketship shall return safely to Mother Earth through the Music World Portal in your heart.


Music is the science and art of ordering sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity.

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Olle Molander

Musician - Drums & Percussion​s


BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Olle is a highly skilled, ever curious, fire-spirited percussionist who always gives himself up completely to each musical moment.



Magnus Vikström

Musician - Guitar & Vocals

"My passion is to cocreate spaces where people are embraced when expressing their powerful light and hidden shadows."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

In the Stockholm pop music scene of the late 90’s and early 00’s, Magnus sang, played and wrote songs in the band Granada. Later, the No Mind festival blew his mind and opened his heart. This led him to being a Houseband musician and workshop leader in a number of Ängsbacka festivals.

He loves when music goes beyond a performer-audience division, into a unifying field of singing, moving, feeling and understanding.

Magnus is a program coordinator for the No Mind Festival. He arranges courses and holds workshops in movement, process and presence. He's a certified dynamic psychotherapist.


I love Music!

Please note: there may be changes in the program






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Du kan antingen direktbetala on-line med kontokort eller använda banköverföring.

Vi ser gärna att du betalar med banköverföring eftersom det minskar de transfereringskostnader som vi betalar vid kortbetalning.

Medan du bokar kommer att du att få vidare instruktioner. Efter att du bokat din biljett kommer du att få en bekräftelse via e-post.

Om du har problem med att betala med kort (till exempel när du köper biljetter till en hel familj), var god kontakta oss så skickar vi dig en manuell länk för betalning.


1) Kortbetalning

Betala on-line med valfritt betalkort/kontokort.


2) Banköverföring

Från Sverige:
Gör din insättning till Ängsbackas Bankgiro, kontonummer: 5038-7448

Från utlandet:
Swift address: NDEASESS
IBAN: SE63 9500 0099 6026 4418 5510

Bankens adress: Nordea, Smålandsgatan 17, 105 71 Stockholm
Kontonamn: Ängsbacka Kursgård AB

Viktigt! Ange vilket event du bokar (samt ditt eget namn om det är så att du betalar från ett annat konto än ditt eget).




Om du använder BANKÖVERFÖRING vänligen betala samma dag som du bokar.




  • Om avbokning sker fram till en månad före evenemanget börjar tar vi ut en avbokningsavgift på 350 kr per person. För barn och ungdom (upp till 18 år) är avbokningsavgiften hälften, dvs 175 kr/barn. Därefter, och fram till evenemangets start, är avbokningsavgiften 15 % av bokningens totala värde. Maxbeloppet vi behåller per person/bokning är 900 kr.
  • OBSERVERA att det kan ta upp till en månad innan du har det återbetalade beloppet på ditt konto.
  • Vid avbokning under de två sista veckorna före evenemangets start, behövs komplettering med ett läkarintyg för att återbetalning ska ske. Ingen återbetalning sker om du avbokar efter att evenemanget har startat.
  • Om Ängsbacka ställer in evenemanget så återbetalas hela beloppet.



Som en del av vår kundkommunikation håller Ängsbacka vid behov kontakt med dig som deltagit i våra kurser och festivaler genom att posta eller mejla:

  • Tackbrev och utvärderingsenkäter.
  • Erbjudanden att skriva upp sig på mejlinglistor för närliggande intresseområden.
  • Information om kommande evenemang med samma workshopledare eller inom samma ämnesområde.

Vi har även ett allmänt månatligt email-nyhetsbrev där vi berättar om vår verksamhet och om vad som är på gång framöver i vår evenemangskalender med mera. Nyhetsbrevet kan man välja att avregistrera och åter-registrera sig från/till när man så önskar.




Om du har frågor angående bokning, betalning, avbokning eller kommunikationspolicy med mera, vänligen kontakta oss på:

@  booking@angsbacka.se

Telefontid är måndag till fredag mellan klockan 10.oo – 13.00
. Ibland är det många som ringer. Tala då in ett meddelande, så återkommer vi så snart vi kan.