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Sacred Voice of the Heart

“Dissolving into the sound of our hearts, letting the song become our prayer… to me, that is sacred. To me, that is ceremony.”

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Sudha has been treading the path of self discovery since a very early age. It has always been through creative expression that she has found the connection with Spirit most naturally. Her path has taken her on many adventures around the world. Learning about the ancient wisdom of Hula in Hawaií - Committing to a life of meditation as a sannyasin of the Indian mystic, Osho - Experiencing a profound shift in consciousness at the Oneness University in India - Going to deep places of connection with Spirit through working with indigenous plant medicine. All these different threads, and many more, are weaving her life into a rich tapestry of inspiration to draw from. Since 2001 Sudha has been traveling the world offering sacred chants and songs at festivals, conferences and concerts.


Coming together to create a space where we can explore our own voice without judgement. An opportunity to express our authentic heart and the unique symphony we create together as a group. Feeling the healing power of this instrument we all carry.

Anthony Abbagnano


"The more I do this work, the more clear it becomes that we are seeking to heal the great divide. What’s that? It's whatever you feel separate from."

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What if there was something right under your nose that could change the way you see the world and offer you health, harmony and peace of mind?

Anthony Abbagnano, the founder of Alchemy of Breath teaches a system of breathing practices that restore your self-awareness, love and compassion. By working with Anthony you will discover breathing techniques that will have an immediate effect on your wellbeing, and can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself, and therefore with the world around you.

Anthony is English/Italian, and has been living in Bali, until returning to Europe in 2015. He loves teaching breathwork and is passionate about humanities evolution. He lives between Italy and Spain with his wife Amy Rachelle, and their lab Luna.


Deepen your own relationship with the breath and undergo a deep and powerful journey that will transform your life. UNLOCK THE POWER OF CONSCIOUS BREATHING AND CONNECTION.
Discover the natural remedy for stress, and old pain to freedom and joy.

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Tiger Singleton

President of InLight Connect

"Everything you could possibly desire, already exists within what you are. The point is to recognize it and then share it freely with the world."

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Considered by many to be the foremost expert in the area of Authentic Connection, and understanding the human problem and opportunity of feeling separate from what is desired. For the past decade, Tiger’s sole focus has been uncovering the Self-Imposed Limitations (or bullsh%t) that keep us distant from the Authentic Connection we crave so Sincerely. He holds multiple international retreats every year, and travels mostly through the USA, Europe and Australia.

Tiger currently works with a global team to bridge the gap in our business and or personal lives, so we might experience a life that reflects our Heart’s Deepest Resonance. Be Careful… he’s disruptive, brutally honest and unapologetic for seeing your true potential, but only in the most compassionate and loving way.


The Bridge, that Facilitates an Authentic Connection between you are, and where you Really Want to Be.

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Victor Forselius

Inca Shamanic Energy Medicine

"Behind every problem there is a Spiritual solution!"

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Born in the house of Leo Victor have followed the calling of Soul since childhood. His cause to find meaning, purpose and the path of this physical experience as human being led him to explore the spiritual world.

After reading half a book by Alberto Villoldo in high school he quit his studies to set of on an amazing journey together with Alberto & the Inca Q´ero shamans. Today he walks as a Paqo (healer, medicine man).

For more than 8 years he have shared the Inca Shamanic path guiding people into a journey of self discovery with ancient tools. Ignating a flame of remembrance of their own path of dreams and their path of heart. He feel called of being in service by helping, healing and sharing. To touch a modern world of intellect and mind with the warmth of Heart & Soul.


Inca Shamanic Energy Medicine is...

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Ingela Axkrants Steele

Yin Yoga, Death and Love

"Relaxing open is surrender to the beauty of Love we for ever are."

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Ingela is a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher. She also has formal training in Foot Reflexology, Swedish massage and Gong.

She is a certified Nurse with over twenty years experience working with the sick and dying. She is also a poet, painter, and mother of four children.

Her passion is to relax open in a state of acceptance through which love and gratitude flow from her in service of others. Her love, wisdom, and tender care for others shines through all she does.

Candra Karlholm

Rising in love
Paint your Truth

“Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being…" Osho

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Candra Karlholm’s work is about supporting people to grow in love, awareness and creativity. Trained by Svagito Liebermeister, she uses systemic constellation work to help identify hidden dynamics in our family systems that influence our lives and relationships. With this awareness, we can take steps to complete things, mature and move more fully into life.
Candra also uses painting as a way to explore and connect beyond words. She is a vedic art teacher, but has also over the last few years been greatly inspired by the work and art of Meera Hashimoto.
Candra is deeply touched by these ways of working with people, both based in meditation. It is her joy to share this with people in workshops and individual sessions.


Family constellations can help us identify hidden dynamics in our family systems. Out of this awareness we can take steps to grow in love.

Through painting and unpretentious, colorful expression we can enter the moment and ourselves deeply, yet playfully.

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Miss World

DJ and facilitator of Movement Workshops

"Embracing and expressing opposites is what makes a whole person - and a good DJ set!"

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On Friday afternoons Simon Frederiksen jumps into a phone booth and comes back out as Miss World: a DJ serving musical delights from all over the globe. She takes pride in representing all continents when mixing anything from balkan to moombahton, latin, eastern electronic, dancehall, electroswing, ghettofunk and guilty pleasures.
Depending on the setting her sets can be slow, profound and beautiful or intense and dancy. At the New Year Festival there'll be occasions for both.

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Andy Buru

Ropes and Rituals

"In the stillness between moments, life happens. Pause, witness."

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Andy is an artist and a researcher. He used to be a teacher but he no longer has any truths to share, instead he give sessions and hold space for others experiences. For the past 10+ years he has been exploring rope as a means of expression and interaction. Learning the most from Felix Ruckert and Yukinaga Max.

Subjects of fascination: men tying men, tying strangers, the relationship between sacrifice and suffering, trust and vulnerability, tantra and shamanism, shame and beauty, theatre and participatory art, deconstruction and freedom, but most of the time he is busy studying theater.

He is supported by his life partner Saara Rei.


People often ask why one would like to be tied or to tie another person. The answer is always vulnerability - in the polarity between surrender and holding power. When done in a consensual and loving way, it empowers intimacy, healing, and growth.

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Christina Nordstjärna

Breathwork with Hypnotherapi for wellbeing and relaxation

"Truth is when you every moment live with the awareness that all of your thoughts, feelings, action have a profound impact on everyone and everything.

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Christina love to take you into a journey where you have the possibility to open yourself up to the deepest wisdom, where you can trust your intuition and align your consciousness with the source of all life.
She is educated as an Rn-nurse, acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, energy and breath teacher, yoga,mindfulness teacher. Christina lived 12 years with Masters in India and integrated inner and outer spiritual experiences.
Since 2012 she has done research and documented the result: in what way does breathwork and hypnotherapy effect the body mind and soul


Breathwork and Hypnoterapi is a way to reconnect to your inner strength, and potentials. We are lovings souls, here to shine, to radiate joy and love, to heal our past, accept ourselves, accept life on this unique journey. You are here to be you.

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Kristina Lovén

Sacred Pleasure and Soul Rituals

"Pleasure is an invitation for a full body and soul experience to bloom through you and can be a healing gateway which transforms pain into more life."

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Kristina is a tender and courageous lover of life. As a Women's Intimacy Coach with many years of experience, she guides women on a customized journey of inner transformation, sexual healing and awakening so that they can be the truly fulfilled as women. She is devoted to truth and to the path which embraces it all. The path that allows the light to shine bright and that fiercely embraces the shadows until only love is left. She embodies the power of forgiveness and radical self-love and she has created a series of practices and rituals whichs allows stagnation and emotional pain to be transformed into sweet, soft, wild pleasurable openness.

Kristina offers sessions and workshops.

Malin Wik

Musician​ - Voice, Guitar

"Breathing in and out for Life - Breathing Life for Love."

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Malin explores music as meditation and is again and again amazed by how music supports the flow of creative expression, allowing true co-creation with others to emerge.

All music created seems to be born from her longing to realise and give voice to the deep connection to all aspects of life; to drop deeper into presence by honoring what is alive here and now.




Musician - Flute​s, Percussions​ and Sound Scapes

“To play music with others is like walking together, home.”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Filip is a self-taught, intuitive musician.

He sees music as a gateway to the world of Spirits, like a wild and vivid landscape where light and dark are just different aspects of one big life. Where all what we are could be expressed and given and something greater being met.

By trying out different kinds of instruments, playing on the streets and exploring the nature of sounds in sacred rituals, Filip found flute to be his instruments of the soul.



Amanda Ragnarsdotter

Amanda Ragnarsdotter - A Dynamic Concert

"If I don’t go within, I go without”

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Amanda is a trained musician, music teacher and voice coach and has been singing since she started talking.
Amanda’s been writing her own songs for 15 years and believes that expression through arts is one of the main keys of life. She also often use dancing, movement and poetry to express whats within.
Amanda believes singing or playing an instrument is not a gift you just have but something you learn If you practise, and everyone can start practising whenever they want.
Her ability to see arts in everything around her self is harder to describe or explain. But she sees it as her mission to use this ability to inspire others to discover and express who they really are.


Come and join this emotional journey and listen to Amanda's own heartful pop songs. Her sister Titti Ragnarsdotter plays along with her flowy electronic drumming. This will be a concert to remember and true sisterhood at it’s best.

Björn Christensen

Authentic Communication
LGBTQ+ Sharing

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

With one foot in the world of science and rational thinking and the other foot in the world of intuition, feeling, music and dance, Björns ambition is to integrate these two sides in himself and in others.

He is a certified psychologist in private practise, helping individuals, couples, groups and organisations to access their inner resources, communicate, develop and transform.

His passion is to co-create space for curiosity, authenticity and compassion for all our human experiences like excitement, anxiety, happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, love, hate, shame, joy, loneliness, longing and connection.


Authentic Communication explores what happens when we step out of our social roles, start sharing the truth and reality check if we really have understood each other. In this work we'll be paying attention to emotions and non-verbal communication.

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Jeanina Dhara Milehag


"Our body is a beautiful, supportive tool to pleasure and presence! And the breath is our superpower, able to get us into bliss land."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Jeanina Dhara Milehag has passionately worked with bioenergetics, tantra and coaching for 15 years. She loves all kinds of experiences that get us deeper into the richness of our bodies. In her work she uses bioenergetics, dance, touch, breath and various tantric exercises to dive deep inside.

She is trained as a bioenergetics therapist at the Namaste Center in Brazil and at the Humaniversity, Holland. She’s based in Skåne, Sweden and gives groups, workshops and sessions for individuals and partners around the world.


Tantric Dance combines tantra with contact impro to get a deeper tantric experience. Using our bodies and senses, our breath and movement. Sensing ourselves as well as melting thru touch with other bodies, all to the soundtrack of music and breath.

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Bollywood Dance

"Dance is an expression of joy for me. Bollywood dance is adding more colors to the rainbow of joy."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Kalyan was never professionally trained to dance Bollywood. It came to his life naturally when he was a kid growing up in India watching Bollywood movies and being surrounded by the culture where dance is an integral part of life. He has given several stage performances in cultural and college festivals, and on Indian television. His journey with dance continued with him even after he migrated to Sweden and continued to give stage performances and offer Bollywood workshops in various events and fitness centers.

Currently he works as a dance instructor in a fitness center in Molkom and offers Bollywood workshops at Ängsbacka. Kalyan dances Bollywood out of pure Joy and warmly welcomes everyone to celebrate the joy of life together


Bollywood Dance is the dance performed in Bollywood movies. Bollywood is a beautiful blend of all Indian dance styles be it classical Indian dance, Indian folk dance and also influence of western dance styles such as hip hop, street and many more.

Katalin Eggy

Ängsbacka's OPEN STAGE

"Love the moments...life is a succession of moments..."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Eggy is a wanderer, musician, storyteller...exploring the abundance of communities and tribes on this planet, feeding Spirit with the magic she finds everywhere and NOWhere! She landed in Ängsbacka as an EVS volunteer, where her fascination about how magically human beings can co-create their reality grew into infinite spirals, connecting the earth and the sky.

She has been holding space for sister circles, mantra circles and open stages throughout her stay at Ängsbacka, inviting the light of every soul to play and pray together in sacred synchronicity. She believes that everyone has a beautiful gift to share every moment, that we all have a vital part to play in this divine creation we call LIFE...her unconditional service is to support you in following the thread to your unique mission.


The OPEN STAGE is a safe space where you can explore the magic of the stage through deep presence of the audience by showing yourself in dance, music, poetry, moving in the moment. Come and share your gifts with us all. Dare to share your true magic!

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Ksenia Savitri

Meditative Journey into Effortless Being
Morning Intimacy Meditation

"Truth is very respectful. It doesn’t interfere. As long as we are busy “looking” for the truth, it waits, until we are ready to dissolve and be it"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ksenia Savitri has been passionately dedicated to the path of self discovery and inner growth for over a decade. She has been assisting and holding space for Primal groups and the Inner Child work. The discovery of the path of non-duality and the realisation that we all are perfect and have everything we need in us as long as we stay in touch with our innermost Being has come to be her most precious revelation. She has dedicated many years exploring different ways to open up to and stay connected with the Truth within, which is still an ongoing discovery. Many years have been dedicated to intense studies of Non-Dual Therapy with a Danish teacher Nukunu, whom she has been assisting. She has also accomplished part 1 out of 2 parts of the Belly2Belly Facilitator training with David Cates.

Ransher Kaur Jansson

Kundalini Yoga and Gong

"When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off"

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Ransher Kaur är en certifierad Kundaliniyoga- meditationslärare och Gongmästare. Hon kom i kontakt med yoga 2004 efter en tids sjukdom. Kundaliniyogan har hjälpt henne att återfå tillbaka sin hälsa, finna frid och trygghet i livet.

Hon leder yoga grupper sedan 2009. Hon undervisar mjukt, inkännande och säkert, med en stor kärlek till Kundaliniyogan. Hon ger också gong avslappning i sina yoga sessioner.


Kundalini Yoga will help you wake up in the morning and Gong will give you a beautiful lunch break.

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Magnus Vikström

Musician - Guitar and Vocals

"My passion is to cocreate spaces where people are embraced when expressing their powerful light and hidden shadows."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

In the Stockholm pop music scene of the late 90’s and early 00’s, Magnus sang, played and wrote songs in the band Granada. Later, the No Mind festival blew his mind and opened his heart. This led him to being a Houseband musician and workshop leader in a number of Ängsbacka festivals.

He loves when music goes beyond a performer-audience division, into a unifying field of singing, moving, feeling and understanding.

Magnus is a program coordinator for the No Mind Festival. He arranges courses and holds workshops in movement, process and presence. He's a certified dynamic psychotherapist.


I love Music!

Mia Törngren

Musician, percussion


BIOGRAPHY *Required:

Mia is a versatile percussionist from Lapland in northern Sweden. She began her musical career in classical music as a child. Flute was her main instrument at that time. When she, as a young adult, came into contact with and experienced the energy and joy of African and Brazilian percussion music, she fell in love with the music and percussion has since then been her main instrument. She has studied percussion in Africa and Sweden and has been playing and touring with many groups and artists in various genres from African and Brazilian music to funk and fusion and has played with among others Ahmadu Jarr and the Highlife Orchestra for many years. Today Mia lives in Stockholm and plays music in several genres.


The joy, the energy and the feeling of togetherness that music brings, Mia wants to share at Ängsbacka. During the festival, she will play in the house band.

Hanzano Lidbrink

Musician- Bass

""Var tacksam när livet ler mot dej och vila i förvissningen om att allt ändrar sig när det är svårt."

BIOGRAPHY *Required:

En kompis kom hem med en bas till honom 1979, det saknades en sträng och han hade aldrig spelat förut men det gjorde inte så mycket. Punkfunk bandet "Dadda vargsömn" bildades. Sen den dagen har han alltid haft en bas som sällskap, vart han än befunnit säg.

Han älskar att spela all slags musik från badjans till rockrökare, men har rötterna i en slags funksoul. Just nu spelar han med " Wågis and the wawes" "Salona Mounkassa and the Uplifters" samt då och då med " Mamma Dunder ".

Han ägnar sin tid åt musik, sonen Malte, Yoga ( håller klasser på Hellasgården i stockholm) samt odling på ön utö.

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